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“Bon appetit!” ˜ inspired by Julia Child ˜

Meringue - black & pale peach demi bra & waspie


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inspired by ild Julia Ch


Julia Child the lady with the ladle

Dare to indulge Why the apron is hot again!



Julia & I


08. DĂŠesse de la Cuisine My couture collection

16. My style collection






Ellen von Unwerth Putting the Fun in Feminism 20.


Dare to INDULGE! - a nd we a r my cout u re col lec t ion -

All my work as a feminist designer is inspired by muses. Powerful female icons from past and present. Although women have been marginalized for centuries, archetypes of female power have always been there. Through my designs, I bring them to you. To help us shape the world of modern-day feminism.

“Bon appetit, toujours.� - Julia Child

This season, I celebrate epicurean goddess Julia Child and raise my glass to her appetite for love, life and luscious food. ''We should enjoy food and have fun,'' the formidable mistress of French cooking used to say, ''It is one of the simplest and nicest pleasures in life.'' And indeed, prowling her (TV-)kitchen like a lanky lioness, whisking and chatting with infectious enthusiasm, Julia showed millions of women that, rather than a dreary domestic burden, cooking can be a sensual, luxurious and spiritually sustaining activity. The message? Live and cook fearlessly, and your Boeuf Bourguignon will be a succulent expression of (self)love.


DĂŠesse de la Cuisine - black & ivory plunge balcony body thong


balcony bra butterfly thong

DĂŠesse de la Cuisine black & ivory My new Couture collection is designed for women with an appetite. Indulge your lust for life in a delicious contrast of formfitting black and fingerlicking white. Classic aproninspired details, trimmed with a delicate filigree lace frill, will get your creative juices flowing. Wear my 'DĂŠesse de la Cuisine' ('Kitchen Goddess') and dare to indulge! As Julia herself would have said: Bon appetit, toujours!


plunge balcony body thong

DĂŠesse de la Cuisine - black & ivory plunge balcony body thong


Why the apron is again! From fertility goddesses in ancient Crete to kitchen goddess Julia Child; phenomenal women have always had a thing for the apron. And now the simple, yet symbolically complex cover-up is back, starring on catwalks, concert stages and of course, in my latest collection! This time, the apron is all about food, fashion and feminine feminism.

'black flag' aprons for pro-

as mother’s little (kitchen-)

tection from the black wax

helpers, the apron was far

they used. Aprons were so

from cute and innocent;

ubiquitous, that at some

it was a symbol of op-


pression. So, when Betty



even called 'apron men'.

Friedan kick-started feminism's second wave, mil-

Fast-forward to the 1950s,

lions of women burned

and the apron -flowered

their bras and threw their

and frilly this time- has be-

aprons in the trash.

The word 'apron' comes

come a symbol of domes-

Not so tv chef and cook-

from the French word 'nap-

ticated femininity; think of

book writer Julia Child;

Julia Child 'The French Chef'

eron', meaning a small

she kept wearing her

tablecloth. Yet, its role

apron -made of blue

in history has been

denim, with a towel

liked to wear theirs en-

“Yes, we like to get our hands dirty, but not our Miu Miu dress.”

crusted with jewels.

— Marlies Dekkers

anything but small! In ancient Crete, it was the costume of fertility goddesses; in Egypt, the pharaohs

draped over the waist ties- with professional pride and dramatic flair. This was not an emblem of imprisonment, but one of pure empowerment!


In Europe during the

lia's passionate pro-

Middle Ages, aprons


were worn by trades-

as a creative outlet



men as an emblem of

'I love Lucy's Lucille Ball

helped shape a new gen-

their trade; English barbers

baking cookies in high

eration of feminists who

did their job in checkered

heels and a sassy ging-

have the freedom to em-

aprons, butchers wore blue

ham apron. To 1960s femi-

brace domesticity on their

striped ones, cobblers had

nists, who had been raised

own terms.


The LADY with the LADLE - Ju l i a C h i ld -

Julia Child, the charismatic culinary legend who empowered women in the kitchen and beyond, was born on August 15th, 1912, in a posh LA-suburb called Pasadena. Her senses didn't truly awaken, however, until she had a life-changing meal of oysters and sole meunière with her husband Paul in Rouen, which she described as "an opening up of the soul and spirit for me." Aged 32, Julia signed up for the prestigious Cordon Blue cooking school where she found herself the only female student. “Up until then,” Julia said, “I just ate.”

“Find something you’re passionate about, and keep tremendously interested in it.” - Julia Child

Julia was 6 feet, 2 inches (1.88 m) tall;

Child: an artist, poet, photographer and

too tall become a spy, something she

gourmet who would be Julia's biggest fan

started dreaming about as soon as the

and supporter till the end of his life. (During

war broke out. Instead, she was sent by

the first years of her TV show, Paul did

the Secret Service to Ceylon to work on

all the behind-scenes washing up - and

several projects, such as developing a

a great deal of the grating, chopping and

shark repellent, her first recorded recipe.

pre-cooking as well. “I’m here,” he used to

On a tea farmer's veranda, she met Paul

say. “I’ll do anything.”)


