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The Register: Oonville, Vo., Sundoy. June 13, 1976 " .,.,...

|Fall Designs jAny tiling But ^Traditional

New Musical Style Absolutely Fresh

Bruce Springsteen's South four shows Friday night and years back has proved begin talking a couple of years j ByJOHNIlOCKWELL (c)1976 N.V. Times News Jersey in its ability to lift the Saturday night, have a new premature, that may be to its back about his enthusiasm for ; Service specific into the universal. album out called "Rastaman ultimate advantage. "I think Krzysztof Penderecki, the ; 7 NEW YORK (AP) - With a NEW YORK - Neoprimitive What's next for Richman? A Vibration." On a first couple of it's going the way we want it," Polish avant-garde composer. , 7 burst of fantasy, flirtation and art-rock, with those deter- few of his best old songs aren't hearings it sounds as appealing Marley said. "Not like a craze. Could it be that Robertson was '. fun, Giorgio di Sant'Angelo pre- mined twanging variants on on the new LP, and there are a as any studio album the We want it to be respected." going to twist the Band's sound ;«cnted his fall designs in an the same three chords, should whole new bunch of songs, too, Wallers have ever made, but into unlikely progressive-rock anythingbut traditional fashion by rights be indistinguishable, reportedly more upbeat than Marley resists easy One problem has been a directions? --show. and, in truth, a lot of it does the old ones. superlatives. resistance on the part of As it happened, the group's j !; The opening found a gyrating sound alike. But the very first As it happens, Richman has American blacks to reggae; studio album in some time I "I don't think it's the best," audiences here tend to be first .jgiant of a dancer, Tommy notes of any Modern Lovers put together a new Modern did feature the synthesizer, but '•> ;?Tune. tapping away as he led a song instantly stamp Jonathan Lovers band that has already the singer said in his well-nigh largely white with an en- in a way that fit in bar- { -.series of models in muddy Richman and his cohorts as played the San Francisco Bay - impenetrable Jamaican ac- thusiastic Jamaican minority. moniously with conventional ' •"green lycra leotards and warm- something absolutely fresh. area. The group is now back in cent. "We don't do the best one "Black people don't feel the Bank textures. Now Robertson i Richman, who is in his mid- Boston, where a couple of dates yet. You always have new music yet," Marley said. "I has finally met Penderecki, Tune, one of the tallest and 205, was the archetypal are planned before a New York ideas, trying to do better all the don't know why." who came by to a Neil • ^thinnest male dancers on American weirdo. He comes engagement — theoretically time." Diamond recording session in •-Prqadway, was in baggy warm- from Ncedham, Mass., within a month. And they have With Jimmy Cliff having lost The Band's music has a sort Burbank, of all places. ~t)Jp' pants and white T-shirt em- dropped out of high school and finished a record of all new the early advantage that ac- of natural woody flavor that According to reports, the • blazoned with "New York spent time in New York in the songs, with a tentative release crued to him from his film, sticks close to its country and meeting produced nothing 1 ^Sant'Angelo." A drum major 1960s as a messenger on the date of May 19. "The Harder They Come," blues roots. So it was with a more than friendly greetings, . 'cap adorned his head. periphery of the Andy WarholBob Marley and the Wailers, Marley is now the best-known good deal of trepidation that with no projected Bandj'-. A group of gigolos — oops, Velvet Underground crowd. who are at the Beacon Theater reggae musician. Although the Band fans first heard Robbie Penderecki albums in the , .escorts — sat on stage in dark By 1970 he was back in the on the upper West Side here for excitement about reeeae a few Robertson, the group's leader. offing. - suits and wide hats Tuesday to Boston area, attracting atBassist the flirty models as they tention — and occasional abuse :-paraded and slithered across — for his bizarre songs sung •the stage, often spurning the solo in the Cambridge Com•.more than helpful aides. mons. By the next year he had -• Di Sant'Angelo's walking formed the Modern Lovers, t'suits and rainwear had a tough which consisted then of David •-'quality" about them, almost har- Robinson, the drummer (who fkingjback to the days of bath- is still with him), and two •,tuh';"gin and machine guns. Harvard men, Ernie Brooks "? Jackets were pinstriped with and Jerry Harrison. and far more rewarding ap- This is a band that without any fashioned By JOHN ROCKWELL greed within «.. wid e. !a pels a n d tailored backs . lc)1976 N.Y. Times News proach. He has picked a band overt political message is till a themselves, and their parThe band developed a cult in _-~ ' Mpst of the rainwear was re- the Boston area that eventually STAR-MAKING MACHI- he likes and one nicely fine example of post-60s spirit. ticipation in the machinations i'versible in soft creams and translated itself into a demo NERY: The Odyssey of an representative of his themes, Arising in Detroit from the of corporate capitalism no ' bright peacock blue. A tunic and some studio sessions in Los Album. By Geoffrey Stokes. 