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Last Quarter, December 1 4

Full Moon, December 6

Sunrise 6.2-1 a.m. Sunset 5.31 p.m.

New Moon, December 20

First Quarter, December 28


Moonset 5i21 a.m. Moonrise 4.56 p.m.


XXXVIH. No. 49





N'DJAMENA, December 4 (Reutets-CANA): The Cehtral African Republic today proclaimed itself an Empire and. the Voice of Central African Radio haile'd President Sal'lah Bokassa as its first Emperor. i The radio report, monitored here, in neigh houring Chad, said the former French colony which gained independence in' I960 would now be; called'the Central African Empire,. The change was enshrined in a new constitution adopted today by a special congress of the country's only political party. Mesan Renove (Movement for the Social Evolution of- Black Africa).-the radio added. It said': "Long live Bokassa the first, Central African Emperor."


Rhodesia; clash at conference

% GENEVA, Dec. 4 (AP). chairmanship of British Ambassador Ivor Richard. Rival African .nationalist dele 'gallons jt the Rhodesia set The African National Council llemput conference clashed (ANC) delegation of Bishop today,over the formation of Abel Muzorewa. who/oUiims the interim government thai strongest support ajfajcmi^ .• is to lead the country to Rhodesia's six million black majority 'rule. Temblacks, presented a paper pers flared following a prefofmali/ihg its demand tiiat dawn fire which destroyed the head of the i n t e r i m the room of African guerilla administration be picked by . commander Rex Nhongo in a nation-wide vote. a downtown Geneva hotel. .His delegation said the bla^e "It is" pnly an elected leader who can successfully appeal was ,t murderoVis plot by to the guerillas to lay down . unnamed "enemies of the their arms,",the paper said. revolution" but Geneva police reported a prelirni-' The hardline Patriotic Fcont alliance of Joshua- Nkomo , nary investigation excluded and .Robert Mugabe reaf {out play, -,'; firmed its opposition to the Ridiculous project. Th.c'ir stand was The clash became apparent .at . termed 'ridiculous'' by Bish" another face-to-face meeting op Mu/brcwa's deputy. Dr. between the nationalist deleCordon .Chavanduka. who . gations and white Rhodesian told reporters later the meet government representatives ing saw the emergence of a at the Geneva United new "anti-democratic front . Nations office 1 under the against the' proposed poll /

The announcements of the creation of a d'etat which toppled the country's first presi-' constitutional monarchy, were interspersed dent. David Qacko! with broadcasts of slogans praising the new Last February, he escaped an assassination empire and its leader. i JThe Zaire Press Agency (AZAP). in a attempt unhurt when a -grenade was thrown report from the central African capital of at him at Bangui Airport. Eight people-were Bangui, said the changes took 'effect later sentenced to death.- . • • immediately. During- Worlds War 'Two, Emperor Bokassa fought with French free forces and for. life later' with the French army in Indochina, pro.ved Emperor Bokassa s returning home with the rank of captain. IBangui • Sports Staby acclamation at i j^isiting Zaire PresThe father of 11 children, the man who dium and was watched heads Africa's only Empire is also one of the ., the agency said. ident Mobutu Sese sident for Life and continent's most decorated leaders. He will remain r Last month; he paid an official visit to the Armed Forces, Supreme Commai China. 3 reported. Central African " The new E Emn „.. who is 54, is FrenchThe Central African Empire lies at the most colourful head of geographical centre of Africa and has a popspeaking. sTate. HeJj$Td. power in 1966 in a coup ulation of 3.8-million.

Seaga tells press conference:

willing to accept the terms and. conditions laid down by the International Monetary Fund,"


PPOSITION LEADER Mr.;'Edward Seagi saic^ yesterday that he believed the People's National Party ment has,committed itself to •de¥al|ation dollar by virtue of the conditions of I loan wh'icb ly received. ! Mr. -Scaga/tblet a press cor)that, i'h accepting thai; loan, the PNP Govenrirnent had done so on tie -basis -that it was willing to accept certain terms and conditions laid down by the I n t e r national Monetary Fund.

