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Edit or’s Letter Can you do better?

If you’ve often thought you could do a better job than the people on the council – now’s your chance! Local elections are taking place for Marlborough Town Council this May, but only if enough people stand to be a councillor. There are 16 councillors, so if that many or fewer people stand they will automatically be elected, which doesn’t seem very democratic somehow. The council is not run on political lines, so you don’t need to be a member of a Party, all you need is enthusiasm, willingness to get involved and probably a certain amount of patience. There are people from all walks of life on the council – why shouldn’t it be you? More info can be found on page 13. If you have young children or grandchildren, you might have spotted Radish Loves, the new children’s shop in Hughenden Yard in Marlborough. Amy Willsher who runs it is our interviewee this month, read all about her on page 6. As usual we have lots of things to read about, including maximising the potential of land, a new charity for children that has expanded into Wiltshire, some great cultural travel ideas and the latest update on Marlborough’s Passion Play. Hope you enjoy,

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Amy Willsher Amy Willsher runs Radish Loves, a new Children’s shop selling clothing, gifts and party ware in Marlborough. She lives in Manton with husband Chris and their three children, Arlo 6, Magnus 4 and Willow 11 months. Are you local to the area? No, I was born and brought up in Sheffield. After university I moved to London to pursue my career. We moved to this area four years ago and feel it’s a wonderful place to bring up children. What led you to Radish Loves? My career started in retail buying. My interest in that field began when I carried out a work placement at Liberty of London. It was a real eye opener to me – a bit of a culture shock (in a good way) to a girl from Sheffield! It was a wonderful experience, which led me to apply for a graduate traineeship at Harrods, which to my amazement I secured but only after a 4-stage interview process and a month’s work experience! After working in several different departments and a full year on the shop floor, I gained my first job in the buying office. By the time I left I had become the Jewellery Buyer (middle range – so it did involve diamonds but not De Beers!) I was at Harrods for 8 years in total, until I was tempted away by That was another big culture shock – going from what was a very traditional bricks and mortar retail business with solid systems in place to what was at that time a new start-up internet business. Working there taught me how to buy


People are still getting to know where we are, but we are benefiting from lots of word of mouth recommendation, as customers tell their friends and relatives about us. commercially and I gained great experience buying and managing several different departments. I had always dreamt of opening my own shop and several things conspired to make it happen. Firstly, I was commuting to Camden in London four days a week, which was a killer and I missed my children terribly! Secondly, my father passed away, which made me stop and re-evaluate what I was doing with my life. Lastly, I could see that there was a gap in the local area for a shop selling quality independent children’s goods. You set up a website first? Yes, that enabled me to build the range, develop the brand and start selling before having a physical shop. I could look for premises and negotiate

the lease etc while already trading. Where did the name Radish Loves come from? I wanted a character that kids could relate to, that loved everything I was selling. We looked at many things, some more obvious than others. I’m not quite sure how we ended up with a vegetable but it seems to work and could potentially work on clothing too, should I decide to develop my own brand. Also, I needed a domain name that nobody else had already bought – which is no mean feat these days! How is it going in the shop? It’s going really well. People are still getting to know where we are and we are benefiting from lots of word of mouth recommendation, as customers tell their friends

To advertise please call 01793 791104 or email:

People and relatives about us. The feedback has been great and really useful as we develop our offering. I’ve had loads of enthusiasm, particularly from mums with boys, as there isn’t a lot of choice out there for them. I suppose I’ve got a bit of an insight having two boys myself. Our Breton tops for both boys and girls are very popular as they are a little bit different. Mums with girls love the gorgeous tutus, they are wonderful for a party or special occasion. Our rainbows, circus and super hero party goods have been popular too, along with our Maileg bunnies and quirky Meri Meri jewellery featuring unicorns and other magical things. Mums also love our Nailmatic nail varnishes – there are no nasty chemicals in them, and they wash off with soap and water. Have sales lived up to expectations? Absolutely, we opened in December and Christmas sales were better than expected, and January has gone to plan. My Mum is an accountant and also my business partner. She’s fantastic with analysing sales, looking at average transaction values, number of items purchased etc which helps with planning going forward. Do you and your mum work well together? Yes, it has been great. She is still in Sheffield but visits often. We recently went to a trade show together, which was lots of fun. We are both enjoying working together. The shop is a little tucked away, has that been an issue? Ideally we would like to be on the High Street but unfortunately rents in Marlborough are sky high and not practical for a start-up. Also, it was vital that the shop was local to me and that it had easy access for pushchairs

and buggies. Our location in Hughenden Yard is close to the hairdressers and the café so we have a reasonable amount of passing traffic. I am confident that our exclusive product range and customer service will convince people to venture into the Yard to see us! Our aim is to be a destination store. What do you enjoy most? As a buyer I love selecting and buying the product but I also really enjoy talking to the customers. It’s been very rewarding to see the reaction from people who have loved the shop. Having direct contact also means we’ve been able to respond to what customers want. What is difficult? It can be stressful, as any new business is. It’s a big change going from the relative security of a buying job with a regular income to being selfemployed. Having said that it is also tremendously exciting and I know that it would have been a huge regret if I hadn’t gone for it. So far so good! Ambitions for the future? At the moment I am focused on building awareness and brand recognition. For the future I would like to think there would be a couple of shops as well as the website, with an expanded product range. One step at a time though!

is my favourite for lunch. For a family meal, our local is The Outside Chance, and for a proper grown up meal out I love The Bell at West Overton. I’m also looking forward to trying Dan’s Restaurant on London Rd, I’ve heard it is very good. What about shopping? I like The Merchant’s House, they have some lovely things, I used to buy Burleigh Pottery there but I don’t think they stock it now. I always like a visit to their Christmas shop too. I must mention Ducklings Toy Shop, they are my go to place for Lego, plus they’ve been lovely since I opened the shop. Do you enjoy reading? When I get chance, I love it. The latest book I am reading is Girl on a Train, I want to read the book before I see the film. How about films? I always enjoy a good film. I used to watch a lot of films on planes when I had to travel a lot with my job. One of the best ones I saw was Whiplash, about a young drummer at music school in New York. Radish Loves is at Hughenden Yard in Marlborough, or online at

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? With 3 children and a fledgling business I don’t get much of that! What time we do have we enjoy going out for walks and spending with the kids. We both love being in the country. I was nervous about moving away from London but it has been fantastic. The area is lovely and everyone was so welcoming. Where do you like to eat locally? Krumbz along Kennet Place

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Swindon Museum and Art Gallery

Modern Times

How the School of London changed British Art 22 Feb — 1 July There was something unique about the artists emerging from the London art world and art schools in the 60s and 70s. This exhibition features works by members of the School of London including Frank Auerbach, Lucian Freud, Richard Hamilton and Leon Kossoff and also their friends, teachers and influences. Leon Kossoff Booking Hall No 6 1975 © The Artist

Swindon Museum and Art Gallery Bath Road, Old Town, Swindon SN1 4BA FREE entry Open Wed-Sat 11am-3pm and all other times by appointment

Treat yourself or a friend to a fabulous cookery demonstration!