234 and followed it doggedly from curious blend of college more brands them as devils ** style raincoat in grey and beige Angeles under the aegis of an unhappy record-company students and lower-class than the Commander's men pages. Bobbs-Merrill. $8.95 vhad two slits in the back, add- John Cale. Cale, the rock Geoffrey Stokes's new book situation through the step-by- radicals there, the band are angels. Stokes is too fair a ••• ing an easy movement to the avant-gardist and former is two things at once: a detailed step process of recording an migrated to Berkeley, Calif., reporter not to reflect this, but Cgarinent,. ,Velvet Underground violist look at the way the pop music album through the signing of a and established itself as a his very fairness undercuts his ->' |Coats were still fairly geo- was working for Warner business works, and a more new record-company deal hippie-country-rock ensemble supposed thesis. ~ hi f trie and big. Hoods, ever Brothers at the time (and implicit comment on the through the marketing and in that area's volatile amMost readers won't be T- popular this season, were in eventually produced Patti relationship between ex-1960s promotion to the ultimate bience. • .abundance. A carnation red Smith's first record). By the time the album in reading this book for its idealistic dreams and critical and commercial fate of ""coat; with big pockets and hood question was to be recorded, political exegesis, however. But misunderstandings workaday mid-TOs corporate the disk. • bad-fringes on all borders. The chosen band is Com- the group was growing im- And for his insights into the arose between Richman and conglomerate realities. The ;.•"' In • crepe, di Sant'Angelo Cale and between Richman second aspect doesn't work mander Cody and His Lost patient with winning fervent actualities of the music ': Showed clinging, sensual gar- and Warner Brothers, and the quite so well as the first, but Planet Airmen, who are ap- ovations in live performances business today, Stokes has v-'merits that allowed great free- promised Modern Lovers the first is so good that propriate for two reasons. and then seeing their records very little competition. !„ dom of movement for the wear- record was never completed, anybody interested in popular First, they were at the time of die in the market place. The Sometimes the tone of the er. A cream colored long- let alone released. The band music must read this book. Stokes's research and writing new album became a test for book, as Stokes plods step by :' sleeved, floor-length dress was broke up in 1973. When Clive Davis's neither an unknown new act them as to how far they were step, seems a little flat, and sometimes Stokes lessens his '. shown with last year's funny Now six songs from the 1971 autobiography appeared a nor a proved loser. They were willing to adapt their style to journalistic credibility with • wrap. Tunics over baggy pants Warner Brothers demo couple of years ago, it was lively and successful enough to what their mentors told them i,. also were shown in crepe. A session, plus three more from hailed in some quarters as the have a cult following but not so were the commercial realities minor but troubling errors because one '-bright red cowled tunic was some earlier Boston sessions^ best book yet about the music prominent as no longer to need — in other words, to adapt 60s (troubling •". worn over lilac. style to 70s reality; in other becomes less confident about have been assembled into a business. Davis, the former aD the help they could get. his accuracy in areas one '-t An almost cubistic shape Modern Lovers LP, available head of Columbia Records who Thus the reader gets a close words, to sell out. •_ gave a monastic look to two di in selected shops or by mail for has now moved over to his own look at all phases of an album's But Stokes is too open and doesn't know about). ; Sant'Angelo tunics. One of $3.99 and 50 cents handling newly named Arista label, is genesis and a band's career — enthusiastic to work on that But these are minor matters. these "friar" dresses was worn from Home of the Hits, P.O. unquestionably a dynamic the worries and plans of the simplistic level. He clearly is If you've ever wondered what over straight, black trousers. Box 589-E, Berkeley. Calif. record executive. But his book group's management and fascinated by the workings of goes on behind the scenes in the The designer's evening pa- 94701. reflected his own limitations of lawyer, the troubles of touring, his star-making machinery, making of a record, you need jamas were airy and full, yet vision rather severely: if the difficulties of adapting and affectionate toward some wonder no more; Stokes has It is, to put it succinctly, a ' maintained a softness. In salmanyone other than the record- what is essentially folk music of the star-makers he meets. done it for vou. wonderful record. Richman's on, he showed a long-sleeved The realities of the situation company president has to a supersophisticated songs combine Lou Reedish ' set. anything to do with a suc- recording studio, the work of are more subtle and complex ominousness, striking musical The peasant blouse — puffy record-company personnel at than the too-easy rhetoric that DIFFERENT SIZE BASKETS (within the cessful album's success, one all levels. Some Indian baskets were sleeves, gathered neckline — invention the beginning and the end wouldn't know it from Davis. deliberately circumscribed '.. was used a few times in the But the Commander and his suggest. Individuals mix several feet high and others Stokes, a political and means of art-rock) and an were tiny miniatures used as 7 show with full gathered skirts. pals were a fine choice for self-deprecating musical reporter for the Stokes for another reason, too. Utopian idealism, reality- toys. 1 Di Sant'Angelo layered soft, abashed, oriented practicality and oldVillage Voice, takes a different humor that is at once in• wispy veils to create an almost and instantly M i d die Eastern looking evening dividual ,.- dress. These fashions were first recognizable. This is the all-American •„ i ntroduc ed by Time a nd model s ". who toted or wore handpainted waterboy. the kind of sexually desperate kid who hangs out at • silk shawls. In sharp contrast to the soft- the museum looking for . ness of silk was the coldness of potential "girlfriends" and has metallic bronze. Here, di a touching, ultimately haunSant'Angelo had a wrapped ting fascination for women gown with halter top. It was even crazier than he is. ("I'm ;. worn with an extremely full in love with this power that shows through in your eyes," fluted black cape. • Model Pat Cleveland and he sings in a song called Tune highlighted the show with "Hospital"). His affection for an undulating "animal" dance. the pop iconography of the Miss Cleveland wore a dress Boston-area, landscape, wrapped with a fake gold and especially in his trademark song, "Roadrunner." recalls black snake.

