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Black & White There are those days I can‘t step out of my own way I‘m stuck inside my head with nothing left to say There are those nights I feel afraid to fall asleep ‚cause I can only dream in black and white, I‘m colorblind

Autumn Wind Push from my mind the image of your withered face fade out of view and watch the sky darken above me you were the last leaf carried by the autumn wind made my eyes followed you, on every turn you unit the cold took you away Was it ever enough? The love I gave to you Cause now I‘m lost in the dark and my heart is torn in two No, it won‘t be the same desperately chasing a dream No, I won‘t pretend I got the time, to come to terms As the leaves change your words come to mind Be my autumn wind, and I‘ll be your summer sky

I know there is more to life than just stains of black and white and I‘m learning again to see the colors for what they are

but still my feet touch, sways and sweep over cold cement, on empty streets I tell myself „Be gone“ All I ever cared for where the colors I tell myself „Be gone“ All I ever cared for where the colors and how they run ... All I ever cared for ... All I ever cared for ...

I know there is more to life than just stains of black and white and I‘m learning again to see the colors for what they are

(I know there is more to life than just darkness and light and I‘m learning again, what it‘s like to feel)

Cope our home I can’t find comfort in g you go I can’t cope with lettin trying to run keep I , Keep trying to fight s come clean with these ghost Would give anything to to close But this wound refuses will feel new Let me pour salt so I it e you I’m lost and I won’t blam have to I but t accep It’s hard to

on like everyone else is Why can’t I just move doing? gone a cage and you’re the key It seems I’m stuck in missing gs thin over all, the My body is growing weak surrounding me over all, these scattered weak ing grow My mind is s dream to this dream I’ve been always waking away Where I watch you fade to this dream ing I’ve been always wak Where I hear you say , we will make it” “If they take my pain

Cardinals Every winter, when the sun turns her face away I watch the cardinals spread their wings I want to be like them, loose of every chain that ties me to this place, I‘ve grown apart When you left you shut the door behind I guess it’s worthless to ask „Was there ever a chance to make this right“ When you left, I was left behind to carry the weight of regret I still wrestle the time I spent with you From my tired bones and blistered hands This coldness on my skin lets me know you‘re gone (it lets me know you‘re gone) and won‘t come back Will we see us again? Will we see us again?


Intent I am longing for, What we once were, as if anything would change Throw me away These shattered dreams, bring out the worst of me This worn out words, you cast from your mouth I never thought they could hurt so much You swore me off, turned my life around But I‘m better, just not better off yet Oh, I wish I could hate you It‘s not in my bones to cut this out No matter the strain on my chest The best of me, is still taken away I‘ll never be who I once was And it‘s sad to think you might never know I haven‘t had a good night’s sleep in weeks And they‘ve turned to months I‘m weak and tired and they won‘t go away There‘s nothing I can do The feelings that we don’t share I’ve lost myself inside of you Like finger prints in wet cement we‘re valued more than our intent

They say that everything happens for a reason But I can’t find a reason in all of this They say Ill soon enough will learn, But I don’t intent to pray these empty phrases anymore This past year claimed everything from you Now I stand here by your bedside I can only watch you breathe And I swear, oh I swear I never saw my father cry At least till yesterday, as he refused to say goodbye How could you let someone suffer so much pain? Where have you been cause I didn’t see you there If you exist it seems you never really cared But to be honest it doesn’t matter much to me

Symmetry - Cope Booklet  
Symmetry - Cope Booklet