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MAY 2014

Iowa Bicyclists Set Sights On The National Bike Challenge This summer, the National Bike Challenge is uniting 50,000 riders from across the country to ride 30 million miles. The National Bike Challenge is a fun, free, game-changing challenge where bicyclists log their miles they ride online. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is calling upon people who ride bikes in Iowa to participate. “We know we are a top state for Bicycling. This contest gives Iowa a chance to prove

it.” says Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. In previous challenges, Iowa has placed within the top 10 of US states. Wyatt adds, “we are so close to the other states. We just need more participants logging their miles.”

In just three years, the Challenge has helped support thousands of bicyclists -- new Logging miles has never and old -- to make every mile been easier. All you need to count! We invite you to join do is ride your bike. When us by creating a team, earnyou are done, visit ing badges winning prizes

Legislative Bike Ride Success

On April 1, 2014, the Iowa Bicycle Coalition held the first Legislative Bike Ride at the Iowa Capitol. During the day, Bike Country and Bike World brought bikes for legislators to demo on the West Terrace. In the afternoon, a bike ride was held. No legislators attended the ride but many bike supporters came and visited with bike riders.

June 28 BACooN Ride Tops 1,800 Riders

As the weather becomes warmer, interest in the BACooN Ride is sizzling. Over 1,800 riders have signed up. Commemorative stainless steel pint glasses were offered to the first 2,000 riders and only 200 remain. To become a participant, visit and register. CONTINUED ON PAGE 2, log into your account, and log the miles you have ridden. If you have a smartphone, you can use Endomondo, Map My Ride, or Moves to synchronize your rides on the challenge.

and sharing your accomplishments. It’s never too soon or too late to join. Ride your bike for fun, to work, on the trail—anytime you can. Keep track of your days and miles on their new and improved website platform, or choose from a number of mobile apps to do it for you. Join us at!

Iowa Elementary Schools Participating in National Challenge to Increase Bicycling to School The Iowa Safe Routes to School program is encouraging schools across the state of Iowa to participate in International Bike to School Day on Wednesday, May 7th. Walking or biking to school is an easy way to promote physical activity and to aid in the reduction of childhood obesity. Last year 27 Iowa schools held a bike to school day. The goal in 2014 is for 75 schools to participate in International Bike to School Day. Participating in Walk to School Day introduces children to the physical, social, and environmental benefits of walking or biking to school, increases school spirit and fosters a sense of community. Registration is easy and an event can be planned in less than seven

days! Assistance from the Iowa Safe Routes to School Program is available. If schools would like to participate, register your event at the International Bike to School website: http://www.walkbiketoschool. org/ Registration will give your school access to free resources for your event in addition to freebies from the Iowa Safe Routes to School program. If you have any questions about Walk to School Day please contact Alana Croco, Safe Routes to School Director at the Iowa Bicycle Coalition, at 319-430-7473 or alana@iowabicyclecoalition. org

BACON CONTINUED "This ride captures everything riders are looking for," says Mark Wyatt, executive director of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition. "Fun people, 71 miles of flat trails, a looped route, overnight camping in Waukee, and the sizzle of bacon specialty foods. People are hungry for a ride like this."

Center are getting ready for the big ride. "These towns understand the impact of bicycling," says TJ Juskiewicz, director of RAGBRAI. "These communities will leave a good taste in riders mouths. Riders will be coming back all summer because they have so much fun on this ride." The Bacoon Ride is supported by the generosity of sponsors, including Des Moines Bacon Company, Pearl Vodka, Raccoon River Trail Association, Iowa Spring, City of Waukee, Voss Distributing LLC, Micky's Irish Pub Waukee, Iowa Egg Council, and Reynolds & Reynolds Insurance. Sponsor opportunities remain and more information can be obtained at

Riders will receive a t-shirt, bacon wristband, and a passPORK gaining them access to events and free food along the trail. Brooks Reynolds, Chief Bacon Officer from the Iowa Bacon Board and event organizer describes the food offerings as "everything from BLT sliders to Bacon Ice Cream Treats. We like to think of this as the Blue Ribbon Bacon Registration is $45 per rider and will increase after May 1 to $55 and June 1 to Festival that moves." $60 without merchandise. There will be The communities of Waukee, Adel, no day of ride registration. Find more Redfield, Linden, Panora, Yale, Herndon, information at Jamaica, Perry, Minburn, and Dallas

IBC Sponsored Events: May 17 New Bo Bike Swap [Cedar Rapids]

August 31 Gran Gable Fondo [Iowa City/Coralville]

May 24 Confluence Brewery Bike Tour [Des Moines]

January 23, 2015 Iowa Bicycle Summit [Des Moines]

June 7 Tour De Cure [Clive]

January 24, 2015 Iowa Bike Expo [Des Moines]

June 21 Biking Bondu [Bondurant]

January 24, 2015 RAGBRAI Route Announcement Party [Des Moines]

June 28 Bacoon Ride [Waukee]

February 7, 2015 BRR [Perry]

June 28 Tour De Cure [Coralville]

April 7, 2015 Legislative Bike Ride [Des Moines]

July 19 Visit our booth at the RAGBRAI Expo [Rock Valley]


New Membership Coordinator at the Iowa Bicycle Coalition The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is pleased to introduce their new Membership Coordinator, Ali Winn. Ali graduated from the University of Iowa in August 2012 with a BA in Communication Studies and is excited about this new opportunity ahead of her. When asked what she's looking forward to, Ali answered, "I am most excited to learn about the current members and what motivates them to bike. I think understanding why they joined will help me encourage others." As the Membership Coordinator, Ali will be focusing on maintaining and growing the current membership base. Two of her main goals will be increasing awareness of the Iowa Bicycle Coalition and reevaluating the current membership system. "I would like to add to and alter our current membership," Ali explained," how I am going to do that has yet to be decided, however, the brainstorming has begun." Mark Wyatt, the Executive Director, added, "I think there's a lot of potential to increase the amount of people interested in our organization and I am excited to see where Ali takes this position."

