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Legal Procedure to Work in Thailand

Congratulations! Now you are confirmed of being matched in AIESEC Thailand. Before your arrival in Thailand, please carefully read this section and follow the required steps. This is to ensure that your internship in Thailand will be safe and legal under the law.

Apply for Visa Non Immigrant Type B Visa We attempt to encourage the interns to succeed Non-Immigrant Type B visa in their own countries. This kind of visa is needed for the intern to issue work permit once the intern arrived in Thailand. As a consequence, we can definitely create positive results, for example saving time on the immigrated visa process. Besides, cost saving is produced because you do not need to go to our neighbor countries such as Laos, Vietnam, Indonesia, cambodia, etc. The candidates will succeed Non- Immigrant Type B Visa in a few days. It takes a shorter time than the inbound to Thailand method. Note that some countries issue Non-Imm O or Non-Imm ED instead of Non-Imm B. That is ok and doesn"t make a difference for you.


AIESEC Thailand responsibility We will send the required documents to apply for your Non-Immigrant Visa Type B via email or air mail if it needed. 1. Invitation Letter in English 2. Invitation Letter in Thai 3. Letter of guarantee of employment from employer (AIESEC) 4. Letter from employer detaining job description (AIESEC) 5. External Audit (AIESEC) 6. List of member of AIESEC Thailand association (AIESEC) Intern’s responsibility: 1. Apply for visa 2. Pay for visa fee

There were several cases where interns couldn't issue the Non Immigrant Type B Visa in their home countries. If you face this condition, don't worry :) ! It doesn't mean that you can't come to have your internship. You can still come by follow the steps above.

Visa Tourist Visa: Valid for 30 to 60 days Criteria The interns are once required to go out from Thailand to the countries in order to get Non Immigrant B Visa described below: Vietnam/Lao : 90 days long of Non Immigrant B Visa Malaysia (Penang): 90 days long of Non Immigrant B Visa Cambodia : 90 days long of Non Immigrant B visa multiple ( re-entry) Then, they will be allowed to obtain Non-B Visa (valid for 90 days) which will then be processed into work permit at the final stage. However, we will issue a work permit for the applicant if they are able to acquire Non-B Visa in their countries.


Non- B visa completed in oversea countries Send the significant documents concerned stated below to the candidates for acquiring Non-B Visa 1. Application with 2x2 inch square photos attached. (INTERN) 2. Application fee Baht 1,900 or 65 $ USD (INTERN) 3. A valid passport. (INTERN) 4. Letter of guarantee of employment from employer (AIESEC) 5. Letter from employer detaining job description (AIESEC) 6. External Audit (AIESEC) 7. List of member of AIESEC Thailand association (AIESEC) 8. Certification of Education Degree in english version (INTERN)

Apply for Work Permit Cool! Now you have your Valid Visa Non-Immigrant Type B in your hand  ! Time to issue your work permit.

AIESEC in Thailand responsible:  Apply for your work permit  Prepare all necessary documents for work permit application  Send all the application to the Labor Department Intern’s responsible: Before Apply: Support with documents needed :  Certificate of health check o Once you arrived in Thailand, you have to do health check in hospital and get the health certificate  Education Certificate in English  Resume in English  TM. 6 Card (departure card)  Photograph 3 x (5X6 cm) not older than 6 months

After applied work permit It takes around 2 weeks to issue the work permit. Intern has to pick up the work permit himself in Labour Department. You can go there by Taxi from Victory Monument for 50 Baht. Website of the labor department:


Visa Run IMPORTANT All interns are responsible to check the validity date of their own nonimmigrant visa on the passport. All interns are required to extend the visa at least 10 days before its expired date.AIESEC and TN Taker ARE NOT Responsible to pay for :   

Visa Fee Travel Fee Any penalty Fee occurred because of exceeding the visa expired date.

LAOS TRIP for VISA RUN A trip into Laos is a viable alternative to do visa run. Vientiane is a nice enough little city, and still retains vestiges of its French colonial past most notably in its cuisine.

If you want to do the visa run in Laos, please follow these steps: 1. Prepare, print out and bring the documents needed to Laos. Ask AIESEC LC to assist you to get the documents: a. b. c. d. e. f.