March Courses Wholly Vegetarian Fri 3 March 11am Spring Entertaining Fri 17 March 11am Courses £45 including handouts, tea, coffee and lunch. Call Lucinda Bevan for details on:

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Jessie May – Children’s Hospice at Home I hope that you won’t mind me shifting the tone of my usual article a little this month. I want to write about and, more importantly, spread the word about a charity which is close to my heart. It is difficult these days to choose which charity to support as there are so many good causes needing our help. Some national charities have a high profile but smaller, regional charities need a forum to publicise themselves more. At Thrings, as well as our individual sponsored walks, runs or, if you are my colleague, Sam, climb of Mount Kilimanjaro next week(!), each office supports its own charity and in Marlborough we have chosen the Jessie May charity this year. We came across the charity through our offices in Bath and Bristol who have been supporting for some time now. Although the charity itself is not new, having been set up some 21 years ago, it is relatively new to Wiltshire. It was set up by Chris and Phillipa Purrington following the death of their daughter, Jessica May who died aged four and a half months from a genetic condition called severe Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Since 1996 Jessie May Nurses have


provided hospice at home care to terminally ill children in Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset and Gloucestershire. As well as the hospice at home service caring for local terminally ill children, Jessie May takes children for fun days out, hosts respite days and provides support to children who are admitted to hospital. Since recently starting in Wiltshire, the charity has taken on 28 families in such terribly sad circumstances in the knowledge that, but for funding, there are another 60 such families that could benefit from their help. I find it shocking that there are so many families, in just our area, in need of this help, with not enough resource to go round. The charity is totally reliant on voluntary funding and no charge is made to the families using the services of the charity. Their specially trained nurses have not only medical expertise, but help families with practical and emotional support as well as respite care so that parents can catch up on household chores or simply spend time with their other children. If parents decide they want to care for their child at home in the last few days of their

life, the Jessie May nurses will help in any way they can. End of life care and bereavement support is provided to the children’s families to make the most of the precious time they have together and creating treasured family memories. With families on our doorstep needing this wonderful support, yet a simple lack of funds, our little team hope to fundraise and profile raise for Jessie May over the year. Interested? If so, there are many ways that you can help. There are a range of things that we can do, from choosing Jessie May as your work charity to cake sales, 10k runs or even volunteering at events. If you would like further information on how you can help, please check out the Jessie May web site or call 0117 958 2174. Fiona Kellow Fiona Kellow is a working mum of two. When she isn’t running around after her family she is a Partner at Thrings Solicitors, specialising in family law.

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Designers Guild Majolica Fabrics

Excellent service and product range built on over 50 years of experience. One of the largest stockists of fabrics in the South West. 1000’s metres of fabrics in stock plus 1000’s to order. Curtain track and pole specialists. A professional measuring and fitting service for soft furnishings and flooring.


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The New Greyhound

Marlborough Town Council Elections – Your chance to make a difference. On 4th May, in Wiltshire, we will be voting for our Unitary and Town and Parish Councillors. Town and parish councils are made up of community leaders who take an interest in what happens in their neighbourhoods and whatever their background, bring a wealth of knowledge and community understanding into what is really a team with a common aim – to do its best for local people. So, these elections are a chance for you to join this team and make your mark.

the Town Hall and commercial and residential properties. It’s also responsible for allotments, Marlborough’s War Memorials, the administration of burials and maintenance of the cemeteries, public toilets and CCTV. It manages projects and events such as the Christmas Lights Switch-on, Civil War Re-enactments, Royal visits, the Remembrance Parade and more. Your Town Councillors are consulted on and assess local planning applications and work closely with Wiltshire Council, the police, the Environment Agency and other external agencies on a variety of issues. With more devolution of services and transfers of assets from Wiltshire Council to the Town Council, the role of our Town Councillors will be increasingly important with more decisions being made locally and greater overall influence, making sure services are delivered well at local level and really importantly, at better value for the local council tax payer.

Do we need an What does a town or election? parish council do? Town and parish councils are at the heart of communities and the level of government closest to those they serve. It’s all about local issues so residents can see first-hand the difference that these councils can make. They provide and maintain a variety of important and visible, everyday local services. In Marlborough, these include the maintenance and management of open spaces such as The Common, The Green, Priory Gardens, the Recreation Ground at Salisbury Road as well as meadowland and a number of football pitches and play areas, not forgetting around 1500 trees. It looks after

It’s important that candidates stand for election and vital to get the right representation through a democratic election so that the makeup of the council really represents the community it serves. If enough candidates come forward for what’s known as a ’contested’ election, then the electorate actually gets to vote. If not enough candidates stand or just enough, it means that those who have are then automatically confirmed as Councillors in an ‘uncontested’ election. So, no chance to vote and a missed opportunity for local people to elect their representatives.

Why not you? Take a look around, our Councillors come from a variety of backgrounds and have varying life experiences, all joining the Council for lots of different reasons. This might include being involved in a planning issue or local campaign, acting as a volunteer or simply having taken a real interest in their local area. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, whether you are a long standing citizen of the town or a newcomer, if you have a desire to help make a difference, are active, interested and committed then you’ll be welcome. Marlborough Town Council has 16 seats available - 8 seats in each of two wards, East and West Marlborough. It operates as a non-political council. If you are interested in becoming a Town Councillor and would like to learn more about these and the electoral process to follow, please contact the Town Clerk, at the Council Offices, 5 High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire, SN8 1AA. Your local Town Councillor will be happy to advise you too. Contact details at: More information about the 2017 Elections is at

Comments and enquiries to the council are always welcome, you can contact us on:Tel: 01672 512487 Email: Web: Official news from Marlborough Town Council