“Your body ‘hears’ everything your mind says.” - Marlies Dekkers

watc h m y i e produc t mov

Space Odyssey - checkered steel grey balcony bra & 5 cm briefs


Space Odyssey checkered steel grey Radiate star quality in this stunning, steel grey collection! I combined Julia's beloved checkered pattern with my trademark sensual straps and round, spaceship-inspired ornaments. Dare to be a woman with a mission!


push up bra 5 cm briefs

balcony bra 4 cm thong

“I don't want to objectify women, I want to see every side of them.” — Ellen von Unwerth

Putting the FUN in FEMINISM – E l len von Unwer t h –

It was a dream come true, working with the legendary photographer Ellen von Unwerth. I had admired her work for years, her iconic images of women like Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, and Madonna in magazines like Vogue and Vanity Fair, her unforget-table campaigns for Guess and Chanel, but I had also felt a very strong kinship with her: here was another woman who celebrated women's bodies without ever objectifying them. A woman who had been pioneering feminine feminism, just like me. Before picking up a camera to become

When I asked Ellen, who launched the

one of the world's most celebrated

careers of many top models like Claudia

fashion photographers, Ellen von Un-

Schiffer ("I found her by accident!") and

werth was a model herself. "I was never

Eva Herzigova ("She is oozing with vital-

allowed to move, so when I started taking

ity!") if she considered herself a feminist,

pictures, I told my models to move, to have

she reacted almost surprised: "But of

fun! Women are so beautiful when they

course! I am a woman!" When Ellen recent-

feel free!", she told me during the shoot for

ly had a big retrospective exhibition, cov-

my Julia Child collection in Los Angeles.

ering 30 years of her career, she named

And indeed, watching our models Destene

it 'Ladyland'. Why? Because the German

K. and Mosh blossom under Ellen's eye on

photographer has always maintained that

the set -with Destene at one point putting

the past, present and future is decidedly

a pie on Mosh' beautiful behind with Ellen

female. And although all her work is sen-

snapping away, hollering 'yes, yes!'- I could

sual, provocative and downright sexy, it is

see that the fun and confidence she gener-

not her objective to only cast women in a

ates in women is the secret of her success.

typical 'sexy light'.


“Dare to fall in love with your own reflection.� - Marlies Dekkers

Dame de Paris - bijou blue balcony bra & 7 cm thong


balcony bra 7 cm thong

Dame de Paris bijou blue This season, steal the show with my Dame de Paris collection in luxurious Bijou Blue. The stunning play of lines adorning the top of the cups refers to the glorious Notre-Dame Cathedral and frames your curves perfectly. I placed a miniature utensil set –an adorable fork and spoon– at the center of your dépush up bra 12 cm brazilian shorts

colleté like a tantalizing talisman and added a seductive lace overlay. Dare to dazzle!


push up bra 8 cm brazilian briefs

Gloria pristine & gold

watc h m y i e produc t mov

This season, I reimagined my be-loved Gloria design in a lush Lurex fabric. Turn up the heat with sparkly gold pinstripes and dashing 5-star details. Macho suspender straps and sexy faux leather ornaments give your dĂŠcolletĂŠ a power boost and turn your bum into a cheeky eye-catcher. Dare to go for gold!

SHOP NOW plunge balcony bra 4 cm thong

s ' n e m o W Day

“Life itself is the proper binge.” — Julia Child

Gloria - pristine & gold plunge balcony bra & 8 cm brazilian briefs Dame de Paris - bijou blue push up bra & 2 cm thong


You know I’m a self-made woman who has made it her purpose to challenge women to dare. It’s an achievement I am immensely proud of, and for that reason I am equally proud to label myself a feminist. But looking back more than a hundred years, I’m even prouder of the progress women have made together.

s ' n e m o W Day Today, I believe we’re witnessing the

And that’s what we need more of to-

dawn of the fourth wave of the feminist

day: forward-thinking women. We need

movement. A long-overdue correction in

women who understand that achieving

gender inequality is at our doorstep. All

equality isn’t dependent on external fac-

the signs point to this moment in time

tors; women who understand that equal-

being a new and exciting tipping-point in

ity is not something that is passively re-

the history of women. Strong, independ-

ceived or violently acquired. As masters

ent women are stepping forward as pow-

of our own destiny, the world is asking

erful role models, inspiring and motivat-

us to shape a future of opportunity for

ing smart, young girls of all backgrounds

ourselves. What matters now is action.

to make the most of their many talents.

Action on our part.

“This is our moment and I’m embracing it wholeheartedly as part of the fourth wave.” Because I am a feminist. — Marlies Dekkers

watch my 3-minute movie 'the awakening', which tells the story of the most important moment in my, and every woman's life: the moment she decides to find her OWN source of strength. youtube-marliesdekkers


For over a century, March 8 has marked a special day for women across the world - and this year's International Women's Day promises to be extra epic!

Look HOT and feel GREAT! s ' n e m o W Day American football jersey

American footbal jersey Who run the world (cup)? Team



Score touchdown after touchdown in this super fierce jersey that we printed with stars, stripes and player number so you can show exactly whose side your on. Wear this jersey


and dare to be a winner, baby!

