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rf one Vuicaii band, the Gimafons (one Final in a series on the of England's ribst rfespjcted: black bands) in B r i t a i n |>y.VIVtfA>J G L D M A N . have just coibe back fj-orh a toiik of Japan, where they have # ;single inj^the VUL Japanese charts, Vulcan is Jfiso handling 49-53 the Ashanti okalogijw, so w^ now nave Sharon Fonjester. 7 . I•'.' Road, W21 '* By the tjfrue you read this.^ Ms ForresT ,THE TIME Vul ter will hafe performed } a week at the (jan had been ^stabtishbd iri their swanky Penthouse Club, Evidence of the, rather grand offices dn^he way Vulcin artistes are Ipeihg oriented! for precisely six weeks. The.-tofnpany had towards pirestige gjig? 4 not that Count beeji going for- the Same! lengrh of time. Ossie arid th^ Mystic ^Revelation of RastaFounded and run hy.Jjtinior L illcoin and -fari would be put ori. there. Or Ras Websier §crrrovjder, both long-time fix- Michaelj dnd the Sons ,of Negus. They're tures oiji the British reggae scene, coming two of the robtsiest bands you can hear.' j j* * t f • from Trojan and Ashanti Records. Wjeb- both on the Grounation label. ii * i ster is reputedly reggae's foremost' A&R I think it's safe to say that had Vulman. Everybody claims.,to -have discqv- c art/Grouha turn' not 'signed, .those two ered Bob Marley. , but the claimsI m;ide groups, neither of their alburns would i • for Webster ring truer than most.Vhave available , anywhere in this V u l c a n , like Sourifdtracs, is an r! >EROT SMART • ^i ' '" innovatory raggae cqmpiny. What VulK^ndidate. ^They're ridiculously young) to can is aiming at is, it seems to m g v n g •have fjich * tight rhythm section — Ihe reggae a more upfront image. Ofjcourse, lead singer, who also .writes all their matethe- fact that they are backed by ^Phonorials, is 11 if I recall correctly. j gram makes all the difference; to ajn ; i Kahdidate are out touring Universities "extent they have a ready-made machine 1 and * coll leges, though I caugjit them p/ay-1 they can just slot, irjto. Be that as it may, ing in p disco one (night. Raciallk thei're it's stili nothing short of bizarre to receii ' . T * - * - * • *. * . * * _ L » . *L' " ;• a imixe i bag, with i p guy from Sri Lanka, a folder full of biographies and photos of one truje blue British honky. and'a bunch 111 .* reggae artistes. :• of bladk kids frbjn] Brixton. When ttyeyj Vulcan has another la-bel — Groun get their vocals tightened u*p. they're tion. Over to Junior: "We just like goocl going toibe a force to watch out for. .*:-.-•< music" .,. we have two labels, Vulcan, ; , | Vulcan -also arrange one-off deals , ''— ^ :•-•,••-, 1 i i • "ft- y. that concent ra.tes, on building up artiste^, through the bne-offe they/re able to spot 1 i l t * & nt * to .•." .-•. . .-•'• fy.l" -• and Grounation, whic)i caters for the ethafrtists iHey might yi develop in the '*:•-**•.*-. nic market. Grounation gives the smal fuiur^. jbne-off singles artistes include • • • - • .• .•.• • • producer, 1 ,the ypunger aniste. a char

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to haveftheir music-he.ard over here. V can s 1 cihianging; the usual reggae pol cy by sij^ni;ig artistes, getting them td play the right gigs, and generally develop" their carper. M

Were already having some' sutjcps \





fNttllAJilCHARDS court try

black centres), ' V^lca! their own up-andcording British Da nil by the t name of

decree The three ladies were Ti a i w o• i A ij a i ,


Oduhton and Glenna


Final teut iof an a by JVfkhaeljMaragh *

T !


jForstelr Jones iwho have leading roles in Vemi Ajii » i * Ipadels p l a y "Parcel j*ost." art extravagant comecjy set in a Nigerian houstltiold in Islington as ! l ' they wait for the virgin^ i • bride to-be, to arnye from INigeria. ! Miss O'dunton is . the • . bride. She is at tHe Royal Court* ,ori leave fromi S t . Arine"s College, Oxford, where she sits the finals of her English d e g r e e c o u r s e , jtjhi's summerJ i i "It can ibe idifficult for black actors ^nd I1 actresses to career m Britai is w"iy t s so Ajai, '|ta a theatre like \he Cour putting on a bpack play. This jplayj is :abou culture shock,? really. play the sistenwho run the hbusehora and i ' know a couple of households' in London just like this ohe.V| Glenna Forsterj ]»nes c f ' •' ' J»~ ' has been .ifehedrsing! 'Pareel Pos.t' by day w nile playingln Black iy ikado at the Cambridge I by night. After the Ribyal C6urt run she retui-ns to her highly sensuous rope as the Snake Lady at the Cambridge- "I'm going .to be rising all :the wfohjg gauscles here," she says, * i by way of warning. • ,\ ^

COMEDY GIRLS — Toiwo A j and Glenna Forsler Jone*.



