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Iowa Bicyclist Spring 2011


Bike to Work Week: May 16 through 20

High Trestle Trail Grand Opening: April 30

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Advocacy News The Iowa Bicycle Coalition builds partnerships, educates Iowans, and helps to establish safe and enjoyable bicycle transportation and recreation networks throughout Iowa. The 2011 Top Five Campaigns for the Iowa Bicycle Coalition: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Safe Routes to School Mainstreaming alternative transportation Bicycle and traffic safety education Monitoring legislation and government Complete streets education

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Lisa Hein - President Forrest Ridgway - Vice President Jeri Neal - Secretary Joe Connolly - Treasurer Steve Schurtz Stephen Schnitker Cassandra Kessler Charlie Smith Kay Snopek Tim Nelson STAFF Mark Wyatt Executive Director Jayne McGuire Safe Routes To School Director Heather Stoltzfus Development Coordinator Audrey Wiedemeier Iowa Goes By Bicycle Coordinator

By Mark Wyatt - It's been a very busy couple of months at the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. We finished January with the Iowa Bicycle Summit, then off to the National Bike Summit, the Winning Campaigns Workshop, and head first into Safe Routes to School workshops and the Iowa Goes By Bicycle Program. The Iowa Bicycle Summit was a huge success with over 75 people attending the bicycle facility design workshop, over 100 at the Saturday sessions, and 250 at the Ride Right Meeting. Then 850 people came out to the RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party helping the Iowa Bicycle Coalition raise $23,000. Thanks to everyone that came out and enjoyed the event and conference. I think we can do even more next year. There is a report later in the newsletter about the National Bike Summit. We had great support from Trek Bicycles who helped retailers come to Washington, D.C. to explain the economic considerations of bicycling. So far, bicycling has not been cut from transportation funding and we are watching it very closely. We have 10 Safe Routes To School workshops scheduled this spring. We will be in Keokuk, Woodbine, Carroll, Waverly, Fairfield, Vinton, Mt. Pleasant, and more. We are really looking forward to the momentum that these communities seeing on Safe Routes to School programming and infrastructure. Finally, we are working hard on the Iowa Goes By Bicycle campaign. We are working hard to put 1,000 new bicyclists on bikes and encourage them to ride over 200 miles this summer. Wellmark has helped us get started on this program and we are finding new partners to help with the program. It is getting exciting and we are looking forward to the kickoff at the beginning of May. You will get a guide that will give you more information. It is good to be so busy and we are really looking forward to more people bicycling!

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September 29 - October 2

Three-day, hotel-based bicycle tour in Waterloo, Iowa Limited to 50 participants. Register soon at

Successful National Bike Summit for Iowa A record number of Iowa attendees to National Bike Summit attendees took Washington storm. Brian Walsh of Free Flight in Dubuque, Tyler Bickel of Bikel's Bicycle and Fitness in Burlington, Justin Bushlong of Burlington, Bob Oppliger from the Bicyclists Iowa City, and Mark Wyatt of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition were among the 800 delegates representing bicycling issues. With great support of Trek Bicycles over the past two years, the bicycle dealers have made their presence known on Capitol Hill. Just in time too, because the message this year was all about jobs.

Iowa Delegates meet with Congressman Loebsack at the National Bike Summit. “There are almost 50 other organizations meeting with members of congress during the week of the National Bike Summit. The power is held by those who simply show up.” John Burke, CEO of Trek Bicycles

A briefing prior to the lobby day reminded delegates that relationships were important and someone on each congressional staff will be the bike person. That was exactly the case with the first meeting with Congressman Braley's office. We met with Todd Wulf – a high school classmate of Brian Walsh. Todd is specially assigned bicycling issues in the Braley office because he used to work at a bike shop on Sundays in Washington. He is a car-free bike commuter. He offered the support of Congressman Braley on bicycle issues. The next meeting was just as productive with Congressman Dave Loebsack's office. Normally, National Bike Summit delegations meet with congressional staffers and not the member of

