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Peter Tosh’s love child looking for Swazi mom By Timothy Simelane

06 August, 2009 12:00:00

A Rastafarian fanatic who claims to be son of the late Reggae King Peter Tosh is in the country searching for his Swazi mother who was impregnated by Tosh during his historic visit to hold a concert in 1983. Exel Bergdahl, who estimates his age to be 25, says he was adopted as a toddler (about three years old) from Swaziland and taken to Sweden, where he was given foster parents. He says he was adobted by an organisation which has an orphanage in Sweden. Exel believes that his mother could have been so poor to raise him after the departure of Tosh, hence he was given up for adoption. “But now, everyone says I resemble Peter Tosh,” he says. He says he has no intentions to go back to Sweden because he is convinced that the couple which raised him is not his real parents. He says his Swedish identity is wrong and wants to reject it permanently. “I have travelled to many countries looking for my real parents until I was informed by some people that that my father was Peter Tosh. I have vivid childhood memories of myself in an African country. This country is definitely Swaziland because I can understand when Swazis are speaking, though I cannot respond in the Siswati language,” he said. Exel says he left his business and job as a bank teller in Sweden to look for his mother. He arrived two months ago and says he will soon leave for Jamacia, where he will be hosted by the Tosh family. Exel says he has gathered that his father had 10 other children in Jamaica. “People who may know my mother can contact me on 674 9103, whilst I’m still in Swaziland.

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