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HVEN Visit Hven for: Gourmet cooking Arts and crafts History and culture Idyllic countryside Creativity Activities Relaxation Enjoyment – all just a boat trip away!

Experience the heart of Øresund Visit the island with so much to offer


HVEN EXPERIENCE • Tycho Brahe Museum • A world-class whisky distillery • Riding trips with Ardennes horses • Cycle paths, horse and cart, tractor rides and buses • Galleries, artist retreats and farm shops • Restaurants and cafés selling home-made food • Gourmet cooking with ingredients sourced from the island Hven is a unique destination with a wealth of things to do and see for groups and private travellers alike. You’ll find gourmet cooking, arts and crafts, history, culture, idyllic countryside and fantastic seascapes. So why not take time out to relax or enjoy our many activities? They’re all just a boat trip away.

• Accommodation from a to z • Short breaks and weekends away • Activities and events • Triathlons, pentathlons and heptathlons • Clay pigeon shooting and motorcycle races • Conferences and events • A creative environment and unique meeting places • and much more …

The island’s tourist information office is located next to the entrance to Tycho Brahe Museum in the middle of the island.

Welcome VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

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Transport to Hven

Spar Shipping

Just a boat trip away … You can sail direct from Copenhagen to the idyllic little Swedish island in the middle of the Øresund channel from May to September. Throughout the year,Ven-Trafiken offer several daily departures from Landskrona. Bäckviken, the little port to the east of the island, is its point of contact with the outside world. It’s where the ferries dock and it’s the fishermen’s base as well as attracting a number of yachtsmen. The island’s exceptional countryside and coastal cliffs are easy to explore – just follow the many cycle paths and ramblers’ tracks. Once you’ve come once, you’ll keep coming back.

Ventrafiken Souvenirs are available on-board

Copenhagen to Hven Enjoy the view over a cup of coffee as you eat breakfast on-board. Why not order one of our packages? A round trip including breakfast on-board and lunch (either a picnic basket or a restaurant meal) is available for just 450 DKK Tour parties are welcome, up to 240 people per ship/5 ships. Spar Shipping also provide ferry services to Flakfort, parties at sea, angling trips and transport 
in the Øresund channel. We can provide a trip tailor-made to suit your requirements including: birthdays, office outings, weddings, conferences, kick-off, etc.

Hven awaits – 
direct from Landskrona throughout the year Departures from Landskrona

Departures from Bäckviken

08.30    10.00  11.30 14.15 16.00  17.35  20.15  21.30

06.55 09.15 10.45 12.30  15.00  16.45  18.15  21.00

Trip duration circa 30 min.

Departures from Havnegade no. 39

Arrival in Bäckviken

kl. 09.15

kl. 10.45

kl. 14.00*

kl. 15.30*

Departures from Bäckviken

Arrival in Copenhagen

kl. 16.00

kl. 17.30

kl. 22.00*

kl. 23.30*

Return day trip (adults) DKK 200, (children) DKK 140 Return trips on different days or evening departures (adults) DKK 250, (children) DKK 180 (A discount of 20 DKK per ticket is available for tickets purchased online)

Phone: +46 (0) 418 47 34 73

Phone: +45 33 33 93 55

VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

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* Departures with a minimum of 40 paying customers. We recommend that you ALWAYS book in advance to avoid disappointment.

Transport on Hven


Bike rentals

You can get around by bus, on a horse and cart or take a tractor ride. Alternatively, why not bring your bike, or rent one of the many yellow bikes available on the island? You can even rent an environmentally-friendly electric golf cart to travel the island in. There are very few cars on the island. Apart from the residents’ own cars the only vehicles you’re likely to meet on the island’s roads and tracks are yellow bikes.You can travel from the bathing beach and harbour at Kyrkbacken on the island’s west coast to Norreborg, the smallest of the island’s harbours, and to Tuna Village in the middle of the island


Venbussen There are regular bus services available across the island scheduled to meet ferry departures.

Phone: +46 (0) 706 08 20 77


Special services are also available for groups.

ELECTRIC CARTS Environmentally-friendly, quiet and simple transport for those who don’t want to cycle or take the bus. Green electric carts with room for two adults and their baggage. Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 551, +46 (0) 732 19 50 07 eller +46 (0) 418 72 357


Ivans Wagontrail Horse and cart and riding trips Trips on Ardennes horses. Adventure park with assault courses, teambuilding heptathlons etc.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 115 VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

Lena and Ivan look forward to welcoming you!

