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Donor Report The impact of your support SPR I NG 2022

2021 Fundraising Review Total raised

£2,384,000 6%

Past parents


61% Current parents


Our donors

27% OMs


Charitable Organisations


Common Room

Raised per fund

3.7% Norwood Hall

90.3% Bursaries

4.7% Greatest Needs

1.1% Other 0.2% Science & Innovation

By region

82% United Kingdom

4.2% Europe

2.5% North America

10.2% Asia

0.4% Australia 0.7% Africa 2

Donor Report 2022

“Thanks to your generosity, and the support of the College, there are now 30 pupils here on a full bursary who would otherwise have been unable to attend Marlborough.”

Thank you from the Chairman As an OM, current parent, donor, and member of Council, I have a long and close association with Marlborough and am grateful to become the new Chairman of the Foundation. I would like to thank the previous Chairman, Professor Sir John Bell, not only for his support to the College and the Foundation but also for his extraordinary service to world health since, as many of you will know, he played a pivotal role in the development of the Oxford vaccine.

nearly 300 Old Marlburians, parents, colleagues, and friends chose to make a gift to Marlborough. Thanks to your generosity, and the support of the College, there are now 30 pupils here on a full bursary who would otherwise have been unable to attend Marlborough. Such support for young people and their families is arguably more important than ever before, and the Foundation is excited about the College’s ambitious plans for further increasing the number of bursaries.

Of course, in 2021 we were still in the midst of the pandemic. It was a difficult year for many people, which is why it is so heartening that

Over the following pages, you will be able to see just some of the impact your donations have had on the Marlburian community. There are

undoubtedly many more stories to be written and lives that will be changed for the better, and we look forward to sharing them with you. On behalf of all the Trustees, thank you for your support in 2021. Please do everything you can to encourage others to support the Foundation’s aim to make Marlborough a leading charitable school by giving less fortunate children the chance to receive an inspiring education.

Tim Martin-Jenkins (B3 1961-65)

Donor Report 2022


The experience of a bursary Ollie England (CO 2018-20) reflects how he has benefitted from a bursary at the College. Gavin Tan (B2 1981-85) (overleaf) has now offered him a lifechanging internship in Singapore. At first, I didn’t know whether I’d fit in at Marlborough, but I soon realised that, like me, everyone wanted to make the most of their time here. Everyone strives for excellence, and it was refreshing to be pushed by my peers as well as my teachers. Now in my second year at Durham University studying Engineering, I can really appreciate the positive impact of being given the chance to study at Marlborough. Despite the pandemic prematurely bringing my time at Marlborough to a close, I'll treasure

“Now in my second year at Durham University studying Engineering, I really appreciate the positive impact of being given the chance to study at Marlborough.” 4

Donor Report 2022

every moment for the rest of my life. Now I have become part of the Old Marlburian community, Marlborough has become a part of my identity. Once travel restrictions ease, I’m looking forward to my internship in Singapore through Gavin Tan (B2 1981-85) and the Caroline NG Yoot Koon Award, marking the next stage in my professional development. Before Marlborough, I wouldn’t have dreamt of an opportunity like this, and I will be forever grateful to the College and to Mr Tan.

I’ve benefitted greatly from my bursary, the guidance from my teachers, and the lifelong connections that I’ve made. In the future, I hope to one day give back to the school that helped me so much and help people like me go to Marlborough, regardless of their financial situation.

Ollie England (CO 2018-20)

Supporting our community From the moment that our children join Marlborough College, we become a vital part of the Marlburian community. As Marlburian parents, we offer an immensely useful resource for pupils, and by coming together, our support – whether the giving of time or money – can enrich the lives of all pupils at Marlborough.

“With over 1,500 Marlburian parents, we can, as a community, make a real difference by offering internships, work experience, careers talks or mentoring to current pupils.”

To find out how you can offer work experience, internships, or mentoring, please get in touch.

As a result of the pandemic, the current outlook for pupils leaving Marlborough is uncertain, which is why giving time and advice is more important than ever. With over 1,500 Marlburian parents, we can, as a community, make a real difference by offering internships, work experience, careers talks or mentoring to current pupils. I have set up an internship programme at my business in Singapore, in memory of my mother, to provide an opportunity for Marlburians to broaden their horizons. I already know that Ollie England, one of the first interns, will provide a new perspective and that we will both benefit from his time with us. I want this programme to be open to all Marlburians, regardless of their financial resources, and so I was happy to provide the funding for their flights ensuring that all Marlburians could apply free from financial concerns. Of course, there are many young people who sadly cannot afford to attend the College in the first place and are unable to access the tremendous opportunities

that are available at Marlborough. We know that a bursary offers a life-changing opportunity to the individual pupil. However, as a parent, I also feel strongly that our children will benefit immensely from being part of a more diverse community (socially, ethnically, culturally and internationally) that is more representative of the society they will go on to live and work in. I know that many other current parents share my view of the importance of bursaries because at the end of last year, three-quarters of Shell parents joined me in gifting part of their deposit to the Bursary Fund. Together we raised over £150,000 which will give a number of young people an amazing start in life. If, as parents, we can also use our advice and experience to support their future, then we really will have made a difference.

