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07 August, 2009 12:00:00

SLAIN reggae superstar, Peter Tosh was given three women to have sex with during his time in Swaziland in 1984, when he had come for a two-day performance at Somhlolo Stadium. A retired policeman, who escorted the Jamaican musician, Mike Mango, said of the three – two were South Africans and the third was a Swazi. Mango described the three as “clean ladies” fit enough to sleep with the late reggae legend. He was responding to a search by Exel Bergdahl from Sweden who is in the country looking for his Swazi mother. Exel claims that Tosh is his father. Mango did not want to commit himself into speculating whether or not Exel may be the son of the “clean” Swazi woman who slept with Tosh in 1984. Mango also explained that Tosh was well guarded by his countrymen and the Swaziland police. Mango would not disclose the identity of the Swazi woman – but added that he has seen Exel and told him everything he knows. Exel believes his Swazi mother was so poor she gave him up to a Swedish couple because she could not give him the comforts a son needs when growing up. Mango said the three were well groomed and of good social standing – meaning they were not poor.

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