Unlock your land’s financial potential Do you own land with potential for development? Local property and development company Thomas Mae specialise in helping people maximise the opportunities available. Kevin Ellis, Managing Director explains “Many people have land that could be used for development. Sometimes this can be part of a bigger plot, such as a large garden with an existing house; or it may be a commercial building or pub that is no longer viable. From large plots with potential for a number of houses, down to small plots that might only accommodate a single dwelling, our aim is to help you identify what is the most appropriate and to help you secure the very best price” Kevin and his team have many years’ experience in working in this area. “We work on behalf of vendors to help them navigate the many pitfalls that can occur when assessing a site. We have expertise and experience in dealing with a range of housebuilders, local regional and national, so are in a great position to advise” “Our objective is to unlock the true value of your


property. Sometimes this can make a big difference to a client’s financial security. For instance, recently we were asked to advise an elderly client looking to move from an isolated village location to the town, with more amenities within easy reach. Their house had been valued, but the valuation hadn’t considered the development potential of the site. We succeeded in achieving a sale for 50% more than this original valuation, introducing the vendor to the buyer in the process. This extra value means they will be able to afford a decent property in their desired town, which might have been difficult had they settled for the original valuation” Thomas Mae are happy to talk to anyone that is interested in finding out more about their land’s potential. “It’s really worth getting in touch for a no obligation assessment. We pride ourselves on being open and honest, and will give you our frank opinion on what can be achieved.

Many shapes and sizes of land are in demand it pays to seek advice as even plots that might seem quirky or undesirable can be surprisingly sought after” Thomas Mae can also advise on planning, and can become involved at any stage. “We have helped people who have initially been refused planning permission, as well as those that might need help submitting an application” For many people making the most of an opportunity involving land for development can be daunting, so knowing that there is a specialist service that can help you is useful. Although not an estate agent, Thomas Mae work on a similar fee basis and are driven to achieving the best price and terms for land owners. For more details or to chat about the options open to you, contact 01672 556315

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Ian Barnes Electrical Services & Testing

Electrician Mob: 07747 414493 Tel: 01672 520147 Sockets and Lighting Extensions and Rewires Fuseboard replacement Inspection, Testing and Certification Lighting design

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Inspire Me, Advise Me, Help Me

Inspire Me -Family Travel wit h Culture

I am often approached by exasperated parents seeking inspiration on travel destinations and itineraries to satisfy the needs of wide age-ranges. They sigh and shudder at the resignation of yet another ‘fly and flop’ and ‘children’s club resorts’ holiday en masse, but consider this: Imagine: your children protesting as you wake them up from their Bedouin camp slumber to witness the wonder of the Sahara sunrise on an early morning camel ride. Or their unbridled shrieks of amazement as a pod of orca breach and spy hop next to your kayak in the ancient waters of the First Nations’ Georgia Strait, Western Canada. Or exploit and employ your teenagers’ internet and social media expertise to research your next route - is it to the Taj Mahal or Jaipur’s Amber Fort? Witnessing the world’s most exciting natural and manmade wonders makes for the perfect cultural family holiday to create lifelong memories for all ages, and a far better investment than the long forgotten well-meaning Christmas toy abandoned in the corner. And, be it the Colosseum in Rome, Sydney Opera House, white horses of the Wiltshire Downs or an erupting geyser and Northern Lights display in Iceland, these experiences can thrill and inspire even the most


travel-hardened parents. Children are not driven by the guide book ‘must sees’, so do not discount destinations on these terms alone. Take them on safari in Africa, and embrace the reality that you may not tick off the Big Five due to the distraction of poking around termite mounds, or you may not complete the Buddhist temple circuit in favour of discovering your very own private beach and watching the Sri Lankan stilt fisherman until sunset. All these unexpected experiences create the adventure and broaden the mind. Today’s family culture travel market caters for all ages and budgets, offering everything from private lodges to guided cycling tours or camping under the stars. You can take cookery classes, museum tours, archaeological digs and brave the thrills and spills – dune buggies, abseiling and river rafting – that should rouse even the most recalcitrant teenager. Cuba continues to rise in popularity – a 9-day itinerary offers diversity from visiting Santa Clara, site of the last battle of the Cuban revolution, to exploring the nature trail in Topes de Collantes, swimming in waterfalls, shimmying in

a salsa class, finally arriving in Havana with its vintage American cars and famous Old Town. Or perhaps Sicily which reveals a fascinating history left behind by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Normans and Spanish civilizations. Discover it’s Baroque towns, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and savour the local delicacies and mouth-watering cuisine. For those preferring independence and flexibility, rent a villa and a car and explore the island at your own pace. Long-haul or short-haul, the options are endless and budgets need not necessarily stretch far. So, where would you like me to arrange your family holiday to this year? ‘INSPIRE me, ADVISE me, HELP me’ features travel articles written by our local travel expert, Ruth Kolish Travel Counsellor. She can be contacted on 01672 83 82 80,

or ruth.kolish to discuss any of your travel requirements.

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RUTH KOLISH, Travel Counsellor

Your personal Travel Expert Travel, tailor made for you, with care. 01672 83 82 80

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Herd Street

To Hi gh St ree

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What’s On

What’s On March 2017 Brilliant Young Pianist Recital Date: Sunday 26 February, 7.30pm Venue: St Peter’s Church Marlborough Adrian Oldland performs music by Schumann, Beethoven and Liszt. Winner of a number of international piano competitions, Adrian has performed in many different countries including Russia, Germany, Austria and Italy. He has a particular interest in the life and works of Robert Schumann.

Marlborough Onscreen Events The Sleeping Beauty Date: Tuesday 28 February, 6.30 for 7pm Venue: Marlborough Town Hall Screened LIVE from the Royal Opera House. A perennial delight and a much-loved classic, The Royal Ballet’s ‘The Sleeping Beauty’ combines the best of classical ballet, with all its charms and virtuosity, splendid music and talented dancers. With Marianela Nunez as Princess Aurora and Vadim Muntagirov as Prince Florimund. Conducted by Koen Kessels. Tickets £15 in advance available from Sound Knowledge and The White Horse Bookshop, Marlborough or online from

£17.50 on door. Licensed bar.

