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Phi Lambda Sigma - Pharmacy Leadership Society

August / September 2013

The Laurel Phi Lambda Sigma Pharmacy Leadership Society Monthly Newsletter Issue 1, August/September 2013 2013 – 2014 National Executive Committee Executive Director: Dr. Mary Euler Past President: Dr. Tina Brock President: Dr. Alicia Bouldin President Elect: Dr. Brandon Jennings Parlimentarian: Dr. Jillian Foster Treasurer: Dr. Joe Bonnarens Administrative Support: Kathlene Hawkins Member At Large: Marley Linder Speaker of The House: Saswat Kabi Satpathy Webmaster: Dr. Lauren Willis

A letter from Dr. Kevin… Congratulations to the Class of 2013! As pharmacy students, and now brand-new Doctors of Pharmacy, Phi Lambda Sigma members from the class of 2013 have served their school, their chapter, and their profession as leaders for years.

How exactly has Phi Lambda Sigma prepared them for upcoming workplace challenges? These distinguished and select few, have been accumulating all the skills necessary to be highly capable entry-level pharmacists. Despite their extensive didactic and experiential training, the biggest challenges they will face in the early years of their career will most likely have little to do with pharmaceutical care. However, they are most likely to encounter difficult and unique situations when dealing with people, projects and the everchanging landscape of healthcare. (Continued on page 2)

“The final test of a leader is that he leaves behind him in other men the conviction and the will to carry on.” Walter Lippman

The Laurel Issue I

August / September 2013

Meet our National President-Elect A biosketch of Brandon Jennings, PharmD

Dr. Brandon Jennings is an Assistant Professor of Pharmacotherapy at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. He received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia in 2006 and completed a Community Pharmacy Practice Residency at the same institution in partnership with Kmart Pharmacy. He joined the University of Utah faculty in August 2007. As a clinical faculty member, Dr. Jennings is responsible for teaching in the pharmacy curriculum and maintaining a

clinical practice site. His primary teaching occurs in the Over-theCounter Medications course for third year pharmacy students. Dr. Jennings is also a clinical coordinator for pharmacy ambulatory care services within University of Utah Health Care. In this role, he is responsible for establishing and maintaining clinical pharmacy services in the outpatient community clinic network in the Salt Lake Metropolitan Area. Dr. Jennings’ primary research interests include proving that pharmacists are valuable members of the outpatient care team and the pharmacist’s role in serving a medically underserved population. In 2011, Dr. Jennings

established a PGY1 community residency program at the University of Utah. The program has grown to three residents and will be beginning its third year in July 2013. Dr. Jennings was initiated in the Beta Nu chapter (Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy) of Phi Lambda Sigma in 2004. He also serves as the chapter advisor to the Alpha Chi chapter at the University of Utah College of Pharmacy. He is extremely excited to begin his term as the Phi Lambda Sigma National President-Elect and work with the talented leaders within the organization.

Dr. Kevin continues… Fortunately, Phi Lambda Sigma members are distinctively prepared for this challenge, and will surely find themselves as emerging leaders for technicians, pharmacists, nurses, physicians and patients. The real value of being a Phi Lambda Sigma member is the experience and confidence one gains from working with highly motivated colleagues and seasoned faculty advisors. They have acquired invaluable leadership skills that will allow them to handle the most unpredictable and trying situations. The precious skillset of leadership will catapult them to the forefront of advancing the profession through interprofessional healthcare approaches focused on patient-centered outcomes. We are not alone in facing the challenges that await us as new practitioners, but we are fully prepared for this. We are proud members of Phi Lambda Sigma.

As we step out into the healthcare arena, let’s not forget the mission of Phi Lambda Sigma, which is to support pharmacy leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development. Author: Kevin Carrasco, PharmD, MPH, PLS Past Region 7 Regional Liaison


The Laurel Issue I

August / September 2013

Lollipop moments at the 38th House of Delegates This year there were 81 delegates and 9 national officers in attendance for the 38th annual meeting in Los Angeles, CA. Highlights of the meeting are included below:

Past Speaker of the House, Kathy Hunter, highlights: attendance at Region 3 MRM, the MUSC leadership conference, and the chartering of Delta Theta chapter at Presbyterian College of Pharmacy. Past MAL, Indrani Kar, highlights: expressed her gratitude for the regional liaisons, produced three editions of the Laurel, created a leadership survey for PLS members nationally, and attended Region 1 and 2 MRM as well as chartered the Delta Zeta chapter at University of New England. Past President Tina Brock highlights: chartering of the Husson chapter as well as the activities of the society throughout the year. Key items included executive retreat in Mississippi, AACP advisor breakfast in Orlando, FIP congress in Amsterdam, NCPA annual meeting in San Diego, and presentation of a poster at ASHP in Las Vegas.