congress. But this year, we were meeting in person with Congressman Loebsack and he was excited to talk about bicycling. He wanted to discuss his plans to ride part of RAGBRAI and new efforts to establish a bicycle safety partnership in the Iowa Second Congressional District. Loebsack spoke about his experiences as a bicyclist from his college days in Davis, California to riding his entire district for his first campaign. The delegation reported additional success in Senator Harkin's office, meeting with Chief of Staff Richard Bender. Brian Walsh described the staff at Senator Grassley's office as neutral, but we have enjoyed great support from Senator Grassely in

the past. Brian Walsh also noted critical missing meetings in districts of Congressman Latham and King. Latham is chair of the transportation appropriations committee and is a important figure to keeping bicycling and walking projects funded. If you are from either district and wish to attend the National Bike Summit in 2012, please connect with the Iowa Bicycle Coalition.

Community Importance in Funding Safe Routes to School Programs by Sophie Borchers Safe Routes to School (SRTS) programs have been of growing interest to individuals and communities alike. Today 90% of youth are driven or ride the bus to school. This staggering percentage accounts for 27% of all morning traffic, a significant change from just a few decades ago when the primary mode of transportation for kids was walking or bicycling to school (Iowa Department of Transportation).

City of Keokuk to build and rebuild sidewalks and crosswalks City of Cedar Rapids use infrastructure funds to build and rebuild sidewalks and crosswalks City of Dubuque to add speed zone beacons, high-visibility crosswalks and strobe pedestrian crossing devices to a new crossing.

The following programs have received funding this year: Northeast Iowa Food and Fitness to develop, implement and evaluate a regional SRTS model. The City of Mediapolis to prepare a SRTS Plan. Cerro Gordo County Department of Public Health in Mason City, IA Walking School Bus Whittier Elementary School in Clinton, IA. establish a walking school bus. The City of Spencer to improve sidewalks and approaches and crossings.

City of West Branch used funding to create trails and sidewalks. Although Iowa’s Department of Transportation already sets aside funds every year with 70%-90% of DOT funds designated for infrastructure development, and 10%-30% to the non-infrastructure development the funding provided is insignificant in comparison to the amount requested. For more information visit Iowa’s Department of Transportation website ( and see the Safe Routes to School Program and Grant information. You may also visit the Iowa Bicycle Coalition’s website to learn more about this program and how to get involved at

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NAME THAT TRAIL ON FACEBOOK The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has a “Name That Trail” contest on Facebook. Usually, someone answers correctly right away. This trail has some people stumped. Place your guess

Inviting Experienced Cyclist to Help Spread The Word About The Iowa Goes By Bicycle Challenge We all know someone intrigued by our love for bicycling. They're impressed by quick jaunts to the store, the amount of groceries that nicely load onto racks, the ease of physical activity, or a dedicated bike to work commute. What ever the reason, we all know that one person who wants to ride more and should bike more, but needs a little motivation to get them going. The Iowa Goes By Bicycle Challenge is the perfect program for them. Forming teams and creating a bit of friendly competition in the workplace is also a great way to boost employee moral and promote bicycling as a simple and accessible form of transportation and recreation. We are asking our fellow bicyclist to spread the word about the Iowa Goes By Bicycle Campaign and take a little extra time to serve as a “bicycle mentor” to one person who could use the help getting back in the saddle. As devoted bicyclists it is sometimes easy to forget that the idea of bicycling might seem intimidating to someone who has never done it or hasn't ridden since their youth. Maybe you know someone who's just lazy and needs you to politely suggest (most likely over and over again) some simply of going by bicycle every once in a while. Participants can win some top-of-the-line bicycle gear from our wonderful sponsors just for riding a bicycle and logging the minutes. Is there someone who supported you? Help someone else make the transition to a healthier lifestyle by suggesting they sign-up for the Iowa Goes By Bicycle Challenge and by being a bicycle mentor to just one person. Examples for how you can show novice bicyclists the ropes and help build their cycling confidence. - Go with them to test ride bicycles to be sure they find the right size bike -help them find a comfortable route to work – encourage commuting by bike once a week - Ride behind them on the street with moderate traffic flow -Loading up their bicycle on the bus - Offer some riding tips and techniques while on a leisurely ride - Offer suggestions for quality bicycling gear that fits their style and riding purpose remember, they may not be the spandex type.

Iowa Bicyclist April 2011  

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