Marlborough Folk-Roots presents - Oysters 3

Date: Thursday 2nd March, 8pm Venue: Marlborough Town Hall, High Street, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 1AA John Jones, Alan Prosser and


Girl on the Train

Ian Telfer, the three founder members and creative heart of folk-rock legends Oysterband, invite you to an evening of acoustic performance and off-the-wall stories. This insight into their history - sometimes turbulent, often funny features great songs from every era of a unique career. Tickets £18 from 01672 512465, Sound Knowledge at Hughenden Yard, Marlborough, or online at

Ramsbury Roxy Golden Years (12A) Date: Friday 3 March, 7.15pm for 8pm Venue: Ramsbury Memorial Hall Fate, the pensions crisis and a steadfast refusal to accept the injustice of old age have contrived to force a law abiding retired couple into a life of crime. Refusing to take the loss of their pensions lying down they decide to fight and take back what was theirs in the first place. They decide to start robbing banks … Stars Alun Armstrong, Phil Davis,

Bernard Hill, Simon Callow, Sue Johnson, Una Stubbs, Virginia McKenna. Tickets £4 from Ramsbury Post Office (until 1pm on film day) or £4.50 on the door

Marlborough Onscreen Events The Girl on the Train (15) Date: Thursday 9 March, 7 for 7.30pm Venue: Marlborough Town Hall Film adaptation of the smash hit novel starring Emily Blunt, Haley Bennett, Rebecca Ferguson and Justin Theroux. Tickets £5 in advance and £6 on door. Tickets: Sound Knowledge and The White Horse Bookshop, Marlborough.

Marlborough History Society Date: Thursday 16 March, 7.30pm Venue: St Peter’s Church Marlborough Lord David Owen talks about the “Cabinet’s Finest Hour the Hidden Agenda of May 1940”.

To advertise please call 01793 791104 or email:

What’s On Ramsbury Roxy A Street Cat Named Bob (12A) Date: Friday 17 March, 7.15 for 8pm Venue: Ramsbury Memorial Hall Based on the international best selling book. The true feel good story of how James Bowen, busker and recovering drug addict, had his life transformed when he met a stray ginger cat. Tickets £4 from Ramsbury Post Office (until 1pm on film day) or £4.50 on the door

Spring Concert supporting the TLC Appeal Date: Saturday 18 March, 7.30pm Venue: St Peter’s Church Marlborough A programme for clarinet (Finzi Bagatelles and Schumann Fantasie Pieces), recorder and soprano with piano accompaniment in aid of sick children in Swindon and Salisbury. Tickets £10 including refreshments.

Marlborough Choral Society Spring Concert Date: Saturday 18 March, 7.30pm Venue: St Mary’s Church, Marlborough We will be performing John Rutter’s beautiful new work, The Gift of Life, along with two old

Marlborough Choral Society

favourites, Vivaldi’s Gloria and Handel’s Zadok the Priest. Tickets £8 (£1 for students, Under 16s free) from Sound Knowledge, choir members or on the door or phone Jane on 01672 511880. This is a joint concert with the Devizes Chamber Choir and will be performed again on Saturday 1 April at St Andrew’s Methodist/ URC Church in Devizes.

Streetcat named Bob

Annual General Meeting Date: Tuesday 21st March at 6.00pm Venue: St Peter’s Church Marlborough

Marlborough Concert Orchestra Spring Concert Date: Saturday 25 March, 7.30 Venue: St Mary’s Church Marlborough

Members of St Peter’s Trust are most welcome to attend to hear the annual report and accounts of this local charitable trust which maintains this 500year old building on behalf of the local community.

Featuring Sullivan Overture to HMS Pinafore; Vaughan Williams English Folk Song Suite (for orchestra); Beethoven Symphony No. 4; Ravel Pavane pour une Infante Defunte; Shostakovich Waltz No. 2 from Jazz Suite No. 2. £10.00 for adults/£2.00 for students. Available from Sound Knowledge, White Horse Bookshop or on the door.

Marlborough Onscreen Events ‘The Artist’s Garden: American Impressionism and the Garden Movement’ Date: Tuesday 21 March 7 for 7.30pm Venue: Marlborough Town Hall A new film based on the hugely popular exhibition from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. The story of American Impressionism is closely tied to a love of gardens and a desire to preserve nature in a rapidly urbanizing nation. Travelling to studios, gardens and treasured locations throughout the Eastern United States, UK and France, this mesmerising film is a feast for the eyes. Tickets £12 in advance and £14 on door. Tickets: Sound Knowledge and The White Horse Bookshop, Marlborough.

Marlborough Players present A Breath of Spring Date: 29 March to 1 April. 7.30pm Venue: Marlborough Town Hall A madcap comedy set in the roaring ‘20s. Tickets £10 from the White Horse Bookshop, Marlborough Or from MarlboroughPlayers. Enquiries only (no ticket sales): 07470 362723

Jumble Sale Date: Saturday 1 April, 10am – 12pm Venue: Ogbourne Primary School, Ogbourne St George, SN8 1SU Clothes, shoes, accessories, toys, books, homeware, bric-abrac, refreshments Admission 50p Raising funds for Ogbourne Primary School

Please mention Marlborough Town & Country when responding to advertisements


Community Information

Community Information These pages detail useful local numbers and community groups. If you have a group or society you would like featured here please telephone 01793 791104 or email

Local Societies and Groups Air Cadets (2293 Marlborough Squadron) Marlborough Air cadets welcome all young people aged 13-18 who are interested in Aviation and Adventure: Parade nights Tues and Fri 1900-2130 Follow us on Facebook 2293MarlboroughAirCadets Email 01672 516811 Dance Classes in Marlborough Ballroom and Latin American dance classes, and for those with no partner Dancersize sessions. Please contact Amanda on 07882-882030 or email for more info Depression Alliance The Marlborough and District SELF-HELP GROUP meets the first Tuesday of every month. If you’ve got depression, or know someone who might benefit from being part of our group, please get in touch. Call 0845 123 23 20 for location details. Stained Glass Lessons. Wed.& Thurs morning 9.30-11.30. Mon.Tues.& Wed evening 7-9. Suitable for all, learn stained glass or kiln-formed glass. Held at; Ogbourne St. George. Contact jeannette 07977 053363 or Girl Guides Meet Tuesdays during term times at Manton Village Hall 1st Marlborough Rainbows, 4.45-5.45pm, Contact 1st Marlborough Guides, 5.45-7.15pm Contact Jubilee Centre Day Centre (Mon, Tues and Fri) and Drop-in Centre (Wed and Thurs - Lunch served 12.30pm £5.00) for over sixties. For more information phone Carole Walkeron 01672 513087 Kennet Accordion Orchestra Meets on Monday night from 7.30pm, in Froxfield and has a wide playing base of players from Swindon through Marlborough to Newbury and encourage accordion players of all standards to join and enjoy a varied selection of music from pop through to classics. The current Southern Area Champions and established throughout the region for its diverse repertoire. Contact Nigel Pasby A.B.C.A.(t.d.) L.B.C.A. on 07894032757 or email For more information go to