ใบสําคัญแสดงการจดทะเบียนสมาคม.jpg (copy enough) รายชื่อกรรมการสมาคม 4-2548.jpg (copy enough) Association registratation.jpg (copy enough) AIESEC in Thailand _External Audit 2007 (copy enough) Invitation letter signed by AIESEC Alumni and WITH AIESEC Stamp (original! Get it from MC) 2 passport pictures

2. Get Laos Visa Some nationalities need to obtain a Laos visa in Bangkok. This will cost around $30.00 $40.00 (based on your nationality) and can be obtained at almost all Travel agents. Check here :


3. Transportation to Laos There are several options when it comes to taking the bus. You can buy a direct ticket all the way to Vientiane from any tourist office on Khao San Road or Sukhumvit. This Tourist bus leaves from Khao San Road at around 7-8pm. It plays western movies and stops for food half way. They also stop at the border and waits for everyone to complete the Laos visa process, then arrive in Vientiane at about 8-9am. The ticket costs around 700 baht 4. Get Non-Immigrant Visa Type B ROYAL THAI EMBASSY VIENTIANE, LAO PDR. Kaysone Phomvihane Avenue, Xaysettha, Vientiane Capital GO TO THE CONSULAR OFFICE ONLY Consular Section : Monday to Friday 08.30 Hrs. – 12.00 Hrs. : Application for Visa 13.00 Hrs. – 15.00 Hrs. : Distribution of Passports Affixed with Appropriate Visa Weekly Holiday : Saturday – Sunday

Addition: 90 Days Report Notification of staying longer than 90 days, or the 90-Days Report is required if you stay in Thailand for periods longer than 90 days on a Non-Immigrant B Visa. The 90 days count start from the date you enter the Kingdom.You are required to submit the 90 Day report to immigration 7 days before and up to 7 days after the end of the 90 day period. Once you report to the immigration, you will receive a "Receipt of Notifiation" that indicates the date of your next required report. This cycle of reporting is required for the duration of your stay in the Kingdom.


Visa Extension: 500 Baht per day after expiration day 90 Days Report: 2000 Baht for not submitting form within required timing. if you lost the Receipt of Notification, intern should report to the police station. The notice issue by the police must be submitted to the immigration office.


AIESEC in Thailand AIESEC Thailand office address of National Committee

STA Travel | Wall Street Tower 14th Floor, Room # 1406 33/70 Surawong Road Bangrak | Bangkok,10500 - Thailand

Important Contacts Member Committee Vice President Exchange Marlissa Dessy +66814031087 Skype: marlissa.dessy Chulalongkorn University Vice President Incoming Exchange Mu +668677 53 335

Assumption University Vice President Incoming Exchange Guy +66818 031 588

Thammasat University Vice President Incoming Exchange Dao +66 860 350 123

Bangkok University Local Committee President Troy +66 896 40405


Expectation Settings with AIESEC in Thailand What we can provide :       

General Support on How to prepare your internship in Thailand through the reception booklet Expectation Meeting – via chat or skype to clarify all your concerns Pick up on designated place Bringing you to the office for the 1st day of working Provide support with initial accommodation and later or the advise on where to look for accommodation in case you decide to change the plan. Engage with AIESEC networks in Thailand

What you cannot except from AIESEC in Thailand? · Finding an accommodation that correspond to all your expectations · Availability every day, every time to answer to your request AIESEC is responsible to provide you initial assistance in establishing and orienting you upon arrival for your internship. So we are here to support you but you are Responsible for your basic needs in foreign country

Arrival in Thailand Before your arrival in Thailand, you will be assigned with one AIESEC Local Committee Intern’s buddy. Please send all your arrival information to your buddy at least 1 month before your arrival. The information must clearly state the day, time and place of your arrival (including flight number). Remember we must have at least 1 month in advance notification in order to arrange your accommodation. Your buddy will then pick you up at the designated place.