Rent one of the 1200 yellow Hven bikes and experience the island at your own pace. All imaginable bikes are available from tandems to adult bikes with and without gears, children’s and young people’s bikes, cycle trailers and handicap-bikes. Trailers are suitable for children and baggage and we also have cycle baskets and children’s seats. Open daily in the season or by agreement

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 250 Fax: +46 (0) 418 72 540 For more information see

Gourmet food


Farmshop, dairy and café.

High-quality locally-sourced produce is the pride of Hven. The island’s own whiskey distillery has already achieved international recognition by winning both gold and bronze awards. Hven is wellknown for its durum wheat which is used to make pasta and bread. Try our delicious locally-produced cheese from milk from the goats that graze the island’s lanes, or freshly smoked fish from the smokehouse in Kyrkbacken – just follow your nose. We even make our own delicious ice-cream and honey. Local products are available from farm shops and the harbour ice-cream stall. Why not take some home to impress your friends and family?

Hven Goat Cheese

Cheese made from the milk of local goats and cows.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 173


Hven Ice-Cream Real dairy ice-cream manufactured on the island to our recipe from natural ingredients. Available from the ice-cream stall in Bäckviken harbour from 21/6-22/8. Open by prior agreement in May and September, ring to order ice-cream

Phone: +46 (0) 702 66 80 82


Hven Backafallsbyn Spirit of Hven,


At the centre of Hven, just to the north of Tycho Brahe museum, is Hven Durum where you’ll find local durum flour from our mill and fresh-baked durum bread.

WHISKY DISTILLERY Spirit of Hven – Backafallsbyn

Open: April to September, every day from 8:00-14:00 (closed Mondays)

tours ofserverer the newly-constructed distillery are available. In the IGuided højsæsonen vores restaurant lunch/frokost (12shortogtime it’s been in operation theAdistillery already won interna15) middag (19-21) fra vores la cartéhaskort. Gruptional recognition and prizes. Learn how whisky is distilled and follow per anbefales atfrom booke. sælger og vores egen the process right raw Vi ingredients to serverer finished product. fremstillede Hvendurumpasta.Vores pizzeria er åbent dagligt Combine with a unique whisky tasting and impressive talks including iin-depth højsæsonen. Musikunderholdning hver uge i højsæsonen. knowledge, amusing and intriguing anecdotes: individual tastings all professionally carried out. Vi byder velkommen med gammeldags personlig service. Anja & Henric look forward to welcoming you!

tlf. +46 418 721 26 Phone: +46 (0) 418 44 99 99

VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

October-December open Saturday-Sunday 8:00-14:00

Phone: +46 (0) 731 81 03 16

Restaurant – Hotel – Pizzeria – Café Vi byder konferencer, selskaber og overnatninger velkommen, hele året..

Hven Durum


FISH BOOTH – Kyrkbacken Harbour Eating smoked mackerel or fresh-grilled salmon with potato salad is a must for visitors to Hven. Join us at our stall, or eat out by the breakwater. The Ljungquist family look forward to welcoming you (parties are advised to ring ahead)

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 220 · Fax: +46 (0) 418 72 552 For more information see

Cafés, Restaurants and Accommodation


There are a number of charming cafés and restaurants on Hven that serve high-quality dishes prepared from local ingredients. Many of the island’s eateries serve fish, and food is often prepared on the barbecue. Enjoy the enticing smell of home-cooked dishes and the flavour of open sandwiches and warm food.You’ll also find live music and entertainment in many restaurants in the season. Hven is the perfect destination for a romantic dinner, family party, office party, wedding or get-together. A number of companies also choose to hold their conferences and meetings on the island.

Mildahn Bädd & Frukost och Café & Galleri

Mildahn Bädd & Frukost and CAFÉ & GALLERY

Rent a holiday cottage, sleep in a chalet, take a room at a hotel or B&B or bring your tent and camp out.

Mildahn Bädd & Frukost provide a range of accommodation in rooms for 2-3-4 and 6 guests including a handicap-friendly suite.

Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet in the best possible fashion. When the last ferry has sailed you can think big and focus on what really matters free of the world’s distractions. The fantastic surroundings invite you to stay just one more day ... one more weekend.

Mildahn Café & Gallery serve open-sandwiches the Hven way with home-made waffles and ice-cream. Stop by for a cup of coffee or a pot of tea, a beer or a shot of something. Relax in rural surroundings. Mildahn is located back from the road. Kris and Vivi look forward to welcoming you

Phone: +46 (0) 705 42 81 10




SPIRIT OF HVEN, BACKAFALLSBYN Gourmet restaurant 4-star hotel The best bar Whisky distillery Boutique Wellness Conference centre with the latest AV equipment.

