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> hanging the time he says ' their teachers either treat them like they were something special which isn t fair on t h e o t h e r kids or else t h e y re e x t r a hard on them to show them that [hey re not so special and

And it was in Ossinmg t h a t he developed the tumour which cost him the sight of his right eye. when he was just three years old It didn't prevent him from being a top athlete

raincoat that isn t fair either ' He obviously cares a lot about his little dau fc rs Kathenne who is live and Jackie nine and is determined that his own money and fame won't lead to them being spoilt

Nothing special 'It would be very easy for me to send them to school in a chauffeur dnv en car in the mornings, and to buy them the most expensive clothes around But neither Alyce nor I had any money when we were kids and I don t t h i n k it s a good t h i n g that they should have too much "They go to school by bicycle just l i k e their friends do and their gear is just (he same kind of jeans and T shirts that anybody else has Funnily enough Peter s parents used to run a clothing store in a little vil lage called Ossinmg near New York where he was bom

in school, however, as well as being a very good student

Lots of fun "When I fim wanted to be an actor," be told me. "I was 27. and the agent I went to told me to forget it. He tsjd I was too old, too abort," (be is only 5'8"), "and that with a gUu eye I hadn't a hope. "I sure had a tot of fun proving him wrong "

Although Cohnnbo is the series w h i c h has turned Peter into an inter n a t i o n a l star, he had already won an Oscar n o m i n a t i o n for a film Murder Incorporated which he had made back at the beginning of the six ties and now is busy with plans for more movies Whatever he does, we'll still be seeing him as our favourite shabby tec for quite a while Television companies, remember, w o r k a f a i r way in advance So, it s not 'Goodbye Columbo' just yet


The talented Third World Band The Third World Band • without a doubt one of the matt nmqae and mind-blowing musical aggregations around.

there were any doubts in the minds of unbelivers present about the band, type of music, this was quickly dis pelled when the capacity audience screamed in recogni lion of the band's version of the Abbasynians "Satta Amasa Gana" which had the while and black audience in a trance. The band returned from Britain full of confidence, and above all with a contract signed, sealed and delivered to them by Chris Blackwell of Island Records.

High points

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MARC OF AFFECTION: Pop star Marc Bolan flew home to Britain recently and talked about three people In his life: his wife June, his girlfriend Gloria and his son Rolan. At his London home. Marc, 28, said: "June and I are still working out settlement terms for our divorce. Once I am divorced. I don't think I will marry again." So where did that leave 29year-old singer Gloria Jones? Marc said: "We agreed that if we were still together In five or six years' time then we would marry ... for the sake of our son." He beamed at the threemonth-old boy and declared: "He's quite the prettiest baby I have ever seen." Marc, who now spends most of his time working In America, had flown to London from Los Angeles to start his first British tour for two years. Above: Proud father Marc Bolan is seen with baby son Rolan. smdicoMo-




T. Boots Harris Daley became everybody that i anybody in Rock music. iiMimai Loory Graham, Sly Stone and Jim Last year show Bob Mar Hendntfa wodd have been ley & the Wallers. Toots Hib pfood n they were oo lund ben and the Maytals, Jimmy to hear Third World do jwCliff, and Big Youth taking dce their mask. reggae on a collision course For me that concert with the American record answered quite a few quesbuying public It also saw sev tions Was Third World en super talented musicians another uptown band that taking over Native Roots would stay uptown, and only (Raggae) and along with Bob appeal to the middle and Marley and the Wallers comupper classes? And the pletely mesmerized the so called foreign authorities on • answer I got was that the aggregation was as roots as Reggae roots can be. and the best Their performance in judge any one can appoint London reached such a are the roots people themheight that a tumultuous out selves, and they decided just cry extending three to four like the fan in Britain did, songs into Third World's Set through 'an o u t c r y of more than answered the questumultuous applause the tion The band generated question was answered. ' this excitement throughout Now album their tour of Britain, and if

In October last year the group appeared on the Dream Concert at therNation al Stadium along with America's pride and joy Stevie Wonder, and Bob Marley accompanied by the Wailers. The Mighty Third World's rendition of "Don't cry by the railroad track" one written by the band was flawless and drew rounds of applause from the people. "Satta Amasa Gana" again was another high point of Third World's performance that evening, which brought the audience into sing a-long session.

