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Scope of PSD to HTML5 Conversion

INTRODUCTION HTML5 is the latest version of HTML that consist of more advanced features. In 2009, the World Wide Web consortium had decided to focus their efforts on HTML5 rather than to concentrate on XHTML2. World's most successful IT companies and web browser developers have voted for HTML5 and want that HTML5 should be included in the mainstream of Internet.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES IN HTML 5 As HTML5 is the new version of HTML, then obviously there would be some additional features in HTML5 that distinguish it from HTML older versions. Some of the advanced features of HTML5 are 1) Backward Compatibility 2) Error handling capacity 3) Additional semantic tag

SCOPE OF HTML 5 All the leading web based companies like Apple, Opera, Google etc. those had contributed in the creation of HTML5 have indicated for some sort of possibilities to realize advanced features. HTML5 will stimulate a new level of: 1) 2) 3) 4)

HTML and CSS technical expertise. Understanding of web semantics. Skills to integrate multimedia and social media. Usability and website look and feel.

PSD TO HTML5 AT MARKUPBOX MarkupBox caters all the web services including PSD to HTML5 conversion with the quality of satisfaction guarantee. The key factors of MarkupBox due to which it has been successfully completing the projects are: 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

The company is compliance with W3C standards. PSD to HTML5 markup are search engine optimized. Neat and clean semantic coding. Multiple browser compatible coding. Oriented towards customer satisfaction.

CONCLUSION Whether HTML5 have the capability to terminate PSD-toHTML or it is a beginning of new PSD-to-HTML5 services? The answer of these questions would be revealed when the time will come. But as for now it seems very clear that the web designer as well as the user are going to take more benefits with the web services.

Our clients for more than 40 countries have hired the advanced PSD to HTMl5 services form MarkupBox and the are extremely satisfied with the quality of service and again looking for their more projects with the Company. You can also avail PSD to HTML5 services from MarkupBox at affordable prices. For more details visit our website Contact us at: +1 415 376 0030 SKYPE: EMAIL:

Scope of PSD To HTML5