Kennet Badminton Club A Badminton England Premier Club fielding seven teams in the Swindon and District League. The club offers friendly competitive club nights for experienced players and those keen to improve their standard of play and gain a wider range of skills. We play throughout the winter at St. John’s Academy, Marlborough. Club nights Monday evenings 7.30 – 9.30 pm, match nights Wednesday evenings 7.30 – 9.30 pm. For further information please visit the club website or contact the Kennet Badminton Club Secretary Mary Caudell on 01672 515526. Kennet Community Transport KTC runs a minibus with tail lift for people for whom normal transport is impractical. Contact the driver on 07850 356572 or Alexander Kirk Wilson on 01672 513861 Kennet Valley Driving Group RDA carriage driving for adults (16+) with physical disabilities. New volunteers and participants welcome. Sessions on Tuesday and Thursday mornings at Rockley. For more info call the Secretary, Maggie Lewis, on 0846 241 5396 or email Kennet Valley National Trust Association Monthly meetings with speakers on a variety of subjects, summer outings to interesting places and social events. For more information please call Ann King (Chair) on 01380 727130 or Rhona Wilkinson (Membership Secretary) 01380 726433 Learn To Play Bridge Lessons for Absolute Beginners & Improvers Friendly club sessions also available Marlborough Area, No Partner needed Friendly relaxed atmosphere Please contact Andy Hill for further details and availability 01380 724725 Line dancing Meet every Tuesday (except August) at St John’s School, Marlborough Class runs 7-10 pm and covers beginners through to advanced Contact Tessa on 01672 520336 or Marlborough Accordion Orchestra Rehearsals on Monday in Wesley Hall Marlborough. Training Orchestra 6.30p.m. / Main Orchestra 7.30 p.m. New and experienced players of all ages welcome. M.D. David Watson. Contact 01672 512634 Marlborough and District Link Scheme Marlborough Link is a charity dedicated to assisting the disadvantaged members of our community, whether because of age, physical or mental disability, poverty or absence of public transport.If you need us, or if you would like to help please telephone 01672 288007. Marlborough Brandt Group MBG is best known for its 30 year link with and support for the Muslim community of Gunjur in The Gambia, West Africa. If you are interested in becoming a friend, volunteering or visiting Gunjur for an extraordinary experience please contact us 01672861116, or or visit

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Newly opened, Savernake View enjoys an elevated position in the delightful and vibrant market town of Marlborough. An empathetic and compassionate care home where residents can enjoy life as their need for care increases, we offer 24-hour short and long-term nursing and residential care for the elderly, as well as those living with dementia.






Savernake View Care Home, Priory Court, Salisbury Road, Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 4FE (Sat Navs: SN8 4AB)

Community Information Marlborough Choral Society Rehearses on Monday 7.45 to 9.30pm in Christchurch, New Rd, Marlborough. New members welcome, for more information Tel 01793 812175. Marlborough Concert Orchestra Rehearsals take place on Tuesday evening at Christ Church, New Road, Marlborough, 7.30 pm Anyone wishing to join is invited to make contact with the orchestra through the website Marlborough Gardening Association Welcomes anyone with an interest in gardening. Meetings or visits most months throughout the year. For more information call Tricia Hayllar on 01672 512435, Marlborough & District Farming Club Meets every third Thursday of the month, September through to June, with a Ploughman’s Supper and a varied programme of interest to members. Meetings in Oare Village Hall 7.30 pm and four times in the winter at All Cannings. Open to anyone interested in country life Secretary Richard Strong 01672 563371 email Marlborough and District Concert Club Marlborough and District Concert Club was founded in 1980 in order to take advantage of some of the many first-class professional musical events available within coach distance of Marlborough. We arrange visits to concerts in Basingstoke, Bristol, Bath, Cheltenham, Southampton and Reading and occasionally London and Birmingham. We normally go to 11 concerts each year: orchestral, chamber music, recitals and opera. For more information call Tom Massey, 01672 516610. Marlborough and District Dyslexia Association The MDDA is a small, independent charity which has for the last 22 years supported local schools, hundreds of dyslexics and their families. Helpline 07729452143, website Marlborough and District Rotary Club Rotary is an International Organisation of professional and business people who meet every week for fellowship and service. Meetings every Monday evening at Marlborough Golf Club. For more information visit Marlborough Bowls Club Tel: 07747 833436 Secretary Mrs A. Watts 01672 511335 Outdoor season April - October. New members always welcome, coaching and advice available Monthly networking breakfasts, see for more info. Marlborough & District Lions Lions serve the local community by organising events to raise funds for local and national deserving causes. If you would like to join or need support please ring John Edmunds 01672 512650 or Karen Hilditch 01672 513282


Marlborough Floral Club. Please come and join us....we meet at 2pm the first Thursday of each month at Mildenhall Village Hall. Guest demonstrators, and the arrangements are raffled at the end of the meeting. For more info please call Wendy Jordan on 01672 520129. Marlborough Freemasons Meet once a month in the Masonic Hall in Oxford Street. Far from the myth of being a “secret” organisation, members are openly proud of their membership, and of the work that the Lodge does to support local organisations and charities. More details from Secretary Steve Aubertin on 01672 513316 or e-mail him Marlborough History Society Founded in 2001 the Society celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2011. Meetings are held at St. Peter’s at 7.30pm on the third Thursday of most months. New members are always welcome. For more information call 01672 519338. Web site: Marlborough Macular Support Group Meet on the last Thursday of every month from 1.30 to 3.30 pm in the Wesley Hall, Oxford Street, Marlborough, SN8 1AP. The meetings are open to anyone with impaired vision. Carers are welcome too. For further details please contact Linda Chapman 01672 512471 Marlborough Penguins Amateur Swimming Club. Swimming teaching/training for ages 5years to Masters. Tues/Thurs/Sun at Marlborough Leisure Centre. Please contact Alan Crook 01672 512757 for details. Marlborough Police Station Enquiry Office is now only open Tues 0900 - 1700 (closed 1245 - 1315), Weds 0900 - 1230 and Thurs 0900 - 1700 (closed 1245 - 1315). Please call in to check if your lost property has been handed in, as well as report crime, traffic collisions, produce driving documents, and much more. Marlborough Tennis Club Based at Preshute Tennis Courts.New members welcome for social and league play. Coaching for children and adults. Contact Barbara Jones 516635 Marlborough WI Meetings take place on the 1st Wednesday of every month at Wesley Hall, Oxford St from 7.30-9.30. New members very welcome. For further details call 01672 514177 Mildenhall Gardening Club - New, very informal and friendly group, currently meeting at the Horsehoe in Mildenhall on the 3rd Wednesday every month at 7.30pm. For more information contact Milly on 07876 230 540 or