New Book Gives Detailed Look At Way Pop Music Business Works


Your Horoscope a By Jeane Dixon SUNDAY. JUNE 13 Your birthday today: This is a year of special and general education; everything you attempt turns out to be a learning experience thai attracts higher rewards, recognition and responsibility. The last few months lead to unfamiliar, experimental activity: spend time evaluating your goals and program. Today's natives have personal charm and faith in themselves: some are noted performing artists. Aries [March 21-Apri! 19): The concerns of young people dominate this otherwise routine Sunday. Starting early gets you off ahead of (he rush. Taurus {April 20-May 20]: Once community customs are over, today is a crab bap of events for everyone. You have all sons of relaxing things to do to your heart's content. Gemini [May 21-June 20]: Make (he rounds and check up on the latest happenings among friends. Visit those who c;in'l come out to meet you. Vou have no problems i;:i!i-ss you dig them up from ;he past. Cancer [June 21-July 22]: Caiuvrian love of home isn't r.fci-ssarily exhibited by ;-t;jyir,g there. It's most profoundly experienced when '. you return from distant or unusual journeys. Leo [July 23-.\ug. 22]: Since nobody is ijuite satisfied with anything, let this bt- a relatively inactive day. Health ami safety precau- lions are import At.

Virgo |Aug. 23-Sepl. 22|: What has been incidental comes in handy or is the central theme for a prosperous new program. Novelty gifts amuse family members. Libra [Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Letting well enough alone means giving others the freedom to express themselves. When all factors are taken into account, it's a wonderful world. Sentimental tics deepen. Scorpio [Oct. 23-Nov. 21]: Social contacts improve and become more numerous. Put your ongoing work to one side, as technical problems won't be solved now. Sagittarius [Nov. 22-Dec. 21): If you have work to puzzle over. fine, but don't let it distract you from community amenities. You owe it to yourself to be at your best. Capricorn [Dec. 22-Jan. 19]: Share current expertonce, but don't use either people or circumstances for your own ends or you may pave the way for future exploitation Aquarius [Jan. 20-Feb. 18 J: Apparent difficulties aren't ijaite as urgent or drastic as they seem in light of incomplete news. Let your budget remain imaa despite passing domands. PisceslKeb. 19-March 20]: Live and let live should be your motto today. There's plenty or room for all if you don't ask for favors. Personal plans are complicated bv additional side issues.

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