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Newsletter aus Mount Isa

My Life Thank you so much for reading my Newsletter, a lot of things changed in the last Weeks. We had a Staff Meeting and talked about the last month, about the goals for 2009 and it is amazing what God has done in our ministry. It is growing so fast and God is provinding everything we need, but I will make a Year 2008 Video review soon. I also know for what I am responsible for in the next Year (Auslife coordinator, Biblestudycourseleader for YS+Auslife Kidz, Sportsteamleader for YS, 1/80 hour co-respondet for YS and maintenanceleader. I´m really excited to go into all that, because my heart is burning for this ministry areas.

Auslife We had our first auslife in Mount Isa in a Highschool with over 55 Kidz in the age between 13-16 years. The DTS Outreach Team, volunteers from Churches and our Team with Ryan Booker was runnning the hole Day in the School. The Topic was “Goals&Values” and after the first lunchbreak the ice was broken between the Kidz and us. We had amazing discussions in our Small Groups one Girl in my group said: “What do I have to do become a Christian?”. Speacilly in the last hour when we talked more about Jesus and everyone the opportunity had to ask questions. We got only serious questions and not one silly questions for the questionpanel. Everybody was really interested in knowing more about Jesus and I believe we planted something in their hearts to search. I´m so thanksfull for our first auslife and I cannot wait for the next in 2009. Thank you for all your Prayers it really has an impact in the Kidz lifes.

Youth Street It is awesome to see more and more people coming to Youth Street every Saturday. All the the Kidz who are coming regularly bringing their Friends along. At the moment we have over 35 young Aboriginal, Australian, Fidjian coming every week. The most of them are coming to the 1/80 hour when we`re doing games and talking about God. Two weeks ago we talked about “Boundaries� and everybody had the chance to write some boundaries down on a piece of paper for his life. The conclusion was really good we had alcohol drugs,sniffing fights... our goal is it to start a biblecours next year to see young youth streets kidz getting to know Jesus and becoming disciple. Please keep that in your prayers that we get a lot of people into the course next year and that God speaks through us in the the 1/80 hours.

Fundraising Banquet We had a huge fundraising dessert banquet a few weeks ago and over 80 People from all different organizations showed up. Some YS Kidz, the Outreach Team were helping us to prepare everything and to server each table with drinks and cakes. Johannes, Ryan B., Ben B and a police officer were talking about our ministry and everybody was amazed about that what we doing here in Mount Isa. We raised over $7500 on this night and over the week. It was great how god blessed us with the money and also with free tables,chairs,food,plates...


Thank You -> for supporting me

-> that I will find the right Church

-> for your prayers

-> for wisdom and patience in my new leadership areas

-> for keeping me in mind

-> that I trust God and take time to listen/obey to his voice -> that I will find friends in the new Lifegroup next Year


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