Accommodation during Internship For DT Type Internship: The Organizing Committee of the project will arrange your accommodation for free. You usually will share room to stay with other interns in the project. For Non DT Type internship We provide you some list of apartment. You can ask your Intern’s buddy to assist you to choose your place tstay based on your preferences. You need to pay for your own apartment. You can find the list of the apartments on the appendix


BANGKOK - General Information Bangkok is the capital of Thailand. It is the centre of politics, economy, education, culture, and transportation. A large number of tourists often travel to Bangkok because there are so many attractions to visit. The other attraction is the friendly people and wonderful culture. Thai people are very generous; it is a family based culture. Thais call there neighbor “pee” (older brother or sister) or “nong” (younger brother or sister). It is said Bangkok is one of the safest cities to visit.


Geography Bangkok is located in the central part of the country on the low-flat plain of the Chao Phraya River, which is the most important river that can be compared to the main artery of the nation. The location is at latitude 130 45' north and longitude 1000 28' east. It is a tropical land with long hours of sunshine, high temperature and humidity. Bangkok was established in 1782 as the new capital of Thailand by King Rama I of the Chakri Dynasty on a flood plain delta of the Chao Phraya River. The location was then selected with the consideration as a natural defense from enemies and the richness of water for lives earning. Since its establishment, the city grew steadily in size and importance which at first covered only 4.14 square kilometers to now, a megacity that comprises of 50 districts with total area of 1568.737 square kilometers. Climate The climate is influenced by seasonal monsoon. There are three main seasons; Rainy (May-October), Winter (November-January) and Summer (February-April). The average low temperature is approximately in low to mid 20 degree Celsius and high temperature in mid 30 degree Celsius. Administration Bangkok Metropolitan Administration is the sole organization at the local authority level responsible for the well-being of Bangkok residents with some financial support from the central government. The Governor is the chief of the city administration, elected by popular vote for a four-year term. The Governor will appoint four deputy governors as executive administrators. Economy Bangkok is the commercial center of Thailand, as well as Southeast Asia, for imports and exports. There are two important sectors of economy in Bangkok. First, Thailand has been an agricultural country in South East Asia, so agriculture was the main source generating income. Now the expansion of the agricultural sector is steadily increasing. During the mid-1980s, agriculture accounted for an average of about 25 percent of GDP, and agricultural commodities accounted annually for over 60 percent of the value of all exports. Second, Tourism has become a main source of revenue, with increasing numbers of visitors coming to Thailand. Population The population of Bangkok is now close to 7 million by registered record or about 10 million of daytime population. Most residents in Bangkok are native Thais with around 25% of the city's inhabitants being Chinese or of Chinesen descents as well as Indians, Arabs, Malays and Europeans. Most Thais are welcoming and friendly to visitors and thus the alias "Land of smile" is appreciated granted to Thailand


Bangkok - What to See

Grand Palace and Wat Phra Kaew:


Wat Phra Kaew is among the top attractions, attracting tourists with its stunning temples, towering golden chedi, ornately decorated interiors and the much reverred though diminutive Emerald Buddha. The palace, although not as impressive as the surrounding temples, is an interesting example of newBaroque architecture. Fine murals are also on display, and there is a decorations and coins museum on site. It’s the one site all tourists get to while in Bangkok. Location: Rattanakosin district. Na Phralan Road, (02) 623 5500 ext. 1124, open daily: 08:30 to 16:30, last admittance 15:30, fee: foreigners 350 baht inclusive ticket, Thais free

#2 Wat Po: located beside the neo-baroque Grand Palace, Wat Po is a complex of stunning temples with intermingling spires of intricate and ornate design. The most outstanding attraction is the massive, 40 meter reclining Buddha which is one of the most impressive and certainly the largest in all of Thailand. Also noted for its ancient school of massage. Location: 2 Sanamchai Road, Phra Nakhon, (02) 225 9595, open daily 08:00 to 21:00, fee: Thais: free, foreigners: 50 baht, after 6pm. fee: Thais: 50 Baht, foreigners: 200 baht.


Wat Arun: with its spectacular river side location and the soaring 82 meter spire set right in the centre of the temple, Wat Arun is another of Bangkok’s top attractions. It’s also one of the oldest, pre-dating the founding of Bangkok when the original capital was set up in Thon Buri across the river. Makes an excellent sunset backdrop from river boats. Located opposite Wat Po, catch boats from Tha Tien pier behind the Grand Palace. Location: 34 Arun Amarin Road, Wat Arun, Bangkokyai, (02) 891 2185, open: daily except Wed. and public holidays, 08:30 to 17:30, fee: Thais: free/ foreigners: 50 baht.