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Community Information Phoenix Brass Band Rehearsals twice weekly in Froxfield. Training Band on Saturday mornings. New and experienced players of all ages welcome. Contact Musical Director David Watson 01672 515176 Pilates classes Pilates classes for all levels around the Marlborough area. Please contact Caroline McCord on 01672 511360 or 07817503546 or Angie Sanders - Classes are held in Aldbourne. 1:1 tuition available, or 01672 540176 Pottery Lessons Adults:Mon.7-9pm, or Thurs.7-9pm Children’s: Wed. 3.45-5.15. Beginners and more experienced welcome. At Wagon Yard Artists, off London Rd, Marlb. Contact Jacqui 07773 271572 or Sarsen Songmen A small male voice choir rehearsing in Aldbourne (1st, 3rd and 5th Thursdays 7.30 pm), wide repertoire including Barbershop, occasional performances in the local area. New members welcome: contact MichaelReynolds on 01672-511199. Savernake Badminton Club Savernake Badminton Club is a small friendly club that is long established and affiliated to Badminton England. We meet on Tuesday evenings between 7.00 and 9.00pm at the Sports Hall at St John’s School, Granham Hill, Marlborough. For further details telephone Roy Turner on 01672 810208 or Barbara Jones on 01672 516635 School of Tae Kwon Do (P.U.M.A.) Classes are held at Marlborough Leisure Centre on Tuesday evening (7 - 8 pm), and Friday evening (6 -7 pm), and are suitable for all ages from 7 years upward. Please phone John or Carol on 01793 850410 / 07799 566805 for further information. Scottish Country Dancing Manton Village Hall - Wednesday evenings Beginner session followed by more experienced dancers.Contact Jennifer Parker 01672 515151 St Peter’s Church Marlborough A redundant church now managed by a Trust, featuring a Coffee Shop and a Craft Shop. The church is open daily 10 am - 5 pm, except Saturdays when it opens at 9 am, and on Sundays from March to December 11 am - 4pm The church is available for hire for exhibitions, meetings, lectures and concerts. For bookings please contact David Du Croz on 01672511725 or email at T’ai Chi at Burbage Tai Chi is an excellent exercise designed to strengthen the back and improve general well-being. Open to men and women. New members and beginners are most welcome. Sessions every Thursday, 10-11am and


11.30-12.30 in Burbage Village Hall More details contact Anne on 01249 814071 or email The Friends of Savernake Hospital and the Community – A local charity helping people with health-related issues both at Savernake Hospital and in the Marlborough Community Area by providing grants of up to GBP10,000. For information on applying for a grant or on becoming a volunteer at the Friends’ Shop at Savernake Hospital, visit the Friends’ website at or contact the Friends’ Chairman, Janet Louth, on 01672 513868. The Merchant’s House This historic 17th century silk-merchant’s house at 132 High Street is being refurbished by a charitable trust. Regular lectures and concerts are held and there are opportunities for local people to work as volunteers or house guides. The House and garden are open to visitors from 1st of April to the end of October on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 10.30am-3pm and by appointment at other times. Become a ‘Friend’ and enjoy enhanced membership benefits. For more information contact Sophie Costard 01672 511491 Web site: Transition Marlborough aims to inspire and motivate people to work together, and support each other, in reducing their reliance on fossil fuels, building a stronger sense of community and so increasing our communities’ resilience. This will strengthen the local economy to create livelihoods for local people and provide a greater level of wellbeing for all. Our Hub group meets on the second Thursday of the month, usually at the Green Dragon, at 7:30pm. Do join us. For more information, contact Alexandra on 07771 347 379 email, University of the Third Age U3A provides learning and leisure opportunities in the Marlborough Area for those who are retired or semi-retired. For information on interest groups and membership please visit or email or call the Membership Secretary, Nick Swan, on 01672 519331. Watercolour Painting Classes Classes on Wednesdays 10.30am – 12.30pm and Tuesdays 7.30pm – 9.30pm With professional artist Colin Palmer at his studio in central Marlborough. Suitable for beginners and the more experienced. Call Colin on 07835 039 812 or for more details. Yoga classes for all abilities. Enjoyable Yoga classes in and around the Marlborough area. Please contact Lizzy Hawnt on 01672 841553, 07821 396 430 or e-mail Yoga for Men Tuesday evenings 7.30pm -9.15pm for all abilities including beginners at Minal Village Hall,

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YOGA Marlborough College New for 2017 Tuesday Evenings 6.15 - 7.45 pm Call Kate Wilde 07765 552454

PODIATRY CLINIC Podiatry/Chiropody & Foot Health HCPC reg.

Professional Advice Routine & Specialist Care Nail Surgery - Orthotics

01672 514581 07910 525376

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Community Information Mildenhall Please contact Jonathan Heath on 01672 513738 e.mail:

call 07855 026083. Alternatively do look at our website at

Aldbourne Village Green A voluntary organisation managing a community orchard and running a twice yearly market for local bakers, makers and growers on the Green. New volunteers and traders welcome. For details contact Lesley on 01672 540180

Manton Preschool. Based in the heart of the beautiful village of Manton our well-established friendly Preschool provides exemplary education for 2-5 year olds. We are a “Good” Ofsted setting providing Rising Fives sessions as well as healthy snacks, crafts, singing, story time, French, outdoor play and much more. For more details, please ring 01672 516675.

Parents & Toddlers

Chilton Chicks Toddler Group Join us for a variety of crafts, toys, snacks, a cuppa and a chat. New faces are always welcome. Mondays 9.30-11.30am in the Chilton Foliat Village Hall (Next to the Wheatsheaf pub). Adults £1, Toddlers £1 & under 6 months are free. Call Liz on 01488 684526 for further details. Creepy Crawlers meet Fridays 10 – 11.30am at the Scout Hut, Marlborough Tel: 01672 811495 The Corner House Children’s Centre offering information, support, advice and activity sessions to families with children 0-5 in Marlborough and the community area. George Lane Car Park Tel 01672 513010 Great Bedwyn Playgroup Ofsted Outstanding Playgroup for 2 to five year olds, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday during term-time. Toddler group for 0 - 5 years olds, every Wednesday during term-time. Sessions include crafts, snack, story and music time, and outside play area. Great Bedwyn Village Hall, Frog Lane, Great Bedwyn, near Marlborough SN8 3PB Tel. 01672 870 179 or visit Home-Start Calling all volunteer parents....Could you help make a difference for young families? Many parents need help, friendship, advice or support during those early years when children are young. Your experience as a parent can help others. For more details contact Home-Start Kennet 01672 569457 Junipers Creative and sensory play for babies to preschoolers. 01672 890829, Little Dabchicks Parent and Under 4’s group, meets Thursday mornings 9.30 - 11.30 Term time.In the Aldbourne Methodist Hall, Lottage Road Zoe - 01672 540439 Little Dragons Pre School Ogbourne St George Village Hall All children aged 2 - 5 years welcome at our well established pre-school held in a quiet village setting in Ogbourne St George. It is a warm, friendly environment where we are open Monday to Friday for mornings 9.05am to 12.05pm or 1.05pm (if staying for lunch) and all day Wednesdays until 3.05pm.For more information email or


