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Content management system (CMS) is frequently used for managing,






documents such as sales and marketing guides, news articles, operators' manuals and technical manuals ď ś

Using CMS, content can easily be managed, which include audio and video files, computer files, and electronic documents

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Content Management System is dynamic ,manages dynamic contents such as shopping carts, polls forums,

Choice of cms type depends on the features that you want in your website, each of them perform similar function but each having their unique features. The most popular content management system are:




Cost effective - it saves you money because they are cheap and open source softwares.

Simple to use - you don't need to have technical skills don't need to call a professional to operate it.

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You have easy access - a Content Management System software is online that allows you to operate from anywhere you are when needed

Content Management System is dynamic – it dynamic contents such as shopping carts,


polls forums, etc.

Easy navigation - it generates and adjusts navigation menus automatically. Easy navigation makes the pages of your website search engine friendly and in effect makes the site get high traffic.

Easy website facelift - it does not interfere and affect other elements of your website. You can separate the content from the design, refurbish the entire look of the website and the content is retained.

You have full control - you can uplift the standards to meet the demands of your customers. It allows you to have different user accounts.

Earlier, Website Designing was the biggest challenge for web designers and developers but when Content Management

system came into existence website building and management has become easy. 

Through a CMS one can easily manage the content of website

without having much technical knowledge. With the help of CMS you can easily save your maximum time, as CMS has the ability to publish content faster. 

Over internet, there are many content management systems which are available to help individuals as well as organizations

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Why You Need a Content Management System for Your Website?