The frattA h«lf of their

group is the Third World, then came Sly and the family Stone in a song sounded like Ohio players in the next, and Mkheal Tbo" Cooper. Stew •Cat" COOK, and Richard

The band had made appearances on the Jackson they f five Wailers concert, have also accompanied Jackie "It aint who you know" Moore at the Tifany club last Christmas, they have also appeared on the"Easter Magic" show of which they back ed the Burning Spear, who were making their first big appearance at the Carib Theatre last Easter. The group has just completed an album which is due to be released shortly The album comprises some mind blowing selections such as Su won't Shine, Witchcraft. Don't cry by the nilroad track. Satta Amasa Gana, among other. Third World has taken over musk Reggae unto the three dintentipns at lights, which proves without a doubt that these seven young musicians can experiment with ragge. Third World has come up with a distinct sound which should go a long way in establishing them throughout their tour of the United States which began on the January 15. This tour will take them to San Francisco, California, New York, and Britain before returning in March. The band gave a series of campus concerts as a fund raising effort for the youths of Hermitage and August Town. The first was at St. Andrew High School on the December 15 last year, where

a large audience was on hand to get tleir monies' worth of wha must be described as a >erformance of sheer professionalism They gave a daz ling display of showmanshi > and the' audience went wild

After the she w the 4nd T shirts of the group. Of the the feeling of being in the Apollo Theatre m Harleni whOethe Jackson 5 their luuuue. On New Year's Eve diey brought the audience to their feet at Chela Boy's Club Roots in Boscobel. with their pulsating rhythms in what must be descri led as the event of the year This hotel will be presentiig the best Jamaican acts available. If their first promotion on New Year's Eve night is anything to go by, then lfi m Wire thai Jamaicans are in for a treat. Other artistes scheduled to appear are Joe Higgj. The Generation Gap, he Cjimma

rons, Zap-pow, the Maytals and Peter Tosh. I Of course. Third World had the honours of opening the local section. Indeed a talented aggregation!

Arnold Careen spft-spcken and simple (Cont'dfroml

After his sojourn of work and study in the United State*. Arnold Green returned home in 1972 and, began doing freelance work of various kinds for the f.I S. - now the A.P.I. The following year, he mounte 1 a photographic exhil ition of Labour Day. 1972 and. helped to design the Labour Day Lqjp — i.e., three people using a shovel. Arnold likes toe isimpler v things in Life like walkthe ing, or just sights and sounds oi Nature.

'Night Watch' RJR AM's, programme "Night Watch" is designed to give you vibra. tions with music for every mood: if you feel like dancing, the music is right, if you feel like just sitting around and listening, you'll find it good entertainment, and if you're sleepy, it will lull you. Nightwatch runs nightly (except Sunday) from midnight to dawn. It is one of those all-purpose programmes created to match each moment from midnight to dawn. Now it seems the Programme Department is transforming it into an "all-embracing" programme. Special features are being introduced to provide variety. You'll be treated to a bit of comedy or a bit of mystery, wrapped in a package of five minutes.. Your "Night Watch" host on Thursday and Friday nights is the inimitable DJ Phillip Jackson.

Doctors nowadays are lucky9 | HOLLYWOOD: Danny Thomas, who plays a doctor in His New NBC series, "The Practice." says doctors nowadays ire lucky, even with mal-practice suits. "In the olden days," says Danny, "if a doctor fouled] up an operation with someone in the nobility he might have his hands chopped off." Danny said a doctor who failed to save Catherine de Medici's husband in the 17th century was placed in a torture chamber for 76 days. "And that was even before he sent Catherine his bill." -NANA PACE SEVEN

Marley Third World (02_08_76)  

Now it seems the Pro- gramme Department is transforming it into an "all-embracing" pro- gramme. Special features are being introduced to pro...

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