Membership Committee: President Alicia Bouldin -­‐ 1,793 newly initiated members in 2012 -­‐ 510 new members so far in 2013 in addition to 30 new chapters -­‐ Congratulations to 5 new chapters in 2012-2013 with a new total of 104 chapters nationwide By-Laws Committee: Parlimentarian Jillian Foster reported on possible bylaw changes with language to address formation of international chapters. Also about the need to expand to two member at large positions which will be discussed at the House of Delegates next year. Awards Committee: Treasurer Joe Bonnarens reported a record number of chapter reports submitted this year. Presentation of the 2012 Leadership Challenge Award to Marisela Tan from the Beta Beta Chapter of University of California San Francisco. Theme E-portfolios: Leadership in the Age of Social Networking

Lollipop Moments in Leadership President Alicia Bouldin presented the lollipop moments in leadership discussion and highlights four important areas of leadership: prepare, share, boldly do, and follow through. Video ( _everyday_leadership.html) by “Ted” discussing leadership (intentionally and unintentionally) and the importance of telling those who have impacted your life thank you. New Executive Members for 2013-2014: Speaker of the House: Saswat Kabi Satpathy Member at Large: Marley Linder President-Elect: Brandon Jennings President: Alicia Bouldin


The Laurel Issue I

August / September 2013

Words of wisdom from our wise past Regional Liaisons Being a regional liaison has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my pharmacy career. I thank PLS for giving me the opportunity to grow and learn as a leader. I have enjoyed working with different chapters in my region and will forever cherish the friendships that I have made. I want to encourage all members to step out of your comfort zone to make a difference in the community and shine as a leader. - Swati Midha, Past Region 3 Liaison

From the desks of Marley and Swat Hey Y’all, greetings from Charleston, SC. We are honored and thrilled to serve such an amazing group of leaders within our profession. We have some exciting plans for this year, and we look forward to meeting many of you on this journey. Sincerely, Swat and Marley

Share ideas and continue to collaborate with your colleagues both within the profession and outside of the profession. Take advantage of opportunities to grow as a leader. Leadership and collaboration is essential to the advancement of our profession. Marisela Tan, Past Region 8 Liaison

Remarks from  JoLaine  R.  Draugalis,  RPh,  PhD   Phi  Lambda  Sigma-­‐Procter  &  Gamble  National  Leadership  Award     It was a pleasant surprise on March 2, 2013 that Dr. Draugalis had learned that she was selected as the Phi Lambda Sigma-Procter & Gamble National Leadership Award. Initiated into the Alpha Tau chapter at the University of Arizona, Dr. Draugalis was working as an “unofficial advisor” to the chapter and is currently at the University of Oklahoma College of Pharmacy.

Below are a few excerpts from her amazing speech in Los Angeles, CA. Dr. Draugalis cited Larry C. Spears’ 10 key attributes that a leader should possess or utilize: 1) Listening (understand the will of the group) 2) Empathy (understand the needs of the group or individual) 3) Healing (by attending to the spirit of group members) 4) Awareness (have a pulse on situations) 5) Persuasion (versus coercion (or positional power) 6) Conceptualization (meeting goals of the individual and the organization) 7) Foresight (balancing rationality and intuition). 8) Stewardship (responsibility for the organizational resources) 9) Commitment (committing to the growth of people) 10) Building community (through one common goal)

There are three essentials to leadership: humility, clarity, and courage. Fuchan Yuan

Dr. Draugalis also recommended 3 other attributes: Laughing (a lot), not to take one’s self too seriously, and take time for reflection. She concluded by stating “A servant leader must say, believe, and embody the notion, it’s not about me, but rather about you.” We congratulate Dr. Draugalis once again on such a wonderful accomplishment and look forward to her unwavering leadership in Phi Lambda Sigma and in the field of pharmacy in the future.


The Laurel Issue I Aug/Sept 2013  
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