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instead of just talk, talk, talk. Because I-man was saying certain truths to him, but then just not getting through...I'd just like to get a band of youth together, my own band. Although in the past, on my studio sessions I try to find the most professional musicians it will take a little time still to find youths with the right potential and then get them together. But that's just my aim." Mundell also makes a chilling observation in his interview with Reines. He is explaining to Reins that he was a bit surprised by the reactions he got in public from British white males: “But like I come to England now and in certain places you find certain white men look upon you and screw up their faces, as if you are nothing,” says Mundell. “That sort of thing doesn’t happen in Jamaica does it” quips Reines. “Well, that’s because we have a majority of blacks. Things are kinda drastic in Jamaica. Not really for I and I but for the politicians...I don’t check for any of that at all but it affect me still; because I live in Kingston and every day I have to be in town looking for food, or attending to some business, so I and I could get shot.” Rastafarians seem to havea special connection with the spiritual world that many lack. I don’t know if it is a connection as much as it is a vibration. As spiritual beings, Rastas are definitely more open to receive spiritual vibrations if they do exist. Bob Marley famously predicted when he was just 21 years old that he would not live past 33 years of age. Notable Marley historian and international reggae ambassador Roger Steffens attested to it during our recent conversation: “Ibis Pitts and Dion Wilson both confirmed that Bob told them in the Woodstock summer of 1969, at the age of 24 Bob told them that he would die at 36. I know Ibis and I've spoken with Dion. I have a video interview with Mrs. Booker in which she confirms that they told her that story back then too. So I believe it, fe sure.” Was Hugh feeling a dread vibe regarding his collision course with death? Or was it just an observation based on the fact that many youths were meeting a murderous fate in the violent streets of Kingston, JA? Either way, it is noteworthy to find Mundell foreshadowing his own death in an interview two years prior to his murder. “Humble yourselves my black brothers, Cuz we know repatriation is a must.” Hugh Mundell – “Day of Judgement” In January 1980, Mundell’s new single “One Jah, One Aim, One Destiny” charts at #2 on the UK Reggae Singles charts. In the summer of 1980 Mundell’s collaboration with UK producer Fatman titled “Jah Fire Will Be Burning” is released on a J&F 12” in the UK. The single is backed with the Jammy-produced “King of Israel.” In reviewing "Jah Fire Will Be Burning” in the August 16, 1980 issue of New Musical Express, respected music journalist and notable reggae critic Vivien Goldman said "[h]ere Hugh sings with great sadness, painting an expressionistic picture of a post-nuclear planet: 'smoke of the furnace, turned the sun into

Great tribulation the life and times of hugh mundell