A gastronomic pearl with the island’s best location right on Kyrkbacken harbour. A la carte menu available throughout the summer, and throughout the year for groups.

Well appointed rooms with top-class facilities and services. Ideal for corporate excursions, private parties, team-building, weddings, conferences, meetings, mini-breaks and weekends away. Anja & Henric 
 look forward to welcoming you.

Kyrkbacken 73 - 260 13 S:t Ibb

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 003 VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

Phone: +46 (0) 418 44 99 99 For more information see




Tuna Krog & Trädgårdscafe

Phone: +46 (0) 418-720 19


Restaurant and Hotel Open for conferences parties and accommodation throughout the year.


Phone: +46 (0) 418 724 40


A warm welcome and a responsible attitude to our environment are our mottoes. Hold your meeting or just stop by for a meal or a drink in our unique and relaxed atmosphere. We serve local Hven produce, in our Mediterranean-inspired dishes. Fairtrade coffee, food and bar. Welcome

Conference guest or tourist? We can provide a package tailored to your needs. 
Welcome to Hven’s most relaxed meeting point.

Café Tycho Brahe

In the season our restaurant serves lunch between 12-15 and dinners from our à la carte menu from 15-21. 
Groups are asked to book in advance.

Take a break in our garden!

We sell and serve our own home-made Hven durum-pasta, and in the season our pizzeria is open every day. Live music every week in the season.

Stop by for lunch and homecooked food in historic surroundings inspired by the traditions of Skåne.

We look forward to providing you with an old-fashioned welcome and personal service.

Phone: +46 (0) 761 62 45 20


Welcome to 
 Café Tycho Brahe!

villa tuna House for rent Large well-equipped kitchen, living room with open fireplace, 6 double rooms and 5 bathrooms. Beautiful garden. Available throughout the year.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 126 VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

Phone: +46 (0) 421 34 131

Monika & Lennart look forward to welcoming you.

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Excursions available by tractor ride or on tandems GGuided tours of the island including refreshments for groups. We also provide KICK-OFF with up to 64 beds at our disposal. Choose our standard program or let us tailor a solution to your precise requirements. Combine transport, boule, mini-golf, betting or pentathlons with good food at Restaurant Tegelbruket. Benefit from our 19 years in the business. The Ljungquist family look forward to welcoming you

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 550 · Fax: +46 (0) 418 72 552


Holken & Venpuls

Spend your stay in an attractive farmyard environment Holiday cottages for up to 6 people with individual toilets and showers. The farm has its own pool, and you can also play beach volleyball and football golf. We also have our own team-building area. The barn can accommodate up to 250 guests: 
kick-off, beach parties, live music events etc.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 262

Experience the heart of Øresund


Accommodation available throughout the year. Cosy and homely just as you wanted it. Own entrance, toilet, shower, kitchenette and garden. Accommodation for up to 8 people.


Handicrafts specially imported from Laos including silk shawls and bamboo bags. Plus home-made wrist warmers, hats and ear-warmers all made from pure new wool. Ceramics, prints and books. Nina & Knut look forward to welcoming you.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 466, +46 (0) 706 85 40 90 · VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

Visit the island with so much to offer For more information see


Vens Vandrehjem

Info Hven has a rich history. A picturesque island steeped in tradition and the beautiful Swedish countryside. Welcome to culture, welcome to maritime experiences, Tycho Brahe’s discoveries, fine food from Skåne and idyllic shops and stores with crafts and general stores. Let the tourist office arrange your visit or plan your own tour of the island.

Welcome to one of Sweden’s best located youth hostels. Just a stone’s throw from the water’s edge! Open throughout the year. 
Room for up to 59 guests accommodated in 2-6 bed rooms. Book your accommodation by phone.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 555 21



Stay on Hven





















Kiosken i Kyrkbacken

Ice-cream, sweets, coffee, fizzy drinks, sausages, 
pizzas and mini-mart. Rent bikes from us

Rent a 4 person chalet or 
4-6 person room (64 beds in total)

Phone: +46 (0) 418-720 82.

We also provide group tents for up to 24 people, 2 with wooden floors, 
(sleep 48).


Landskrona – Hven Tourist Office

Ideal for school trips or football and golfing holidays. Bring your own tent and enjoy the view across the Øresund. Communal shower and toilet facilities. Kitchen available.

Contact us for tips and ideas for your visit to Hven and Landskrona. Book your stay through us.