Marlborough and District NCT We have an active group in Marlborough, with courses, events and ‘Bumps and Babes’ cafes. The cafes are an opportunity to meet other parents, grandparents and parents-to-be for a coffee and a chat. For more information contact or go to Ramsbury Parent and Toddlers meets Wednesdays 10 – 12 in the Memorial Hall Tel: 01672 520961 Sunflowers at Grafton is a Nursery & Pre school for children aged 0-5 situated in beautiful East Grafton. Open from 8am-6pm, 51 weeks each year, morning & afternoon sessions are available. Sunflowers is community run on a not-for-profit basis. For more information see or call 01672 810478


Ramsbury Surgery Tel:01672 520366 The Marlborough Surgery Tel: 01672 512187 Wiltshire Out of Hours Service Tel: 0300 111 5717


Herongate Leisure 01488 682000 Marlborough Leisure Centre 01672 513161

Local Government

Marlborough Town Council 01672 512487. See for full details of council meetings Wiltshire Council 0300 456 0100


Ogbourne St. George & St. Andrew C of E Controlled Primary School Tel: 01672 841318 St Michael’s CE Aided School, Back Lane, Tel: 01672 540434 Ramsbury Primary School Back Lane, Tel: 01672 520244 St Mary’s Infant School Tel: 01672 513101 St Peter’s Junior School Tel: 01672 513158 Preshute Primary School Tel: 01672 512754 St John’s School and Community College Tel: 01672 516156 Stepping Stones Pre-Prep School Tel: 01488 681 067

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The Avenue Day Nurseries 3 Months - 5 Years 58 Places 08:00 - 18:00 Ofsted Registered Holiday Club Breakfast Club After-School Club

Marlborough - Town Centre


2 - 5 Years 16 Places 08:00 - 18:00 Ofsted Registered

Savernake 01672 870790 Marlborough 01672 519009

Community *A person looking out for props and collecting them together? This could involve some making activity at one of the workshop days. *A steward on the day? If you are intending to come and watch, why not offer your services as one of the stewarding team? Health and safety training will be given.... and you will be fitted out with the costume of a Roman soldier. This is a crucial part that you can play whilst being able to watch the action.

The pace is starting to accelerate in all kinds of exciting ways as preparations for the Community Passion Play continue. We are very keen to have as many people from our churches and wider locality involved. Can you see a role for yourself in one of the ways below?

*An ‘extra’ or part of the crowd who may not have anything to say but will be one of the lepers, crowd or disciples at the Last Supper. We need you! Please! Enjoy the fun of being a participant in addition to watching the play * An ‘actor’ with one or maybe two lines. Be part of the Easter story. Workshops are being held at the Wesley Hall, Oxford Road, Marlborough on the following days:

*A pair of hands helping to make simple costume? This could be at home, with a small group, or at one of our workshop days.

Please come to workshop a or b as suits you best.

1a Sat 25 February When you can between 11:00 and 16:00 or 1b Sun 26 February When you can between 12:00 and 15:00 2a Sat 11 March When you can between 11:00 and 16:00 or 2b Sun 12 March When you can between 12:00 and 15:00 3a Sat 18 March From 11:00 to 16:00 or 3b Sun 19 March From 12:00 to 15:00 Rehearsals for all cast and crowd: Sunday 9th April 15:00 to 18:30 FULL DRESS REHEARSAL Saturday 15th April 14:30 to 18:30 PERFORMANCE 4pm start to 6pm close To get involved in the Passion Play email: or call: 07434 802554 More detail on our web page: Like our page on Facebook: Marlborough-CommunityPassion-Play







10 %







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28-30 Calne Business Centre, Harris Road, Portemarsh Industrial Estate, Calne, Wiltshire SN11 9PT


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28 - 30 Calne Business Centre , Harris Road, Portemarsh Industrial Estate, Calne , Wiltshire SN11 9PT



01249 823950


01249 824845


Garden Machinery Specialist • All makes of new machines • Trade-ins taken • Collection and Delivery • Spare Parts • Servicing & Repairs Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm; Saturday 9am-1pm Easy to find us, Large car park, workshop and showroom

Farncombe Farm, Baydon Road, Lambourn RG17 7BN. 01488 71333


Seasoned Hardwood Logs

Produced from locally sourced sustainable timber and delivered to you in recyclable one cubic metre bulk bags. Use straight from the bag no fuss, no mess. All logs are barn processed and stored until delivery. Softwood kindling available with your delivery. Free delivery within 15 miles of Hungerford and for multi bag orders.

Seasoned Timber Company Limited Text today for prices - 0791 7875781

The Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE) is funded by Defra and the EU. The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD): Europe investing in rural areas

Beautifully Hand Sewn Made to Measure Upholstery Service Telephone / Fax: 01672 541 263 Upham Farm, Upper Upham Aldbourne, Marlborough Wiltshire SN8 2LG Email:

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The Attachment Theory As I gazed out of the window here in Angel House this week and looked at the people of Marlborough running in and out of shop doors to avoid the rain and chatting with friends, my mind wandered to an article I read recently about The Attachment Theory and how it affects our relationships, our children and more importantly here in the Family Department of DGR Law, children of divorcing or separating parents. The theory of attachment was originally developed by John Bowlby (1907 - 1990), a British psychoanalyst who was attempting to understand the intense distress experienced by infants who had been separated from their parents. This theory was extended to adults in the 1980s by studies conducted by Ainsworth in 1991. Attachment theory shows us that a child can develop strong, secure bonds with both parents from an early age, which is important for their healthy psychological development. Recent research carried out by Family Lawyers and Child Psychologists tells us that children of divorced parents may be affected by a higher than average incidence of depression and mood disorders, and also achieve less academic success than their peers from intact families. When parents separate we often have to remind Clients of this, as a child’s attachment with one parent is often prioritised at the expense of their relationship with the other parent causing disruption and psychological stress.