; "iference

Not the answer' Responding to questions at the press . conference which he called1 at the JLP's Belmolnt Road headquarters to discuss the parly's Manifesto, Mr. Seaga said: "I do believe that the PNP has committed itself to devalua, tion of the Jamaican dollar because of the conditions of a loan which it has just received, and which it has had on the basis that it was -GIBBS

tats in le Sunday Gleaner POUTICS OF HATE It's now 10 days before an election which is shaping up at "the critical battle' to' decide whether the city will stand or fall to plunder. In what must surely be the most destructive election campaign in this country, politicians have whipped up too much hate and anxiety ... ROOM FOR ARGUMENT (Section A. page 9)

BIRTHDAY MAGIC? What are the auguries for a December Wednesday poll? There is, of course, the birthday magic, for Michael Manley was bom on December 10. VIEWS ON THE ELECTIONS (Section A, Page 19)

TROUBLED TOURISM Starting today, an in-depth -survey of this troubled industry by a Gleaner staffer who spent a week on; the Northcoast (Section A, page 7)

JAMAICAN MOVIE STAR JEarning rave reviews in England and the United States is young Jamaican, Paul Mur,phy, who stars as a boxer in "Bugsy Malo'ne." (Section B)

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JLP LEADER TALKS TO PRESS: Mr. Edward Seaga. Leader u( the Opposition Jamaica Labour Piirty. at he told members of the press yesterday that 'the PNP government had committed itself to devaluation of the Jamaican dollar. At left is Mr. Roy McNeil! and at right Mr. 'Joseph McBherson. the party's candidate in Southwest St. Andrew.

OFFICIAL The following is a release from the join-t Police'Military Command inforrnatidTi Centre yesterdayBob Marley, internationally famous reggae singer, and three other persons were *s> shot and injured last night at Marley's Hope Road residence. According to reports reaching the police, at about 9.35 p.m.. seven gunmen armed with revolvers got out of a m o t o r c a r , invaded the premises and opened fire on the occupants who were rehearsing For a concert today. The other persons shot are Don Taylor. Marley's manager: Rit-a M a r l e y and Lewis Griffiths, a member of the band. All four were taken to the University. Hospital. Bob Marley * left the hospital the following morning. Intensive investigations are now being cgjiducied into this incident. ™ The security forces are investigating the circumstances . under which Timothy Brooks of 91? Mountain View Avenue wa's killed last night Brooks was shor bv (Cont'd on Page;2)


Smile Jamaica still on today The 'Smile Jamaica' public concert goes on as scheduled at National Heroes Park this afternoon, but as a tribute to Bob Marley, who was shot on Friday night at °his home in Hope Road, St: Andrew. The sh.ow f e a t u r e s Boh Marley, The I Threes, the Third World Band, Richard Ace Sn-r.'and Jnr. and the St. Anne's 'Dancers. However i t ' was not confirmed lai! night whether Bob ';would' actually appear on the show or not. Speculation that the show may have been cancelled arose yesterday after Friday night'.s shooting of Bob, his common law-wife, Rita', his Road Manager, Don Taylor and a Band Assistant, Louis Griffiths. In a statement last night the Cultural Section of (he Prime Minister's Office, which is assisting in the siagmg of the concert, stated that it will take place as advertised starting at 3 p . m at N a t i o n a l Heroes Park as a tribute to Marley.


Marley and his band were rehearsing at his home "Island House" .on Friday night when gunmen entered the house, and started firing into the room hitting Bob on the left arm. grazing Rita in the head, and hitting Taylor in the groin and "Griffiths in the back: Taylor, Rita and Griffiths are patients at f.he University Hospital, and are said to be improving. Bob' was treated and sen( home.

Asked \ nether he felt that clevalu lion could provide a soluci .1 iO Jamaica's present f i n a n c i a l problems, the OppostiMn Lfadei replied '1 do not r -c- devaluation, as. an a n s w e r 10 the present. Situation.