Von Ketelsen IBC Board


The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is excited to announce Von Ketelsen has joined the board of directors. Von is a long time radio journalist currently working with the Carroll Broadcasting Company as the Farm Broadcaster. Von originally hails from Marion and attended Iowa State University. Welcome Von!

IBC Member Tips: Bicycling in the Rain Iowa’s weather patterns are ever changing. Most Iowa bicyclists have a keen eye for weather. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition surveyed members to find out what the top tips for bicycling in the rain are. Some members advise to avoid riding the rain at all costs. Others say go ahead and ride in the rain, but remember three important tips: 1. Stay visible, 2. Choose good rain gear, 3. Use caution on slick surfaces.

increased stopping distances, and increase your turn radius when riding in the rain. Roads can be slick and oily following rain. Metal surfaces like drain covers and railroad tracks can be especially slippery. Roadway paint can also become slick enough to cause a crash, so avoid painted surfaces. What About My Phone?

Stay Visible The number one tip from Iowa bicyclists is to be visible while riding in the rain. Headlights and taillights are highly recommended and may be required by law in reduced visibility situations. Bicyclists should consider the color of their clothing and choose bright colors for rain gear.

Choose Good Rain Gear Iowa Bicyclists are not particular about the brand or price of rain gear, but they choose rain gear based upon the ability to keep you dry and breathable materials. One bicyclist recommended a “top notch vented rain jacket with a hood, good rain pants and then some shoe covers that have a long upper that tucks up under your rain pants. With that three-part combo, you can stay dry for hours.”

be wet from rain or sweat, so beware not to develop hypothermia. Cotton fabrics tend to hold moisture and stay cold. Synthetic fabrics or wool are recommended clothing choices instead of cotton.

Most riders carry expensive electronics like phones, cameras, and GPS devices. Many retailers sell waterproof cases. The number one recommendation for protecting your electronics is a ziplock baggie. Conclusion

If you choose to ride your bicycle in the rain or you just can’t avoid it, remember three tips: 1. Stay visible, 2. Choose good rain gear, 3. Many riders also recom- Use caution on slick surfacmend fenders. Most Iowa es. If there is lightning or the bicyclists do not enjoy the rain is falling so hard you spray of water from the road might not be seen on the or the gritty stripe that road, take shelter. It is adorns your backside after better to be safe than sorry. riding in the rain fenderless. After your ride, don’t forget to clean and lube your Use Caution on Slick bicycle. Surfaces

Many of the survey responses mentioned eye protection. Being able to see is just as important as being seen. Glasses with clear lenses were recommended. Many bicyclists also recommend wearing a billed hat to keep the falling rain out of Many Iowa bicyclists said your eyes and off your staying warm is a key to Iowa bicyclists recommend glasses. riding in the rain. You may slowing down, planning for

Tour de Pattee Weekday Cycling Retreat $99/room Valid Sunday - Thursday. ($149 value)

-Classic Guest Room Single or Double Occupancy -1 Day Pass to Raccoon River Valley Trail -Indoor Bike Storage -Full Service Restaurant and Bar on site. Outside Dining also available! -Complimentary "Starting Line Reception" which includes Beer, Wine and Cheese! IOWA BICYCLIST | PAGE 3

Iowa Bicycle Coalition Staff Reports Safe Routes to School Alana Croco

Executive Director Mark Wyatt Work continues on the Iowa DOT’s Bike and Pedestrian Plan. There are two steer committees, one policy committee and one technical committee. The Iowa Bicycle Coalition is represented on the policy committee. The plan consultant, Toole Design, has been peeling back the layers of processes that go into making a bicycle facility. Ultimately, those processes will be better adapted on including bike facilities into the Iowa DOT. Your membership support allows the Iowa Bicycle Coalition to have representatives at each meeting and assure this plan will be good for people in Iowa that ride bikes. The final plan will be released this year. There will be a full input process. Expect a notification to give your input on the final plan.

The Iowa Safe Routes to School Program is heading into one busy bicycling month, May 2014. The schedule is almost completely booked with rodeo and educational events across the state of Iowa to help teach your children how to become better pedestrians and bicyclists. We're wrapping up our first state wide walking and biking challenge across the state. Geopalz Pedometers so graciously donated 5 pedometers and we were able to purchase 15 fitbit flex pedometers to give away as prizes to the 20 children who walked the most. Winners will be announced towards the end of May! We're also promoting international Bike to School on May 7th-- though you can host your bike to school event any day throughout the month of May. Register at, email to receive incentives for students participating in your event!

Membership Ali Winn Reevaluation of the current membership system has begun to increasing membership and funding for IBC programs, outreach, and advocacy. We sent out a survey asking for input on the changes we are considering. The two major changes being discussed are implementing a membership level system and offering premiums based on that system. These are in response to what other successful bicycle advocacy groups are doing across the country. We know you join because you support our mission, not because you want tangible items in return. There has been discussion about ways you can decline anything tangible associated with your membership. We are excited to roll our new membership program and hope it will encourage others to join our cause and help make Iowa the #1 Bike Friendly State in the Nation!

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