#4 The National Museum: is home to a large and impressive collection of Thai art spanning many eras. It’s probably one of the most important repositories of Southeast Asian antiquities in the world with many impressive items on display covering Buddhist art spanning 1500 years. There are also displays on the history of Thailand, with information in English. Large enough to keep you occupied all afternoon, the museum has a wide ranging collection of artefacts covering all aspects of ancient and recent Thai history. Located beside the Grand Palace opposite the Sanam Luang ground. Na Phrathat Road, Phra Borommaharatchawang, Phra Nakhon, (02) 224 1333, open: Wed. to Sun. 09:00 to 16:00, fee: Thais: 30 baht, foreigners: 200 baht.

#5 Vimanmek Teak Mansion and Dusit Throne Hall: this is the world’s largest teak construction, located within the complex of the Dusit Palace. The impressive architecture, design features and exemplary works of art are some of the finest examples in the country, while the photograph collection of King Bhumibol is an interesting insight into the lives of the Thai monarchy. Well preserved, it offers a good glimpse into Royal life during the reign of King Chulalongkorn in the late Nineteenth Century when Siam was at its zenith. Located opposite Dusit Zoo, in the leafy Dusit suburb, easily reached from Khao San Road and the Grand Palace. The adjacent neo-classical Throne Hall was one of King Chulalongkorn’s European inspired fancies and is used for ceremonies, such as the King’s 60 year reign celebrations where hundreds of thousands packed the arcade in front, it looks impressive but is off limits to the public. Location: 16 Ratchowithi Road, Dusit, (02) 628 6300-9, ext. 5120-5121, open: daily 09:30 to 15:30, fee: Thai: adult 75 baht/children 20 baht, foreigners 100 baht. Jim Thompson’s House: Jim Thompson is credited with the international revival of the Thai silk industry. His Bangkok home is one of the best preserved examples of a traditional Thai residence, with an outstanding collection of art and antiques from throughout Southeast Asia. Located near Siam Square (National Stadium BTS station). Location: 6 Soi Kasemsan 2, Rama 1 Road, Siam Square area, (02)



216 7368, open: daily 09:00 to 17:00, fee: Thai and foreigners. adult: 100 baht, students: 50 baht.


Thon Buri canals (trip): a trip along Bangkok’s canal is one great way to see a number of the major sites from an interesting perspective, without the hassle of having to navigate Bangkok’s city streets. A leisurely cruise along one of Bangkok’s water ways affords passengers a glimpse inside the daily life of locals. Boats can be boarded from any pier along the canals. The Chao Phraya Express boat passes many of the city’s major sites. The quiet canals of Thon Buri, across the river are a world away from modern Bangkok and show how Bangkok once was when it was described as the ‘Venice of the East’ a century ago. Organised tours (boat trip): 1 hour: Thai - 1,000 baht/boat (6 people) / foreigner – 600 baht/person. 1.30 hours: Thai - 1,300 baht/boat (6 people) / foreigner – 800 baht/person. 2 hours: Thai - 1,500 baht/boat (6 people) / foreigner – 1,000 baht/person

#8 Chinatown: for some of the best in Chinese food, a bustling and diverse market and fine examples of architecture, Chinatown is an experience not to be missed. Although the streets are jam-packed with stalls and shops and crowded with people at the best of times, the sweat lost will be worth it for a truly new experience. Chinatown has the biggest concentration of gold shops in the city, but you will also find a host of ornaments, whole sale jewellery, textiles, antiques, musical instruments and ancient Chinese medicine shops. There are some good and not so good guesthouses and hotels. Trty wandering down some of the quieter lanes to witness an unchanged Bangkok. (Hua Lampong Metro station and some walking). Open: 24 hours, admission: free


Khao San road: this is the bohemian and backpacker capital of Asia. There is a constant flow of tourists from every conceivable corner of the world as well as ‘out there’ Thais who come and go in a never ending stream. People watching is taken to a new extreme here with 24-hour performances from random passers-by. The area is packed with tourist agents, bars, restaurants and nightclubs, while the street stalls offer a good selection in cheap clothing and counterfeit goods. If you really want to go the whole hog while travelling, Khaosan is the place to have


your fake dreadlocks sewn on. Located near the Grand Palace. Open: 24 hours, admission: free.

