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In this Issue New 10 days visa for RO 5 Renovated Muttrah Fort Opened

New 10 days visa for RO 5 In what is seen as a major boost to the tourism sector, the Government has

Visitors flock to Dhofar for Khareef New project at Ras Al Hadd Campaign to boost tourism

summit, another one perched at the western end, and the other is housed towards the northern part of the large tower. The Fort restores a watch tower that

introduced visa for stay in the country

offers magnificent views of the

for 10 days at a price of OMR 5. This

harbor and city. With cool

will be implemented soon.

breeze from the Oman Sea,

MoT, PDO join hands to develop Al Haqf Site

circular towers sits on the

Renovated Muttrah Fort welcomes visitors

Muttrah Fort is a must see on the corniche. Given the fort's strategic position overlooking Sultan Qaboos Port, the Ministry of Tourism is working on further phases of restoration and renovation, so that the fort and

Built by Portuguese in 16th-century, it

its surrounding area can become

was the only link connecting Muscat

an attractive tourist and cultural

and Muttrah then. Oman’s Ministry of Tourism

landmark as a distinct urbanized architectural area.

Qalhat now a U.N. Heritage Site

has preserved this fort among other

New Property at Ghala Heights

Muttrah Fort was mainly used for

Saturday to Thursday from 9am

military purposes along with a

to 4pm

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forts as a precious piece of history.

detention center for confining prisoners. The monument features three circular towers. One of the three


Friday from 9am to 11am and from 2pm until 4pm.

Ministry of Tourism, PDO join hands to develop Al Haqaf site

tourist destination for family tourism from the Sultanate and the Gulf region. The Governorate of Dhofar has tourism elements that include various natural environments, such as silver beaches,

Campaign to boost tourism Oman launched

sands, a range of mountains, valleys, flat plains, desert extending to the Empty Quarter, water springs throughout the country, natural

The Ministry of Tourism and Petroleum

fountains and various caves. The Al

Development Oman (PDO) Company

Baleed Archaeological Park is

signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to develop sustainable tourism activities at Al

considered one of the most important sites to be visited. It includes the Land

Haqaf site in the Governorate of Al

of Frankincense Museum, which

Wusta as a tourism sector initiative.

includes a comprehensive view of the

Visitors flock to Dhofar for Khareef

In line with Oman’s efforts to become a leading global destination for business and leisure by 2040 under the Oman

Sultanate in its different regions and

Tourism Strategy, the Ministry

time stages, in addition to the historical

recently launched a major

Samharam Park and historic castles in

marketing campaign in

the Wilayats of Taqah, Mirbat and

partnership with

Sadah. The governorate is famous for

its production of frankincense, whose tree is a symbol of the Governorate of Dhofar, and represents the main trade item in the south of the Arabian Peninsula in the past and an important

The campaign highlights Oman’s most attractive historical sites, featuring the richness of Oman’s ancient culture and civilization, through a series of marketing

source of income. There are also some

and promotional offers, and is

beautiful tourist attractions that

seen as a way to boost cultural

tourists are keen to visit, such as the

awareness and enhance tourism

The Governorate of Dhofar started

plains and mountains, especially Ittin


receiving visitors from inside and outside

Plain, and the Hamreer Plain, as well as

the Sultanate to enjoy the Khareef Season, the main water springs scattered which runs from June 21 to September 21

throughout the governorate, mainly

every year. Khareef is a unique

Rizat, Garziz, Hamran, Sahalnot, Athom

phenomenon in the Sultanate that affects and Darbat. The Al Mughsail Beach most costal wilayats in the Governorate of area attracts many tourists to see Al

The tie-up with, a premiumexperience travel website based in the UAE, is testament to the Sultanate’s distinct advantage as a destination of choice in the

Dhofar from the Wilayat of Dhalkut in the

Marnif Cave, natural fountains, visiting

GCC and Arab region. It

west till the Wilayat of Mirbat in the east.

traditional markets, frankincense

strengthens the Ministry’s moves

shops, Omani sweets, and local fresh

to increase partnership with the

produce shops, especially bananas,

private sector to cement Oman’s

papaya, sugarcane and coconut.

leading position on the global

The phenomenon is called monsoon.  During this season, Salalah becomes a 

tourism map.


New Property

New project at RasAl Hadd

Ancient city in Oman now a U.N. Heritage Site

According to the information shared

The ruins of Qalhat near Sur were

This Four Star Boutique Hotel is

recognised as a World Heritage Site by

located in the convenient Ghala

the United Nations Scientific and

Height’s, Just 5 minutes away from

Cultural Organisation (Unesco),

Muscat International Airport and

according to a statement by the global

other major Leisure and business

by the Director of Tourism in South Sharqiyah ,  Ras Al Hadd airport is currently being constructed. It will contribute greatly to the revitalisation of tourism and economic activity. At the entrance of the turtle reserve of Ras Al Hadd, a science centre is also coming up.  The tourism development company, Omran, on behalf of the

cultural body. According to Oman’s supporting documents submitted to Unesco, the ancient city of Qalhat was developed as a major port on the east coast of Arabia between the 11th and 15th centuries CE, during the reign of

Ministry of Tourism has signed a

the Hormuz princes. Today, it bears

partnership agreement with Qatari

unique archaeological testimony to the

company Diar for the project called

trade links between the east coast of

Diar Ras Al Hadd. The project will

Arabia, East Africa, India, China and

comprise resorts, hotels, residential

Southeast Asia.

attraction in Muscat. Within close proximity of the hotel located is the Oman Grand Mosque, several shopping malls, Cinema, a range of local and international coffee shops and shisha cafes, bowling alley and much more. The hotel offers 132 luxurious and elegantly furnished deluxe rooms including a selection of 14 suites.

villas, golf courses and Omani heritage markets..

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Mark Newsletter July 2018  

It gives us pleasure to upload our latest quarterly newsletter with updates from Oman. Mark Tours Oman

Mark Newsletter July 2018  

It gives us pleasure to upload our latest quarterly newsletter with updates from Oman. Mark Tours Oman