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There are a lot of technologies which are being used to develop websites and PSD to HTML conversion definitely tops the list. It is a highly flexible and scalable way to achieve visually attractive and functionally robust websites. One of the most important steps in this web development technique involves PSD to CSS conversion. CSS or the Cascading Style Sheet plays a very vital role in improving the performance of your website. Necessity to Convert PSD to CSS 1. Lends Uniformity – The CSS file lends uniformity to your website as it separates the content from the design element and gives you freedom to post content in your website. It controls the visual attributes of the website such as the color scheme, font type and size. It also makes sure that images posted in your content are uniform in their sizes. This makes your website visually appealing and increases its popularity among visitors. You can change the look and feel of your entire website by tweaking the CSS file. 2. Speeds Up Loading – One of the contributing factors to the success of a website is the time it takes to render on a web browser. The faster a website renders the more popular it is. CSS makes your web pages lighter and makes them load fast. PSD Design to HTML/CSS ensures that a website loads fast on a web browser as a CSS file downloads into the cache of the device used to access the website and helps in reducing the page load time of the home page and the subsequent pages. This allows users with slow Internet connections to access your website adding to its popularity. 3. Browser Compatibility – Have you ever wondered how different browsers render websites uniformly? This is thanks to a well coded CSS file which defines different elements in the website and their functions to the web browsers. When a CSS file is well coded you can be rest assured that your website will render and function symmetrically on major web browsers such as the Internet explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome which will ensure that your website has a mass appeal. 4. Mobile Compatibility – Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are being increasingly used to access the Internet and you

need to cash in on this trend to gain competitive edge in the market. PSD to CSS conversion helps you gain the edge as the Cascading Style Sheet ensures that mobile users access the site compatible with their devices by default. It makes the site liquid in nature to give you this edge. It is primary importance that you hire a reputed and experienced service provider with a good past record. This can ensure your site is designed scrupulously improving each feature of CSS. To ensure that they have the required credentials you need to check out the portfolio of the company comprehensively before you ink your website development deal with them. This will ensure you of high quality development and more marketing power with your website.

Why PSD to CSS Conversion is Necessary?  

There are a lot of technologies which are being used to develop websites and PSD to HTML conversion definitely tops the list