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Riding high on the critical and global success of his debut album, Mundell enters the studio with Pablo again in 1978 to record the singles "Great Tribulation" and "Little Short Man,” the latter a reference to His Imperial Majesty’s short stature. He also produces and records two singles. In 1979 “Blackman’s Foundation”/“Stop Them Jah” is released in Jamaica as a 12” on the Rockers International label. “Stop Them Jah” is also released as a 12” in the UK on the Warrior label. “Although we have to bear tribulation, And pass through great frustration; I and I will never go down in Babylon. 'Cause it really was written, in the revelation, And these are they that pass through great tribulation.” Hugh Mundell – “Great Tribulation” At the same time that Mundell’s career is at it’s peak, Mundell starts his own Mun Rock label and produces a song for his first artist, Little Junior Reid. The song, titled "Speak the Truth," is issued in Jamaica as a 7” on the Rockers International label. Mundell and Reid first meet in 1978 at the legendary King Tubbys studio in the Waterhouse neighborhood when Mundell was sixteen and Reid thirteen. Mundell is reportedly so impressed by the youth's voice that he takes Reid to Pablo's August Town studio to record “Speak the Truth.” However, once in the studio, both Mundell and Pablo notice that Reid has trouble singing on key, most likely due to the fact that his voice is not fully developed. Reid spoke about this first recording session in a 1985 interview with Chuck Foster for Reggae Beat: "I used to dj first and I used to sing, but mostly I used to penetrate the dj. But Mundell him hear me dj and him hear me singing and tell me that this singer must really sing." Reid's good friend from the Waterhouse ghetto, singer Lacksley Castell, cut his first record titled "Babylon World" for Augustus Pablo. "When I see my friend coming to the area with a song and a vine him now, it motivate me even more to know that I can do it. Because we all hang out together-you know? So when I sing Lacksley Castell tell me that I'm singin' in the same air. Same melody. So him kinda teach me about air. “'Speak the truth and speak it ever cause it what it will, Bye Saint Peter, bye Saint Paul, Jah is the true and living God.' “See, is actually the same air. So him let me know what is the difference between air and air.” Mundell knows Castell from the recording studio so he asks him to bring Reid by the studio. "Him (Mundell) is asking me about the songs that we was workn' out in the back a yard. But I was givin' him the dj style and him was saying 'no man, not that one that.' We sing 'Speak the Truth' and him seh, 'yeah, that one there.' So we did a rehearsal with Augustus Pablo." Pablo bluntly tells Reid he is singing flat.

Great tribulation the life and times of hugh mundell