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ISUS Virtual Language Training Quick Presentation

Who are we? ISUS ispeakuspeak are pioneers of an award-winning online platform that connects language learners with top trainers around the world, creates individually tailored programs, and offers enough flexibility and technical wizardry to make learning a language a fun, engaging and highly effective experience. Big companies like IBM, Siemens, Deloitte and others, have been using the platform behind ISUS for some time now. We are now training people in more than 10 languages, from beginner to advanced levels, in more than 85 countries around the world delivering over 30,000 sessions a month.

Who are out trainers? ISUS trainers are based in more than 50 countries around the world (like the UK, USA, Canada, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and even New Zealand). They’re all native speakers, with official teaching qualifications and certification in our very own systems and language learning methodology. Most important of all though, they’re chosen for their enthusiasm, passion and ability to get their students fired-up about learning!

How it works

What do we believe? Some people will tell you technology is the answer. Others stick by the classic tradition of the classroom. We're not convinced by either approach. In fact, through our experience with thousands of language learners around the world, we've seen the secret is to take the best of both worlds. We call it the 'perfect mix of man and machine' - the power and flexibility web 2.0 technologies with the guidance, motivation, and personal attention of your very own dedicated trainer!

What's our secret ingredient? At the end of the day, this all comes down to one very special but rather elusive gift: confidence. Confidence feels good. Confidence is motivating. And confidence is key to stepping out of your comfort zone and communicating effectively in another language. Grammar, vocabulary and other technical aspects all have their place, but only after you've begun communicating actively. This way you'll have the presence, experience and inside tricks to make it happen, whether it be in an important meeting, making contact and networking or recovering your lost luggage at the airport.


What types of training courses? VIRTUAL SELF STUDY Virtual eLearning is via a Digital Learning Platform Tool for self-study. Containing grammar, reading, listening, writing and speaking activities. Recommended 2 hours of self study per week (8 hours per month)


Virtual Group Training Sessions for min 4-8 max students and delivered in a virtual classroom. Each session is 3 hours (12 hours per month) 90 mins online preparation activities via self study platform 60 mins with the trainer in the virtual classroom (4 hours per month) 30 mins consolidation activities via self study platform

VIRTUAL ONE TO ONE Virtual One to One Training 1:1 lessons with personal trainers delivered over the phone. Each session is 2,5 hours (10 hours per month) 90 mins online preparation activities via self study platform 30 mins with the trainer via skype or the telephone or via webchat 30 mins consolidation activities via self study platform

Virtual One to One  100% Flexibility  Maximize attendance  Proven Results  15 global interface languages  Automatic time zone management

 Compatible with traditional phone, online with VoIP, and even by mobile*

* supplements apply for mobile calling plans

Virtual Groups  Groups of 4-8 participants  4 X 1-hour sessions / month (with X2 or X8 as an alternative)  True multi-stream VoIP audio  High-definition video option  Telephone dial-in option  PC, Mac, and mobile apps  Languages EN, ES, FR DE & IT  Certified alignment with CEFR

Self Study On-Line Self study programmed on-line activities from A1-C2 that cover all key learning areas from grammar & vocabulary to comprehension & writing. ISUS Magazine provides additional support and study opportunities With powerful ‘mashup’ activities, links with up-to-the-minute content developed by the ISUs team. Activities from across the web, including video, news, podcasts, and journals, opening-up billions of exciting learning opportunities!

This is real language, in real time!

Who’s using it?

Find your voice with ispeakuspeak! Anytime, Anyplace flexibility - Top trainers - Guaranteed quality - Personalised programs - Real language, real-time - Needs Driven & Open Source - ‘Blended Learning’ enabled - Individual feedback - Intuitive design Multiple languages - Built for Business - No Software or Setup - Dramatic Results - Unprecedented ROI

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Isus quick v1310np  

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