#10 Chatujak weekend market: this crammed labyrinth of market stalls is hard work, but it’s completely worth it for the range of offerings and jaw-dropping bargains to be had. With everything from Thai handicrafts and souvenirs to the hippest of secondhand clothing, Chatujak is the place to fulfil your heart’s shopping desires. Drink plenty of water, take regular breaks and you Open: Saturdays and Sundays, 06.00 to 17.00, admission: free may just be able to keep going until you’ve shopped the place bare, (Mo Chit BTS station). Open: Saturdays and Sundays, 06.00 to 17.00, Admission: free

BANGKOK TRANSPORTATION BTS Sky Train : BTS Sky Train stations can mostly be found in commercial areas of Sukhumvit and Silom, it is fast and safe. The sky train is divided into 2 lines: Sukhumvit line (On Nut Station-Mo Chit Station), and Silom lines (Saphan Taksin Station-National Stadium Station). The sky train has a minimum and maximum fare of 10-40 baht. Tourists may buy 30 day tourist tickets to save money, only 250 baht/10 trips, or day tickets, 100 baht (unlimited trips).


BTS Route Map


BMCL Subway : BMCL Subway is another comfortable and fast transportation choice. The beginning of “Chalerm Ratcha Mongkhon� line is Hua Lum Phong station (also the main train station in Bangkok), total of 18 stations, major stations at: The Queen Sirikit's International Convention and Exhibition Center, Silom, Suan Lumpini, Asoke, Ratchada, Ladprao and Pahonyotin road. The Asoke and Silom stations are connected to the the BTS. There are also "Park & Ride" at Ladprao and Phra Ram 9 Stations. BMCL Subway has a minimum and maximum fare of 10-15 baht (For trial period only). The BMCL subway is open daily from 06.00 a.m. - 12.00 midnight. For more information, call: 02264-5200.

Buses : There are a lot of buses offered in Bangkok going to all places, with a fare starting at 3.5 baht for open air buses. Air-conditioned blue buses have minimum and maximum fares from 8 to 16 baht. Euro II or Orange air-conditioned buses charge 10-20 baht. Air-conditioned microbuses charge a flat fare of 20 baht all routes. For more information call 184 or 0-2246-0973. A buses route map is available at bookshops. A free city map can also be picked up at The Bangkok Tourist Division office, Bangkok Tourist Information Booths throughout Bangkok and the TAT office .


Taxis : Taxis in Bangkok are metered. They charge a minimum of 35 baht, for the first 3 kilometers, and approximately 5 baht per kilometer thereafter. When in Traffic the meter is timed and calculated in the fare.

Tuk-Tuk : These three-wheeled 'open-air' motorised taxis are popular for short journeys. Fares must be bargained in advance. Minimum fares, for journeys of up to 3 kilometers, are approximately 30 baht.

Boats : There are various types of boat identified in color flags. Boat service on the Chao Phraya River

( connects Bangkok with the northern neighbouring province of Nonthaburi, starting from the Tha Nam Non Pier and ending at Saphan Taksin Pier (Sathorn). Boat (no flag) stop at all pier, has a minimum fare of 8 baht. Rapid boat (orang flag) has a fare of 10 baht all routes. Express boat (yellow flag) stop at only on crowded and main piers. The Express boat has a fare of 15 baht all routes. After rush hour, these boat are used for tourist purpose. There are guide boats for travellers with guide to give information about the riverside. The boat with blue flag, is the fastest stopping only on 3 pier, ThaNamNon Pier, Siriraj Pier and SaphanTaksin (Sathorn) Pier.It has a minimum and maximum fares from 25-35 baht. (For trial period, it just newly had this type). Boats run daily from 06.00 A.M-06.40 P.M. Motorcycles Taxi : In rush hours, there is a lot of traffic jam, if your late and want to be on time you can try the motorcycle taxi. Fares must be bargained in advance. Minimum fares are 5 baht. You need to bargain the fare before taking the ride.