Many parents misinterpret the fact that a child is distressed at Handovers as having had a terrible time with their non-resident parent when in fact the exact opposite is the case. Attachment theory suggests that a child’s distress at separation from a parent is often a sign of secure attachment, so children’s reactions during contact handovers should be interpreted in this light. There is research which suggests that children who grow up living with one parent generally wish they had a stronger relationship with the non-resident parent, and in particular as they grow older and their needs change they seem to feel the lack of practical support even more than the emotional bond. Why is she bringing this to our attention I am sure you are asking? Well, avid readers I am bringing this to light for any couples who are either thinking about separating or are having trouble with agreeing Contact. Daytime contact involving practical caring activities can be crucial in maintaining secure attachments. At DGR Law we encourage parents in our Separated Parents Programme

This article has been written with the sole purpose of highlighting that it is not only day to day distress caused to Children of separated parents but also harm to long term development.


to consider week time contact so that both parents can participate or watch after school activities or sport rather than only weekends when working parents have to catch up with home life and chores and often don’t spend enough quality time with their children. Increasingly, handovers to facilitate this can risk exposing children to interparent conflict which can be detrimental to psychological development and parents are warned to try and stay civil for the sake of the children. This article has been written with the sole purpose of highlighting that it is not only day to day distress caused to Children of separated parents but also harm to long term development. I hope any parents reading this will appreciate that a little more now. If you are experiencing any difficulties with Contact arrangements come and see us for a coffee and a free 30 min chat. Karen Salmon DGR Law 01672 511797

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Supporting you and your Family

Family and Children Matters Employment Matters Conveyancing Personal Injury Litigation Wills and Probate Clinical Negligence Dispute Resolution

Angel House | 7 High Street (behind Seasalt) Open every Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm Free Initial Consultation Call in, Phone or Email

We’re here to help you Marlborough 01672 511797

Develop Your Dog Balanced Training in Action

Behaviour consultations From aggression to separation anxiety; behaviour modification at home can help to change your dog’s behaviour and your relationship with him; remember owning a dog should be a joy...

Puppy training

Award Winning Pet Food & Accessories Shop Open: Mon to Sat 9am - 5pm

Give your puppy the best start in life; train it to be a well-mannered member of society

Gundog training classes Harness your dog’s natural abilities and channel its energy into useful behaviours, experiencing the pleasure of having a happy and well-trained dog along the way.

5 London Rd, Marlborough

01672 513 830


Jill Thorpe MGoDT 07901 651 663

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Vets4Pets Marlborough Introducing your local team of vets & nurses

4 Locally owned and run 4 Experienced pet loving team

4 Excellent clinical

facilities including in-house lab, operating theatre, digital x-ray, and separate dog and cat wards

What do our clients think? Just had a lovely visit at Vets4Pets Marlborough - approachable staff, wonderful clean waiting area, separate cat and dog levels for less stressed animals and a warm plexi-glass ‘cat-condo’ for overnight pets. Highly recommend!

Vets4Pets Marlborough Marlborough Business Park Call us: 01672 529 020 or visit: Please mention Marlborough Town & Country Opening times: 8.30am - 7pm Mon - Fri, 9am - 12 noon Satwhen responding to advertisements


Vet’s Column

Epilepsy - it happens, we can deal wit h it. Part 1 - How to recognise it Epilepsy, it is a word that can understandably cause alarm. Often witnessing a fit can be very frightening because the timing of them can be unpredictable; and because the cause is often unknown. Fits are the result of abnormal activity in the brain. As Vets, we see seizures more commonly in dogs, but cats can also suffer from fits. It can occur in any breed, although some breeds are more commonly affected. It can be passed through generations and be more common in particular families. Seizures occur when an individual is relaxed or asleep. Collapse during exercise is often due to fainting where not enough oxygen reaches the brain. Twitching, whimpering or growling when asleep (while dreaming) are twitching episodes not fits. Many pets have only a single seizure: if they have more than one seizure then they have epilepsy. Fits tend to happen in three stages. If you know what you are looking for, then they can be recognised early. 1. The first stage happens while your pet is conscious: they can become disorientated and may want to hide away, or they may seek out your company and come and sit with you. 2. The second stage begins with them becoming stiff as all the muscles tense up. They often fall onto their sides. This is followed by shaking and spasm of the muscles, which often progresses to involuntary paddling with the paws. They may lose control of their bladder and their


It is important to report any fit to and seek advice from your vet. bowels. This stage often lasts only a few minutes. 3. The final stage is the recovery phase. Some pets will get up and carry on with what they were doing. Some may appear dazed and remain disorientated for hours and they may be temporarily blind. Some may have a set pattern of behaviour, drinking water or asking to go out to the toilet. As each fit can cause damage to the brain, several fits may happen close together. It is important to report any fit to and seek advice from your vet. When reporting it, note the progress and duration of a fit, and the circumstance that preceded it. A video of the fit is always helpful. Please read next month’s edition to find out how Epilepsy is treated. DroveVets

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Drove, Your Very Local Vet

Trusted care for your pet here in Marlborough

Meet the ! Team Why Choose Us?

 Local care in Marlborough with back up from 24/7 Drove Hospital in Swindon  Full hospital care for more detailed investigations  Pet Health Club scheme that rewards your loyalty and spreads the cost  Lab and surgical facilities on site

Marlborough Veterinary Surgery 51 London Road | Marlborough | Wiltshire | SN8 2AJ Tel: 01672 512043 Fax: 01672 514746 Email:

Useful Telephone Numbers BT Fault Line Citizen’s Advice Bureau Electricity Emergencies Environment Agency Pollution Hotline Gas Emergencies Marlborough College Marlborough Leisure Centre Marlborough Parking Office Marlborough Town Hall Marlborough & District HA National Rail Enquiries NHS Direct Parentline Quitline Samaritans Water (Thames) Water (Wessex) Wiltshire Police


0800 800151 0844 375 2775 0800 072 7282

0800 80 70 60 0800 111999 01672 892200 01672 513161 01672 511818 01672 512487 01672 512163 08457 484950 0845 46 47 0808 800 2222 0800 002200 08457 90 90 90 0845 920 0800 0845 600 4600 101

Disclaimer Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of material in this publication, the editor can accept no responsibility for the veracity of claims made by contributors in either editorial or advertising content. Errors and omissions excepted. Copyright All text, images and design are subject to copyright. Any unauthorised duplication is strictly prohibited.

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01793 213021

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