Well done, all you fabulous feminists! To

proves this with a fun, experience-based

celebrate our achievements and support

curriculum that creatively integrates exer-

all the strong women that made it happen,

cise with lesson plans. This way, you can

I have designed an exclusive collection of

look HOT and feel great about giving back

bad-ass feminine feminist t-shirts. A per-

at the same time! Not to mention that

centage of the proceeds will be donated

you'll be spreading some feminist power

to 'Girls on the Run'. Not all lessons are

every single time you wear one of these

taught inside a classroom. Girls on the Run

awesome shirts.

sleeveless T-shirt classic T-shirt

oversized T-shirt

Classic T-shirt

Sleeveless T-shirt Sexism




Are you a feminist who loves

sleeveless, mesh 'power tee'

Oversized T-shirt

to celebrate her femininity?

to make a strong, stylish state-

Say it loud, say it proud! And

Then meet your new ward-

ment. Featuring a contrasting

yes, I am talking about your

robe staple: a classic crew-

neck trim and a gently curved

second-favorite f-word! This

neck t-shirt with a joyful state-

hem. The 'No sexism' banner

oversized t-shirt is crafted from

ment. Made from the softest

right over your chest is a play-

top-quality cotton and com-

cotton and featuring relaxed

ful nod to your right to cele-

bines a relaxed fit with short

short sleeves. You may never

brate your sensuality without

sleeves. Proudly featuring 'I

want to take it off!

being slut shamed for it.

am a feminist' on your chest.

“A party without cake is just a meeting.” - Julia Child

Meringue - black & pale peach demi bra & waspie


balcony bra 5 cm briefs

Meringue black & pale peach Indulge your sweet tooth with my fabulously frivolous Meringue collection. I contrasted the prettiest of pinks with sensual black trimming. A playful border of ruffled tulle puts your decolletĂŠ in the spotlight while a stunning play of lines frames your curves beautifully. Dare to seduce yourself!

SHOP NOW push up bra 7 cm thong

watc h m y i e produc t mov

Meringue - black & pale peach push up bra & 7 cm thong Courage - multi color plunge balcony bra


push up bra 5 cm briefs

Courage multi color A bold geometric pattern, a touch of glitter and a fabulous bow; mix things up this season with my magnificent 'Courage' collection! I designed the ultimate flattering bra, then added a graphic, retro-chic overlay in different shades of pink and grey. The subtly sparkly straps and elegant bow add spice to this multi-dimensional look. Dare to cause a stir!


plunge balcony bra butterfly briefs

Courage - multi color triangle bralette & tanga


“The world is your oyster. Cook it and eat it the way you want.” - Julia Child

– 3 re a son s why Ju l i a C h i ld i s one of my favor it e fem i n i ne fem i n i s t s –

You probably don't know this about me, but, like my favorite Kitchen Goddess Julia Child, I have spent a large part of my life wearing aprons. Helping my mother in the kitchen, I started experimenting with flavors at 12, then spent 4 years learning how to become the perfect housewife at Domestic Science School. (Not to boast, but I make a flipping great 'vlaflip'! (a layered Dutch Dessert) You may laugh, and obviously my life

of oppression. So, tie on your apron and

went in a completely different direction,

get inspired by the woman who once

but it is in the kitchen that I learned how

famously described cannelloni as being

to taste, combine, take risks and express

'as hot as a stiff cock!'.

myself through my creations. It's where I learned how to be an artist! Like Julia who,

1. She wrote her own recipe for her life

against all odds, wrote the bible of French

During her life, Julia Child was told she

cooking and became the first female TV

was too tall to become a spy, too sim-

chef, I believe that women can empower

ple to survive the Cordon Bleu cooking

themselves by reclaiming the kitchen

school, and too old and un-glamorous to

and stop seeing the stove as a symbol

become a TV star.


push up bra 8 cm brazilian briefs

Jardin des Herbs soft green Turn your body into a garden of delights with my gorgeous 'Jardin des Herbes' collection. I chose a pale, cornflower blue and added a bouquet of beautiful, flavorful herbs. The sensual straps - connected with refined gold links - frame your beauty and add zest to your curves. Dare to spice up your life!


unpadded plunge balcony bra 4 cm thong

watc h m y i e produc t mov

Jardin des Herbs - soft green balcony bra & 8 cm brazilian briefs Soif de Vivre - canary yellow unpadded plunge bra & 4 cm briefs


unpadded plunge bra butterfly thong

Soif de Vivre canary yellow This season, show your zest for life in my Soif de Vivre collection! I selected a gorgeous, mellow yellow hue that livens up any skin tone. Referring to the sensuality of a sunsoaked vineyard, I wrapped the fabric in luscious lace with a playful grape pattern. Dainty golden grape charms add sparkle to your curves. Dare to celebrate life; dare to celebrate YOU!


push up bra 4 cm briefs

Soif de Vivre - canary yellow balcony bra & 4 cm briefs


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