Bangkok – Cost of Living Cost of living miscellaneous items      

Can of coke 15 Baht Iced coffee/iced tea: 20 baht (off the street); 70 baht (Starbucks!) Bottle water: 6-10 baht Bottle of milk: 10 baht Movie ticket: 80-140 baht Beer: 35-65 baht big bottle (in supermarkets) bars: 85-130, average, 120 and up in pricier places. Whisky: 60-80 baht for a small bottle of local drinkable whiskey Haircut: 60-120 baht and up depending on how posh the establishment is.

Accommodation Bangkok has a wide variety of accommodation suitable to every taste and budget range. Studio apartments are the easiest type of accommodation to find in Bangkok and the cost of these can be relatively low. Studio apartments with phone, hot water, air, furniture, and cable can be had for between 5,000 to 10,000 baht if they are located about 15 minutes from the city centre by skytrain. Utilities: the water bill is almost always a nominal charge and in some places even with your own washing machine will only run to about 200 baht. Electricity is a different matter and can be more expensive; from 1000-3,000 baht a month depending on how often you turn on your air-conditioner. Phone: The typical cost is 5 baht for 10-15 minutes to a Bangkok land line (02 number) and to call a mobile phone from these is prohibitively expensive and sometimes restricted. Mobile phone rates are very reasonable, provided you sign up for a contract (a non-imm visa is required for this). However, pay-as-you-go sim cards a rewidely available, cheap and offer reasonable rates of about 10 baht a minute). Transportation: is best served by the BTS skytrain and Bangkok Metro (MRT) with single journeys costing between 10 and 40 baht. Monthly tickets aren’t offered for unlimited travel instead you can either purchase 10, 15 or 30 trip passes (valid for a month), or top up a magnetic card that gets debited every time you pass through the barriers. On the MRT there is a small discount for buying a ‘stored value’ ticket, and there is a 50 baht deposit on the card. A 30 minute taxi ride across town (typical in off-peak hours) will cost about 160 baht.

Food The cost of living in Bangkok is most affordable when one considers the widespread availability of delicious and cheap local dishes. By eating as the locals do, you can get by on about 200 baht or less a day. A full meal including drink when purchased either at a local restaurant (the open-air kind with plastic chairs) or a street vendor should cost you no more than 45 baht including drink.


Food The main food in Thailand is rice. Everyone has eaten it since they were born. But we can't really eat rice alone so we have to have something to go with it. There are many dishes of food to go with rice. Most of them are hot, spicy, and sour and that is what Thai food is famous for. Thai people are used to eating rice with their meal. Most Thai people can't have sandwiches for their meal. They call sandwiches a snack. Also, most Thai people do not sit down to eat a proper meal because they usually eat when they are hungry, especially kids and teenagers. If you know some Thai person, you might hear them say "gin khao yung" every time you meet them. It means "have you eaten yet?" or more precise "have you eaten rice yet?". If you come to Thailand and stay with a Thai family then be careful you don't put on too much weight! All of the visitors that have come to stay at our school always go home weighing more!




Shopping Bangkok is a shopper’s paradise, and part of your trip to Thailand should certainly include a day or two for browsing the shops and malls of the city. The range is impressive and the prices unbeatable. Market : Suan Luam Night Bazaar | Pratunam Market Complex | Patpong Night Market | Khao San Road |Buanglamphu Market | Bo-Be Market | Memorial Bridge Night Market Malls : The Emporium| Central Chitlom | Gaysorn | Central Silom | Siam Discovery Center | Seacon Square | MBK | Tokyu | Central World Plaza | Siam Paragon


Communication Getting connected to phone and internet Mobile phones in Thailand Getting a mobile SIM Card in Thailand is easy, they are cheap and prepaid cards are widely available, meaning you can get connected in less than an hour of shopping. You can get it from 7-Eleven stores. Phones are found everywhere and a compact, reliable phone can be had for as little as 2000 baht. Internet and broadband The ubiquitous internet cafĂŠ is very much a part of the tourist infrastructure here and no matter where you are there will be a means to get online for as little as 30 baht an hour. Wi-fi is also offered in many coffee shops (free with a purchase) and available in most hotels and even many guesthouses, but their rates vary and can be poor value. You can also buy pre-paid cards at all 7-Elevens for about 180 baht for 10 hours. If you are staying in a condo they might offer this under their own packages via their switchboard. You can also subscribe to a GPRS service, with USB receiver, for about 1000 baht a month, for speeds of 100kbs wherever there is a phone signal.

