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Owl from the President Dear members, First of all, welcome to @PA REPLAN 2013, hope this will be a great conference and I'm sorry for not being able to be with you all. Even from far I'll try to stay close. REPLAN has arrived, everything went pretty fast, the way we proposed; I remember at Plan we talked about the need for @PA to wake up and move faster. We are not quite there yet, but we're getting closer and we have already made a lot. Today we are proud to be recognized for the best performance in Brazil during the first semester and have in our hands the opportunity to repeat it now. We have learned about how to work better, what we like to do and, especially, we can say that we have proved our potential. Now it is the time to commit ourselves together to the rest of the year. I wish that here @PA finds in each member the passion to accomplish something simply magical. Luiz Otavio Gemelli AIESEC em Porto Alegre Presidente | LCP

Dear AIESECers,

Owl from the OC

We are extremely happy to deliver REPLAN to you! We all love AIESEC conferences, and we believe that an AIESEC experience is not complete without going to one. They are magical, and they make us really believe that anything is possible if we try hard enough. So, for the last couple of months, we have done everything in our power to make this conference as magical, enchanting and inspiring as possible. We dream that all delegates go home on Sunday touched by pixie dust and Felix Felicis, feeling part of @PA and certain that our goals and objectives are possible. However, our dream wouldn’t become real if it weren’t for you. Like Walt Disney (someone who really created magic) said, “you can dream, create and

build the most wonderful place on Earth, but it takes people to make the dream a reality”. Thank you so much for coming to REPLAN – where the magic happens.

OC Magic.

What is REPLAN? In January, we had PLAN. There, we talked about our goals and expectations for the year. Now, one semester later, it’s time to look at the past with appreciation, the present with courage, and the future with hopes and dreams! At REPLAN conference, we will analyze what has happened and what has been done so far in 2013, so we can better re-plan our LC. We will talk about our current situation, discuss the objectives we want to reach until the end of the year and set our goals. We will check if our expectations are still the same, create new ones, and find our unity as an LC. During an inspiring, fun and magical weekend, we will unite our powers to plan a happy ending for AIESEC in Porto Alegre in 2013.

When ?

The conference will take place on the weekend of 17th & 18th of August 2013.

Where ? At Sitio Laranjal, - Rodovia RS-020 – nº 7009 - Gravataí

How to get there? Replan Express will be leaving from the platform 9 ¾ of our Local Commitee (Escola de Administração da UFRGS, Rua Washington Luiz, 855), on Saturday morning, precisely at 07:00 a.m. Be there at 06:30, otherwise you’ll pay the consequences. Also, there will be a ride spreadsheet on the link bellow for the late ones. If you’re a UFRGS student, please take your card with you. YUU4YnFCTjJjS2c#gid=0

Treasure hunt

How to participate?

1) Fill out the form to subscribe; 2) Pay the fee; 3) Get there !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Observation: accommodation, food and transportation are included in the price.


R$ 70,00 à vista para membros R$ 75,00 no crédito para membros R$ 50,00 for trainees Observation: Pontos do Gauchão will be accepted.

Deadline: We ask you all to make the payment by no later than Monday, 12/08/2013.

Masquerade Ball in the Enchanted Forest

A party like you have never seen before!!! You'll be taken to the Enchanted Forest in wonderland - a place full of magic and beauty, where fairies exist and spells last longer than midnight.

The outfit for the Ball will be masks, plus formal dresses for the ladies and suit and tie for the gentlemen. Beverage will be sold at the party, it is forbidden to bring your own.

- Your own cup; - Bedding clothes/sleeping bags, pillow; -Towel and hygiene products; -Comfortable clothes for the cold; - Umbrella, rain shoes; -Repellent; - Flashlight; - Formal clothing and shoes for the party; - Slippers (flip flops) to go to the party, recommend to walk on grass; - Money (to consume at the party); - Chimarr達o, if possible.

- Alcoholic beverages; - Worries; - Pets; - Boyfriends or girlfriends; - Dragons; - Weapons; - The Precious Ring; - Hangover; - Dark magic.

AIESEC Awards Ceremony

Surprises at the party

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Maiara Viégas – OCP Marley Streb – OC Comm & Delegates Rafael Jacques – OC Logistics Yu r i B a s s a m i – O C I n f r a Bruno Katz – Coference Manager Gabriela Ruiz – Co-conference Manager

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