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AIESEC Indonesia 0910 Newsletter 15th september 2009 Edition

STAY CONNECTED Dear AIESEC Indonesia,, lot's of you must be questioning: what's been happening in other LCs? what are their activities ? how's their efforts in delivering impact ? well actually all of you did a LOT of amazing activities in LC in terms of achieving the same vision ! hows good that's sound? you should check LCs newslette and experience their activities as well :) ! stay connected..because we are one BIG FAMILY of AIESEC Indonesia !!

AIESEC Bandung Newsletter AIESEC Surabaya Newsletter AIESEC UA Newsletter

We are waiting for AIESEC UI, AIESEC UD , and AIESEC UB newsletter as well! we do really want to know what's been so HOT in your LCs ! so show us what you get :) !!! ---------------------------------------------------

AIESEC Indonesia Newsletter - 19th Sept 09 Edition  

AIESEC Indonesia newsletter

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