Emergency Phone Numbers


APPENDIX APARTMENTS LIST Bangkok Airport Apartment 371/20 Soi Saranakorn, Songprapha, TaladSangkong Bangkok. Tel : 566-2484, 566-2037 2000-2200 baht

Boon NumSinn Apartment. Narathiwasrajanakarin Soi 10, Sathorn Road Tel : 676-3636, 676-3637. 9,000 baht plus.

Continental Mansion CR Court. 34/7 Soi Lertbunya (Rajvithi Soi 227, 229 Soi Panichanan, 9), Rangnam Road, Phyathai. Sukhumvit Soi 71, Tel : 245-0218, 248-1549 Tel : 392-8214. 8000 baht onwards. pool & 2000-3000 baht gym Galeria Service Mansion 24 Soi Inter Court Apartment Pracharasadornbanphen 251 Soi Panit-Anan 7, 1,Huaykwang Intersection, Sukhumvit Soi 71, Rachadaphisek Road Tel : 381-3438-46 Tel : 276-4382-4 2900 baht up. minimart & 4900 baht plus. pool & snooker restaurant room Mind Mansion KTA Mansion 14/1 Soi Barbos 2, Sukhumvit Ratchadaphisek Soi 13, Opposite Nikko Hotel, Soi 42, Tel : 275-0170 5500 Tel : 712-3400 11,000 baht 6000 baht onwards pool

Boss Tower. 3241 Rama 4 Road Tel : 661-3150-70 8500-65,000 baht pool, tennis court & gym Crystal Court. 23, Sukhumvit Soi 7, Sukhumvit Road Tel : 238-2994 7500-85,000 baht pool & gym

KCC New Apartment 518 Sathupradit Road Tel : 295-4482, 392-1643-4 4500-6000 baht

Mansion Apartments Avenue Mansion I Apartments 70/29 Petchaburi, Soi 7 Tel: (662) 2164521

P. Rangsit Apartment 40 Mitraphan Road Tel : 2221097, 222-5430 6500 baht up. Also has restaurant

Avenue Mansion II Apartments 49 Soi Pattanakarn 44, Pattanakarn Road Suanluang Tel: (662) 722 6050 Out of the way location in the eastern suburbs of Bangkok behind Osaka Massage.

Manee Mansion 33/119 Moo 6 Soi Ladprao 71, Ladprao Road Tel: (662) 932 566 Out of the way location on the way to the airport

PA Tower. 29/12 Moo 8 Phaholyothin Soi 46/1, Tel : 551-2639-42, 4000 baht pool & minimart

Phong Tower Apartment 49 Soi Inthamarap 29,Suthisarn Road Tel : 616-0314-23 2900 baht up.

Ratchaprarop Mansion 99 Soi Boonprarop,Ratchaprarop Road, Makkasan, Tel : 245-5404, 245-3355 4900-12,000 baht Pool, minimart, restaurant & gym

Rio Monte Apartment 3597/265 Pradu 1,Soi Shalamnith, Bangklo 8000-16,000baht pool, gym & restaurant

Sarmtuang Mansion 8/18 Lardphrao Soi23, Lardphrao Road Tel : 938-3939 6000-8000 baht restaurant, minimart & gym

