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SBC. 3, PC. 12'- THE SEQUIN GAZETTE • JUNE 10,1976

Annual Girl Scout Aimai Girl Scowt Day MttftttM got underway early Monday morning at (ktMhlts** MMCO Mftr Authority Molt bIfcere are six units M samp wMch numbered 1QO» iMmsiSg staff sod campers. Mrs. Ed (Bertie) Kuempsl U thy Camp Director and aha Is Being stststed by local QirlSed* Istdfera and Day Camp Nurse Mrs. B»«y Wilson. IMs year than art naming walar and rtatroom mcittttss. ItovlOMly water waa hsalsd to tka alto* dally and temporary restroom facilities were Mtt. Day Camp was annually taU at ma Westphtl farm, but AN to Iks weather conditions, tha alto

waa not cleaned M tuns. Bat aecordtai to Day Camp Mree* tor Mrs. Ntampel qrl *?*! appreciate GBRA's river*front facilities m*t avalkMttemtM. Many local retokree paopla will b* bringing programs «"*• campers. Uat Teetday, local historian Mra. Wilton Woodi •poke to the campers on total n . , will bt a bonflrs and visitors and family an invited to attend at 7p.m. " p a tors will praaant a program on Mian Folklore on HMrsday. Ctoaini taramonlss will taks plaea at 2 p,m. on Friday, Am 11.

United Methodist plans Bicentennial program

How it's dot*

TRANSPORTING WATER » ttwir camp «ite are two loc* Girl Scouts, Then are some 100 girls attend** Day Camp. Gaastte photo by Poatalwalt.

Tim Blewtaanlal Commttteeof First Methodist Church Is spa* sort* a special Bicentennial Program and fca Craam Soda! at 7 p.m. OB Sunday, Mae lav Dtrecilag the Bt centennial ettda show ead ehoral readtef wfl| ba Mra. Mancy Rowtoy.

Mrs. Susan Bnsaaa win treae the history ot Seieta Methodiet lea Cream socials aid win lead •a olWimehymaslatlattowtadV upthepncram. . Homemade tee cream and ; cookies will be eetved to noes la


LEARNING about early history of Indiana In this area are local Girl Scouts as they listen to local historian Mrs. Wilton Woods during her presentation early Tuesday morning. Gazette photo by Poatalwalt.

Scouts walk HIKING is one of the farorite activities at Girl Scout Day Camp. Seen are Girl Scouts walking with their buddy sticks at GBRA'a Nolle laland, the site of this year'a encampment. Gazette photo by Poetalwait.


RSVP VOLUNTEER Mra. Berta Lee Fuchs was honored recently by her working comrades in the Development and Alumni office at Texas Lutheran College. Mra. Fucbs who has been donating her time and talents to the College for nearly two years.' was presented a coraage and two cakes in appreciation of her many Benrioes. On band for the celebration were (L to R) Mrs. Sue Guenther. Harold Bogisch. Mrs. Fucbs. Rev. Cal Frlsch. Mrs. Judy Migl. Bob Haugen. Mrs. Claudia Pullln. Mrs. Kathy Hart man, and Dale Stein.

Reggae in South Texas By JJ. Syrja wat everywherea," 1 must declare my hNrt U ther* the real thing has been given ex- Da»devil remains to be teen how large posure in this country, hi 1976, tbo* Fv* been from Maine regpae is enjoying its most suc- reggae can blossom tnSovmTex(H»rry Betafonte's "Jkmkiea cessful year, but the south, iron, •s. But when George Harrison ically, hasn't accepted it like the •ays the Wallers are the best Farewell") thing he's seen In toa years, that coast has. Jiiraica's music has coosidsr- •ait dream seems reinforced, Since W73, when his Wallers' ably changed since Betafoas* CATCH A FIRE was released in UPCOMING CONCEITS: gnced our ears with it* kwab/ America, Jamaica's Bob Marley In one of Austin's finest con. myth 15 or to years ago. SHU hat been gathering acclaim and certs of the early summer, Jtsse present is the respsct for Ja- the Walters' RASTAMAN VIBRA- Colin YoungappsarstBnjgjst June maica at a beautiful tropical TION (bland) is on its way to 10, at «tetema«Uo WorBTlasdisland and * country with pe» becoming the first reggae LP in quarters. Us Osds*. *• «tendal, but the "new" music. the U. S. to go gold. Is de- cellent tuigrist has*Mrt* the called reggae* tends toward retimpla patterns with Aiiman BroaVsra Baad on flecttqg the social inadequacies ceptively Mtrlsy's contagious themes "Ramblin* Mae," plays June Mof iU system and is much more ("Roots, Rock and Reggae" par- 10. HU first amum-for Co. interested in truth than myth. allels TeegardsnandVanwinkle's UuBtoU-U LESDilDEK. By contrast, the musk itself 1970 hit "God, Love and Hock m San Antoalo, ar~ is joyous; a chicka-CHICKA as- •n' Roll") are extremely catchy whose new LP is ROCt_ ml- calypso rhythm with an ac- and worthy of all the fuss New to SM Antonio's Cta^ntfnnOsacent on the third and fourth beats. publications such as PEO> tsr Arena June tt. Call *Mand has grown from a curiosity York PLE and CRAWDADDY are giv- 5836 for more isformstion. to a cult (Jimmy Cttff in the reiqgit. belUous movie THE HARDER w South Texas, reggae is THEY COME, with a •ntastic on, Both KTFM and soundtrack) to a booming, sig- catching KEXUFM in San Antonio recentnificant rols in popular musk. ly aired RASTAMAN VIBRATION Whether or not we recognize as one of their nightly feature reggae by Us asms it not im- albums, and on a recent trip to portant— we bsve heard it. It Austin, I ran into reggae secfirst reached American radio as tions and many copies of Wall"ska" in Millie Small's 1964 hit. ers and Toots and the Maytals "My Boy Lollipop," and devel- LPs in record stores. For anyoped into "reggae" by the late one wanting to try reggae for sixties (Johnny Nash's "Hold Me the first time, Fd recommend Tight," Desmond Dekker's " Is- BOB MARLEY AND THE WAILraelites".) These songs were ERS LIVE, an English impart only the tip of th» iceberg, tow- album not released In the states, ever. nrnlAll the while, Jamaica, but available at mner Sanctum in a " MirP™ of its folk mu- Records in Austin, and for a sic and Amsricta Rhythm and decent price. Blue* from Nsw Orleans and MiMsreb/, who has written many ami. was stocking Use V with r«g* memorable tongs in the last few gae a lent years including "IShot The SherT In recent years, American and iff," "Stir ft Up," and "lively ',— d c a ' s Bob English musicians have brought Up Yourself," it ovenvhelmsd . ' : j : ".'.-. love reggae into their musical styles, by the growth of reggae interest. a feel, not like i*ul Simon, Eric Claptooand "Me never thought reggae would many ethers. Sadly, while these be big all over da world a few da mcm-ee." artists nave scored with imita- years ago," he said. "There was tion* (i~ reggae hits, little (ft* too much tryin' to hold it down,



Walnut Square — $20 South Walnut Ave. A1-35. New Braunfoto


T ',— dca's Bob .' : j : ".'.-. love a feel, not da mcm-ee."

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