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How to increase your application performance? When it comes to determining the application performance and availability, there are three commonly observed metrics used by organizations worldwide: End to end performance management, Application availability and Monitoring tools. Therefore, it is important to know the application predominance for the end-user along with the response time. The end to end performance monitoring tools help to tie up the end-user performance with IT infrastructure. The end-user transaction time allows network experts to analyze the behavior of applications, networks, and servers. The first step is to make strategic decisions, such as how to optimize the network, plan new infrastructure, and identify the severity and occurrence of problems. For example, end-to-end performance monitoring enables the network professionals to decide for the network optimization and application-acceleration technologies that are required the most. End-to-end application response time monitoring with Tevron’s CitraTest APM delivers the best services to the end users and also provides the best overall view of what is happening on the network. Through the deployment of CitraTest APM, IT Managers can actively monitor the End To End performance of every application that is accessible from Windows based PC including Thick Client, Citrix, Terminal Services, and all Web based applications. Most important is that the end to end performance metrics are based on the Real User Experience and not a replicated session. No other APM solution available in the market today offers support for every application through a single license solution. It also monitors all the TCP application packets from the network and measures network round trip time, server response time, data transfer time, and much more. The product uses a combination of hardware with embedded software to emulate networks of an IT infrastructure for application testing for application performance troubleshooting on live networks. TRADEMARKS Tevron, the Tevron logo, and CitraTest are registered trademarks of Tevron, LLC. All other product references herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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How to increase your application performance?  

It is important to know the application predominance for the end-user along with the response time.Through this document you will notice how...

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