Sathorn Saintview Serviced Apartment201/1 Between Sathorn Soi 15 and 17, Sathorn Road, Tel : 675-8921-30 6000-15,000 baht pool, gym,


minimart & coffeeshop Srinakarindra Ville25 Soi Thairong Tower1350 SkyPlace Srinakarin 522 Thepthawee 1,Srinakarin Pattanakarn Road Tel : 719Srinakarin Road Tel : 7317739-56 9500 baht onwards RoadTel : 379-5910-2 9000- 5100, 719-5118-9 6000 baht 18,000 baht pool & gym up. restaurant, pool, gym White Egret Mansotel The Grand Mansion The Victory Garden Soi Ratchada-Thapra 15 Lard Phrao 35, Lard Phrao 37 Soi Sri Ayuthaya 12, 13, Opposite The Mall Thapra Road, Lard Yao, T Rajtevee Tel : 878-9701-9 el : 938-3240-57, 814-4479 Tel : 640-0200 9000-20,000 baht pool, tennis 4000-8000 baht restaurant 9000-19,000 baht pool & gym court & gym World Residence Serviced S.V. Guesthouse coWin Long Place Apartment 19/35-36 Soi 19, Sukhumvit 1179/42 Soi Charoen Krung 58 Charoenrat Soi Road Tel: (02) 2531747, 47, Charoen Krung Road 4,Charoenrat Road, 2530606 22 rooms, small Tel : 639-1160-5 Klongtonsai, guesthouse near Soi Cowboy 6500-15,000 baht pool & gym Tel : 862-0302, 862-1243 entertainment district. 7000-26,000 baht Pool & gym 300 - 400 baht for A/C rooms. Srinuan Court 147-149 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 22 Prakanong. Tel: 262-0485, VICTORY MONUMENT AREA 259-5655 Fax: 262-0452 nice RAMKHAMHAENG AREA courtyard. Quiet. Sukhumvit Interplace; Petchinda Apartment. Soi 22, third alley on left, walk Located in Ramkhamhaeng in Rangnam soi Wattana Yothin. down alley to the end on the northern Bangkok this Tel. 6445020/7 Big rooms with right is Srinuan Apartments. apartment block offers cable TV. Clean apartment sign is in Thai. Small, air-con apartments from 6500 to 12000 block with friendly staff room is 300 baht per night with Tel. 3190330 Fax 3147318 Prices from B5500 toilet, no TV. Bigger rooms 400 baht. 5000 baht per month Ratchaprarop Tower SUKHUMVIT AREA Highway President Apartment. Mansions. Rajaprarop road. Thanon Ratchaprarop. Inn. Tel. 2454100/4 An older Tel. 453355 smaller rooms Sukhumvit Soi 105. A long way and more facilities, swimming building but very popular. A out on soi La San near Samut range of facilities but no pool. Prakarn. Apartments with cable pool, shop, laundry service, Rooms go from around B4500. go from around 4500 restaurant, room service. Rooms go from around B5500 Sai Tip Grandville. Sukumvit Soi 56. pool, tennis Street Lodge Sukhumvit Soi 1 (2543572/3) Tarit Court. courts. 39 square meter Apartments for 10000 per Sukhumvit Soi 27 Apartments apartment 12000. A slightly smaller apartment 9000. Very month. MacDonald's 5 minutes are between 4000 and 7000 a month. Nice garden. nice at a Terminal for the new walk away & Bumrungrad Hospital sky train. PINKLAO AREA. Vravit Mansion. SILOM AREA Charan Sanit Wong Soi 44, RS Court. Bangplat. Thonburi side of the Welcome Complex. Naret Rd, 29 Ekamai Soi 30, Sukhumvit river standard sized apartments Silom (tel.2377920/40 Fax Soi 63 (Tel. 3929005 Fax 3500 a month or 4000 fridge. 6315126) Clean, air con, TV. 3915558) Popular, with Rooms on the top floor Apartments between 5000 and apartments for around 7000 with view 500 7000 plus. hairdressers, laundry, restaurant. OK


LADPRAO AREA Smile Home. Ngaem Wong Road, Lad Yar, Nr Kaset Sart University in Northern Bangkok. Tel. 9410001. Small apartments 3500/mnth

Miami Hotel 2 Soi 13 Sukhumvit Road, BANGLAMPU AREA Rim Nan Bangkok 10110, Tel: 662-2530369 Mansion. Samsen road Soi 3. Near new Fax: 662-2531266 Rough rooms, noisy world intersection in Bang air-con, dodgy carpet, old linen Lampu next to canal small and very dim light - Expect poor apartment block offers small apartments down a small soi. reception on the TV.The rooms Under 4000 for an apartment. are old style high ceilings, spacious with large bathtub. The Miami does have a nice pool550 baht - 600 baht.


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