Stay for one night a weekend, a week, or ... Live just 75 m from the water’s edge. We’ve our own private bathing jetty and you can order breakfast, lunch and evening meals from our restaurant. The Ljungquist family look forward to welcoming you

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 550 · Fax: +46 (0) 418 72 552 VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

Phone: +46 (0) 418 473 000

 and Hven Tourist Office

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Tycho Brahe


Tycho Brahe Museum

Tycho Brahe Museum tells the story of a scientist’s life and work on the island of Hven. The impressive museum is located in the middle of the island in a disused church. The building creates a unique atmosphere in which you can enjoy our multimedia presentations including film and sound. The museum nestles in it’s own renaissance gardens. In Tycho Brahe’s day, Hven had its own industries including a paper mill, printers and agriculture. At a later date the island also had it’s own brickyard and around the turn of the century about 2000 people called the island home. At Nämdemansgården you can learn all about the island’s fascinating history.


NÄMDEMANSGÅRDEN A 4-winged farm dating from 1792, family-owned right up till 1990.

In the heart of Hven you’ll find Tycho Brahe Museum, beautifully located in former church Allhelgonakirke (All Saints).

Farm museum with furniture and agricultural machinery from the olden days. Exhibitions and pictures – get a feel for the history of Hven.

The museum opened in 2005 and has expanded year on year. Today the museum shows 3D animations and films and exhibits models. You can buy local handicrafts from the museum shop as well as Tycho Brahe-related souvenirs and books and a wide selection of seeds and herbs. In the re-constructed renaissance garden there’s an underground observatory, weather station, historical play area, planet path and annual outdoor exhibition.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 507 All are welcome.


HVEN CULTURAL CENTRE Hven art festival 13-16 May Art exhibitions from 19 June to 29 August Free entry: open daily from 11-16 VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

Guided tours for groups are available throughout the year. Daily guided tours are available without prior arrangement in the season

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 530 For more information see

Art and Handicrafts



Hven is a popular destination for artists who flock to the island to enjoy its seclusion and find inspiration in the peace and quiet and the unique light from the sea. Why not weave your own carpet or take a brush in your hand and experience the joy of creation ...Visit small stores with unique products, handicrafts, shawls, carpets, knitted pulse warmers, paintings, pictures and lots, lots more. You’ll find there’s lots to do and and get involved with. At Norreborg the island has its own 9-hole golf course with views across the Øresund to Kronborg in the north and the Øresund bridge to the south. Team-building on Hven is both challenging and entertaining. The following activities are available – amongst others: riding, assault courses, shooting, pentathlons and football golf. We’re happy to welcome individual guests, groups and companies and there are a number of allinclusive packages to chose between – alternatively we can tailor our services to meet your requirements. We look forward to welcoming you to Hven

If you’ve got a staff outing, kick off or conference to organise then look no further ... Choose from a range of activities at Gamlegård; 
 quad bikes, clay pigeon shooting, football golf, bows and arrows, etc. We provide package deals including transport, accommodation and charcoal.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 262 27

Konstnärsgården Marielund


S:T Ibb’s Golf Club

3-day painting courses in fantastic surroundings. Beginners welcome! Hven is art’s island. Accommodation and meals available. Céleste and Stig-Owe from Kunstnergården Marielund

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 037


TUNA STUGAN – BODEN & HVEN’S WEAVERS Tuna stugan: House for 4. Kitchen and bathroom. Open all year round.

S:t Ibb’s Golf Club is a combined park and seaside course on idyllic Hven featuring fantastic views across Backafallen and the Øresund Straights.

Hven’s Weavers: Weave your own carpet, individual courses open all year round.

The popular 9-hole course is part of ”The Swedish Golf Tour” and welcomes golfers from around the world every year.

Tuna Boden: Art and crafts, summer hats and curiosities.

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 371 · VISIT Hven – all just a boat trip away …

Ring and book

Phone: +46 (0) 418 72 363 For more information see

There’s something for everyone on Hven





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– all just a boat trip away …







Come to Øresund’s paradise for ...


Fascinating history, flora and intriguing architecture. Top-class conference facilities and restaurants with professional solutions for both large and small parties. Whisky 
and world class gourmet food made from the island’s own produce. Relaxed charm with home-made food and delicious lunches. Mini-breaks and weekends with accommodation in chalets, rooms, B&B, camping or the youth hostel.


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Area: 760 ha Length: 4,5 km Breadth: 2,4 km Circumference: 11,7 km Population: circa 365

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Experience the heart of Øresund Visit the island with so much to offer