GG: Learn to r live together i

It is important that you learn nity Award winner for St to love" Governor General Elizabeth * the Most J-tonourable Flon- Four otfeei- Festival Commu war ?e\ Glasspole, has implored , nity A d winners were 1 'don't care what, political Bounty "tall and Hague in xparty youNSuppprt It doesn't' I and Cornwall BarIn a further dist assion of the | mean you M.'Jio tare each | TrelpV;"j.' cmewjon, Mr ,<jeaga safd iff I other ^v'o, a-il-'tf this ,mnm i rsrfcs jtnd Sandshore in icru )•-• "<jpn facing it for roi :.'*; W< i lack df c)j • fidence botrYmiehiai-y it.t< (-n il our m; k ni '~ externally 10 elected, thereA <inv One People uii iMaxi on the p e p l e of fore, the Jiff's first task declared to cheers last tomorrow, the young people w o u l d be' t o r e s t o r e -Thursday. who a'ce among us now " I t confidence. is important that a proper He explained thd.t'"currency is The ^Governot General was example' of high standards not backed b'y assets or1 by delivering the main address are set for therrt now, Mr. gold, but by reputation at the presentation function Glasspole said by the fact that a countrv * at the Brompton Primary r generate1! a feeling of con School, St. Elizabeth when Chairman of the ceremony was fidence among others in its the Festival Community the Rev E._ L King, chairperformance " Award was handed over by man of the "Brompton ComMrs Glasspole»to the resimunity Council, The wel By comparison with the PNP. dents of that village That come was extended by Mr which had brought the co.uhsame day another award was Mel Brown KTP and the vote try to the verge of bankalso presented ^to Lacovia, ruptcy under Democratic (Cont'd on Page 2) the other Festival Commu •Socialism during last five years, he. said, "the JLP has a track record of perform ance. vVo have, been able to mobilize funds without-,.hav: ing to run to .China: and .Canada ..."

A HELPING HAND: Governor General the ^Most Hon. Mr. Florizel- Glasspole, being assisted by Mrs. Glasspote alter he donned a hat which-was presented to him by a pupil of the: Brompton Primary School, at a presentation ceremony to hand pver a Festival Community Award to Brompton Village in St. Elizabeth, last Thursdayv The Governor-General delivered the main address whiI_e,Mrs. Glasspole 'presented the Award.1 Looking on is the Rev. E. L, King, chairman of • the Brompton. Festival Community Council (

Floods hit Barbados

BRIDGETOWN. Bar bados, Dec 4 (Cana): . A 'number of livestock was lost and many low-lying areas in Barbados flooded through heavy continuous rainfall yesterday and today But .police said there were no serious incidents involving people Many roads were made impassable

"A" credit Crating He said the. JLP had brought banks tq Jamaica and. were a b l e 10 o b t a i n m o n e'y".because they had con ' fidence in' us when we were in a position .where we had a record of prudent financial management."

Mr. Seaga said that while it formed the Government, the Prime Minister, the Hon. JLP saw the country move, Michael Manley, in a statefrom rates of positive growth ment on the shooting, said to further rates of positive that like air decent Jamaicans, groWth", .the PNP Govenihe was shocked at the attack ment on the other hand, ' and expressed concern at those . had been obliged to ask the seriously injured. Bank' of Jamaica "to print He s^id that the security money." forces were investigating the matter. . ' * While the JLP Government The gangsters sped- a\vay ran the country, Jamaica Trom the scene in a motorcar "enjoyed a credit-rating of 'A' level in international after the shooting before the financing, by_ comparison police arrived. with the present 'C' level rating now enjoyed by, the country.." WEST *AL>r'BEACH: He said that, contrary ta the positive growth in the econo Florida Dec. 4: which had lakch place, (AP): An elderly man. and ;•' . dmy u r i n g ihe J L P . regime wife were, found dead in a there had been negative hotel room with plastic bags growth in the major areas.of around their heads and a suithe economy under the cide • note next to the bed, PNP.". police said today. They were Mr. Seaga was supported at holding hands. • ' • the press conference by Mr. They apparently were rrf Roy McNeill and Mr. Joseph good health and had no roress McPherspn. JLP candidate ing -problems. for Southwest St. Andrew.

Death pact

The fiat wall finish for beauty that's durable

FINAL KNOW JAMAICA CONTEST The 7th and f i n a l K n o w : J a m a i c a Contest closes tomorrow. Entries should be mailed to.: KNOW JAMAICA CONTEST, P.O. Box 40, Kingston. Or dropped in the box provided at the office of the Gleaner Company, 7 North. Street, Kingston: Questions for this contest appeared every day from Sunday, November, 21. to Saturday, November 27. Entries must contain all .seven coupons. The first correct entry drawn' from the box will win a prize of 5100 and the second correct entry will win a prize of $50. . , .' " . • • - ' • '


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