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great reggae roots album by many, music critic and writer Vivian Goldman skewers it in the August 21, 1982 issue of New Musical Express, recasting Mundell as “Hugh Mundane.” Throughout 1982 and 1983 Mundell continues to perform sparingly and lends his talent to several different projects. He voices the title track and records background vocals for Augustus Pablo’s forthcoming Earth’s Rightful Ruler album. Mundell also plays percussion on Augustus Pablo’s Rockers Meets King Tubby In A Fire House (1980), Tetrack’s Let's Get Started (1980), and the Rockers International album (1980). He also lends his vocals to Scientist Wins The World Cup (1982). At the same time, Mundell continues recording his own material with Justin Hinds at Music Mountain in Jamaica, owned by Chris and Steven Stanley and home to Tappa Zukie and The Skatalites among others. This material will eventually be released as the Arise album on the Mun Rock label. In the spring and summer of 1983, Mundell performs on the island sound system circuit with the likes of Barrington Levy, Burro Banton, Ranking Toyan, Junior Reid, and Elfigo Barker (Volcano Hi-Fi). He also performs for Noel Harper’s Kilimanjaro Sound System with artists like Super Cat, John Wayne, Dirty Harry, Junior Reid, Madoo, Hopeton James, Puddy Roots, and Major Manzie. In August 1983, Mundell, along with Junior Reid, represents Killamanjaro at Whitehall Avenue, Kingston. With selector Ainsley on the turntable, Mundell and Reid bless several numbers, Mundell versioning “Reasons” and Reid voicing the “Some Guys” standard. On September 7, 1983 Mundell and Junior Reid put in an impressive performance at Cassava Piece, Constant Spring, Kingston 8. With Volcano’s supreme selector Danny Dread at the controls, Mundell and Reid spar over the “Diseases” riddim before they have a go at the “Betcha By Golly Wow” standard. The highlight of the live session, however, is when Mundell versions his classic “Great Tribulation.” PART THREE: “DAY OF JUDGEMENT” October 4, 1983. “I was there you know,” Reid begins telling the story to Roger Steffens during a 1985 interview. “When Hugh Mundell was murdered. I was in the car. Hugh and I went down to Montego Bay to spend some time with his mother. When we leave and come up back to Kingston he went up to his home upon the hill, and I went to my house in Waterhouse. And then, he came back down in the night and tell me when he went up to his house he saw his window came out, and his stove disappear and his blender and all those things. So the next day I and him went up to his home, and some people from next door show us that they saw a guy walkin' from over Mundell's premises with a suitcase in his hand. And to the description that we get, we get to find out which guy it is. Then Mundell go to the guy and try to talk to him peaceful about this thing and the guy pretendin' like he don't know about it. As Reid explains in painstaking detail, Mundell asks the guy to come into the car so that they can drive around and “ask somebody something.” The guy gets in the car. They drive to the police station and Mundell turns the guy in to the police. He is arrested because, according to Reid, “the police they know him as a housebreaker and t’ing.” Two days later, Mundell and Reid go to collect some money owed them by a local promoter. The promoter tells them that he expects the money to come any time. So the two leave and decide to return later. Upon returning to the promoter’s house, Mundell is paid the money owed him and he and Reid head back to Waterhouse. However, while they are leaving the promoter’s house they see a guy

Great tribulation the life and times of hugh mundell