Gavin Tan (B2 1981-85)

Donor Report 2022


Catering provision transformed by Food Entrepreneur Last year, Old Marlburian, Piers Buck (CO 1987-91), made a generous donation to improve the food offering in Norwood Hall. Piers has a huge passion for food which started whilst at Marlborough and has resulted in the founding of his successful Little Freddie food company. During the pandemic, the food provision across campus had to change dramatically, and one of the most popular changes was the introduction of sandwiches and light lunches available to takeaway. However, without the facilities to produce them on-site, the College had to rely on pre-packed sandwiches, salads and pasta pots. The donation from Piers has enabled the College to create a new, bespoke chilled deli preparation room with additional workspace and a walk-in fridge. This has allowed the Catering

“Thanks to this donation, I’ve been able to work with the Food Forum to re-design Marlborough’s catering offer which has been hugely appreciated by the entire pupil body. The quality of Marlborough’s catering has soared, and everyone who dines at Norwood has options to suit their tastes.” Tilly Norman (MM U6)


Donor Report 2022

Team to redesign the menu to include healthier deli-style sandwiches, salads and light lunches. The new dishes have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from pupils and staff. Piers said “I was delighted to be able to support the new food provision in Norwood Hall, which I remember well from my time at Marlborough. I am passionate about engaging young people with food and ensuring they have access to healthy choices.” To support pupil engagement with food further, the donation from Piers is also funding a new International Food Festival which is taking place at the College this summer.

Science and innovation inspiring pupils One of our ambitions for the Beko Innovation Centre was to use it as part of the College’s growing outreach and partnership work. It was therefore really exciting to welcome 22 pupils from Broad Hinton Church of England Primary School in February. Community outreach is an important part of life at Marlborough and it aims to continue a pupil’s education beyond the classroom. The motto for outreach is ‘Enriching Lives Through Service’ and many of our pupils volunteer each week in community activities. STEM-based education teaches children far more than science, technology, engineering and mathematical concepts. With a focus on hands-on learning and real-world applications it develops life-long skills such as curiosity, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, communication and collaboration. We are the only UK partner school of the Young Guru Academy, a non-

profit organisation based in Turkey, who are behind the Twin Science Kits. Our Sixth Formers have been using these kits at Broad Hinton Church of England Primary School as part of a 10-week programme. Activities are based around the UN's Sustainable Development goals, and they encourage pupils to solve problems. One recent activity, based on how technology can be used to improve people’s lives, involved the visiting children designing and making a robotic hand. Speaking of the STEM partnership with Marlborough College, Headmaster Mrs Elizabeth Lloyd said: “This was a fantastic opportunity to develop scientific knowledge alongside other

pupils. The partnership work is really important to us and the opportunity to come here is particularly valuable as it gives the pupils access to equipment, and to be able to carry out practical work, that we could not do back at school. “It also encourages them to think about what they might like to do in the future. We have one young man I can see as an engineer. This work has really caught his imagination and raised his educational aspirations.” We plan to expand the number of primary school science projects, and to use the facilities of the Innovation Centre to inspire the next generation of socially responsible engineers and scientists.

Donor Report 2022


Leave your legacy Have you considered making a bequest to Marlborough? Supporting the College with a gift in your Will can play a significant role in shaping the future of the school. Legacy gifts to our Bursary Endowment Fund will enable this protected fund to grow. Income from the invested funds will provide a constant stream of bursaries in perpetuity that will change the lives of future generations of Marlborough pupils. Gifts of all sizes are very welcome and there are tax advantages for giving to charity in this way. We recognise those who support us with membership of the 1843 Society, which meets at a number of special events throughout the year, hosted by the Master. For more information, contact Jan Perrins on 01672 892439.

If you would like to find out more about how you can help us achieve our Bursary ambitions and widen access to Marlborough, please contact us. Development Office, Marlborough College, Wiltshire SN8 1PA Telephone 01672 892439 email