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Animated videos The question may arise that both 2D and 3D animated videos are shown on a flat screen then on what basis they are categorized as 2D and 3D dimensional videos. It’s a very simple logic to understand. A 2D animator or artist draws a character on a piece of a paper that only has 2 dimensions whereas a 3D animator develops his model in an effective three dimensional world i.e. on the specified computer program. Sometimes watching a 3D animated movies or playing video games can make us to experience heading towards the new world, where everything is possible and the illusory seems to appear too factual. With the arrival of computer animation technology, special effects involved in movies and video games are flattering progressively into realistic and impressive means. Creating animations for video games is much diverse from creating animations for movies. The foremost dissimilarity is that a movie is intended to be viewed, while video games are proposed to interact. Hence, it is really very complicated to animate for video games as compared to animate for movies.

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Interactive videos

3D animations are considered to be the contemporary trend in visual communication technology. Loads of investigation and improvements are being made in the customs of creating and demonstrating better 3D visuals. Varyi ng from anaglyph glasses to 3D screens, all hard work is being made to make 3D viewing more gratifying and available to every person. People like to operate visuals. Interactive 3D videos are magnetizing audiences to a greater extent. Being the hottest visual communication technology which gives a deeper perception of realism, interactive videos and animations, as the term means, allows the viewer to interact with the animated videos just by a single mouse clicks, keyboard buttons, joysticks, etc. Due to this the audiences are able to manage the visuals thus developing a way of communication with it and as result, these 3D visuals and animations boost up their experience. The craze of technology fans and video games are highly attracted by the Interactive 3D animations. It has also turned out to be the important tools for an entrepreneur to attract people and clients and hence enhance their sales and corporate reflection. For the public, 3D animated video has been an eye-catching source of entertainment whether interactive or non-interactive.

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3D Animation Although computers are very essential to commence 3D Animation process but it cannot solely perform animation processing as it does not possess the artistic ability which is significant for character animation. It apparently compels the requirement of an artist (human being) which literally proposes the perception, the envision setting and characters sketching for entailing realistic special effects to it. It is a sophisticated graphical presentation through computers and digital displayers. Animations such as short movies, power point presentations and television advertisements have become popular after people flavored the essence 3D graphics. Video conveys its message to the people rapidly and with the use of animation in it, tends to add the power of images, text, voice and music to create an appealing, watchable and extremely outstanding video. At one time animated videos were only for the empire of the big businesses with large budgets, but advances in technology have made it possible for small scale companies to promote their services through attractive animated banners or videos.

Email:Â Phone: +91 95610 95458

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