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Contact: Mark Alexander Tevron, LLC 978.441.9850

AcuTest, the industry’s most accurate automated testing solution for Windows applications. AcuTest is the only single license, integrated solution for conducting performance benchmarking and compatibility, functional, regression and latency testing across all Windows based applications, environments and browsers. Chelmsford, Massachusetts, July 9, 2001 – Tevron, LLC today announced its next generation AcuTest software solution. AcuTest, a revolutionary new automated testing solution is virtually non-invasive, providing uncompromised testing accuracy in one single, integrated approach for all enterprises, ASPs, ISVs and e-Business users. Because AcuTest does not in any way modify the operating system under test (SUT), users are assured an industry first in testing reliability and ease of use, resulting in customer satisfaction by saving time and money and maximizing return on testing resources. AcuTest introduces a uniquely small footprint on the SUT because it installs and references only one DLL. AcuTest supports all environments in one single product solution license and is therefore compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and Millennium (Windows ME) and does not in any way modify the operating system of the system under test (SUT). AcuTest operates with all browsers, including AOL, Microsoft, Netscape, Lotus Notes, Java, SAP, Oracle, etc. and all custom controls. “Because it is virtually non-invasive and uses an new “image verification” process, AcuTest functions across all Windows applications, environments and all browsers with the support of only one license instead of the many required by other testing tools,” says Richard Byrne, Chief Technology Officer of Tevron, LLC. “This means our users invest in a single solution yielding faster time to market and better economic advantage.” - more Tevron, LLC

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AcuTest’s new “image verification” methodology allows it to remain a background operation that generates real mouse activity and keyboard strokes, creating a real user experience by detecting, evaluating, measuring and responding to images on the screen. AcuTest recognizes and evaluates the targeted Windows application’s response during test script playback by comparing the application’s display to images stored in a user-created baseline. By issuing standard keyboard and mouse events to the system under test (SUT) in accordance with the user defined test script logic, AcuTest actively interacts with the target application, providing users with the ultimate in test accuracy through broad compatibility, across many test environments. Operating within a standard Microsoft Visual Basic scripting environment, AcuTest does not require users to learn new proficiencies and special languages. AcuTest automatically creates sophisticated VB script code as each new test script is created, offering users better utilization of resources in training and skills inventory, maximizing productivity. To learn how the AcuTest automated testing tool can improve the testing of your Windows applications and to download a free evaluation copy, call 1.978.441.9844 or visit

ABOUT TEVRON, LLC Tevron, LLC is a pioneer in a new class of automated software testing solutions. Utilizing Tevron’s proprietary Image Verification as a platform for its automated solutions, Tevron’s mission is to provide automation solutions compatible with all operating systems, development environments and multiple hardware platforms. Tevron offers test automation solutions in both standalone software versions and totally non-invasive external appliance aided versions, as well as offering expert implementation and testing services.

TRADEMARKS Tevron, LLC, the Tevron logo and AcuTest are trademarks of Tevron, LLC. All other product references herein are either trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ###

AcuTest, the industry's most accurate automated testing solution for Windows applications  

AcuTest is the only single license, integrated solution for conducting performance benchmarking and compatibility, functional, regression an...

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