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A. Please 1. Because the man is always saying please. 2. The main conflict is that his wife left him with their baby and he is really upset about it. 3. The main character is a novelist called Peter Dunn and is pretty crazy. I think that he is a fun character. 4. I liked the film because it is really fast and crazy and the characters are fun and the tension is held up all the way through. 5. The gun signifies the power to take his life when he doesn‘t get what he wants. The moral of the story is that you can always make your dreams happen, even with the force of a gun. B. My Name Is Lisa 1. Lisa is the main character and is a girl about 11 years old. She likes books alot and is really upbeat but is a little embarrassed by her mom. 2. The plot is that she starts by making a video that motivates kids to read more books rather than watch movies and TV. Then she starts noticing that her mom is acting wierd, Lisa then starts yelling at her and gets ashamed of her. But as the story developes she realizes that her mom is sick and starts taking care of her. 3. That you have to tolorate everyone even if its hard. 4. I liked the film, it was unlike anything I have seen before. C. Please. The man was taken to a research lab and made into a robot and he destroyed the world.

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