What Kind of Developer Do I Need?

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What Kind of Developer Do I Need? Well, when it comes to website design and development, there are basically two different types of developers based on your needs. But just before you go for hiring anyone, you will need to be very clear about your requirements. Since a quality website is usually built with both design and functionality, you must have to make sure to understand the overall requirements quite clearly. And without a highly clear understanding about all these factors, you will be in a very big trouble for sure.

Developer VS Designer

At first, you need to remember one most essential as well as vital thing which is that, there are plenty of differences between a designer and a developer. Unfortunately, non-technical people these days have a tendency to think both of them as same people but technically they are not. When it comes to designer, you need to keep in mind that this guy usually comes up with the appearance of the website as well as creates a number of different assets. These assets include icons, images and so on. Therefore, a quality designer must need to be creative and unique of course. Because you need to create a stunning website and for that reason you need to make sure that the website is completely unique. And for your kind information be informed that, the expertise of a quality designer lies in photoshop together with many other graphic design related programs. But here a lot of people make the mistake. When it comes to a designer, especially a pure designer one should need to remember that he / she does not really implement the entire

website. Instead, they create an overall representation of what your actual website would look like. Someone else, for example your website designer or even your website developer will create your website based on that. So you have to remember this thing while hiring quality website design company for your business. But there is a very good thing which might impress you for sure. These days, you will find plenty of designers who will also perform the implementation. They are mainly known as the web designers and they are well - expertise in HTML, CSS together with JavaScript as these three things are really needed for the entire design of your site.

Front-end VS Back-end Developers

In addition to that, developers are consist of sub groups. And there are two different types of developers in that sub-group. The first one is a front-end developer and the second one is the back-end developer. Now the question is, what is a front-end and what is a backend. Well, to put it simply the front-end part of the website is such a portion which a visitor can easily see from the browse they’re going to browse. For your kind information be informed that, the backend is everything behind a website. It’s such a place in which you can manage the whole website together with how your website actually communicates with your database or server. Many people have some confusions between front end developers and the web designers. Basically both of them are the same. They actually make use of the exact same language and always concerned about the appearance of the website. Front end developers usually implement the design from the designer.

On the other side, back end developers are basically those who mainly deal with how your entire website works. And that’s how they work. While front end developers are always deal with the look as well as the appearance of the website, back end developers are concerned about the functionality and also deal with the pagespeed and other technical issues. They are well proficient in both PHP and JavaScript.

Full Stack Developer

When it comes to full stack developer, it means they are specialized in both. Like from creating a website from scratch until its implementation. Full stack developer is also known as web application developer as you have seen it in many web application development companies.

Mobile App Developer Trying to explore your business with great mobile app? Then consider hiring mobile app developer as this is the only solution for you.

Final Verdict It’s hard to find quality website developers. Here you can find top 10 list of quality website development companies based on Bangladesh as they have worked with some big branded companies. Hope by now, you have realized about the type of developer you should hire.

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