eth riic Afro; colorfully d« ssed and voluble to a




.^ ;•;• -i •" • •• •

• ' • ' \

pfiocog <aplied. *' y jusi happened [0 irec highly attraclive ck ,actresses,, very

Cynthia Richards, Leiroy Spiart, and the (in-lmy opinion) wonderful Fred Locks. I I * hope we hear more of Fred Locks. , Other Vulcan alburns of note include their I Roy release. 'Truths And Rights', which hai some good moments .— classic skanking (i,e. talking over tracks). When Vulcan finish their set-up, they'll, have thd most ^ impressive reggae company ces there are — . veritable rival to island's luxury abode. Vulcan have a bnestob record! stack in the offices, enabling •pie to buy direct, as well as j their nogram distribution and vans. ReheYsaI rooms, relaxation rooms ... let's.hope bdfeiness goes well enough -for t^iis progressive company tb be able 'to say in splendour. % i * Junior made a very valid point — "jThej existence of Jamaican music was biased ori the West Indian peopft Hvirig h;re.j They played the most important part ;5n reggae's development because in the days when, the quality of the music 1 was Criticised — and rightly so because it was bad — we were recording on two tracks. , . • But it didn't fnatter to the West Ifidiaii1 people, because every Friday they '" • « « * " J. * would take their pay packets and go into the sfcbbs, and^buy those records. They forme I iani independent market, which allowed;small record companies to form and release records. "Ajittle money went back tb Jamaica, to the producers and the artistes, ana the ' while thing developed and developed and developed...1'*, - 'Sounds*

,-f - .••.

Parcel Post': an come

I h<- t a x i driver^ . in voanr Square sttjp[>cd t h d - i r cabs .to U a u fi It s something .different. "ThVeeJactresses from ihc Royal 1 Court's n r w pi-ay .were - b e i n g




paring each speaker to one speciall speaker, and'changing kh^ wires around. Do not reverse the reference speaker again. ; Atfothcr way to the bassj if. w increase w JT"TT. " "T L u^ave 1 "', >° " "W" enclosurt of this type (looki £. . . . . .1 ^ . .. _£"; : f j


t, be asking'what pdwcr amplifier should buy for up?->V«I *at depends a^ lot on the sbcaJtI a -Jt •* -'ii• J u V with it, and how much volume en toe* u, how vdume Those little' bookshelf ipeak- [ •old with^mp* 'co^pta,: outfits; rdativcly large ^ppunt, of power them to the same yolurhe as a a large box. j (| blg»pc

ing sideways), is to am a shelf about midway, whkh joins on to the front and side ^m ,,ave abouk 3 inches for -^j ^.fcj^. J, ^ ^^ . since this ^ sound from the^back pan of the cond 'is!

Because! e large surface area of a speaker', iand the more jpcjwerful magi - 1 'i* ' net around the coil; one w.att of'.power ^rom all amplifier produces much highejr volume tnarJ if a .smaller speaker is used!. A . d a r tape plaver connected to itwo • U • v • I -' • h IDinch or 12 inch diameter speakers i,rt appropriate sized boxes can be : us^d" tc f * i keep] a party, as I have done. the !p4wer. I find that it is le|ss tlian .-! watts R . M.S. per channel, or 8 'watt* :


• •

r f


- .


• «






f .thlt; re totally enclosed jexcepi! for- the,, speaker are usually nott^efjFici^ntj and should be avoided if you t have the space,'for a bigger,box that has arj oaperiing, or releasing thei-sound produiieo biy the! j bstck p'an of tjhej speaker cO|n^. The forced |to travel a longer distance;, around dirrien^ions ind i^vors bf boxes cam get die' shelf, to get out at the bottom port, very l ill not 'be* di cussed the box seems taller, and therefore bigger in la basic 'aHicId 'as this. Ito the Soundwave, and the effect is a .

. T


heavier bast. I have tried it with good results. ' '

Foir btter sound

One practical laid .to bette'r sound ts to make $ureitht tHe speakers are "phased" From this article you should1 see that the final link; speakers play la major part if not the I basl will be very, weak, and tht "I i I speakers will iejem to fight each otiher. ilf in the sound that can be. produced from any sound system, and your ears will be you have [two Speakers, put them to deciding factor in choosing any set over aipd play some heavy music thenlshut off set, reverse wires to 1 of the another, keep in mind thai you do not speaHeri , and play again, is the Ibass is I have- '.to buy everything frorn' sho$. For instace, you can buy ispdakf heavier jr^pw, the ~ speakers are ifiow rs " and- leet ' • i * ~ ' t f phase {should be connected likb that M boxes built J by one who 1-ndws how, v^ith quality sound, bo th|| sarne'you supplying the dimensions!, from he, for] * * • .. ' ' —* *. * • * ** •* s many- booljs available at radiio shops, Jon with1 tticr'bther speakers.! if you have more 2 speaker* in your systcfmi corn* .speakers and boxes. Good lucje. b
















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Giving reggae Upfront Image (04_11_76)  

• U • v • I -' • h Odunton Oduhton and Glenna ^rom all amplifier produces much highejr volume tnarJ if a .smaller speaker is used!. A.dar ta...

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