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Biographical Sketch David Goza is an oboist and orchestral conductor whose playing appointments have included orchestras and opera companies in Memphis, Charlottesville, Tulsa and Springfield, MO. He has filled podium assignments in Memphis, Charlottesville and Springfield, and academic positions at The University of Virginia, Missouri State University, Drury College and The University of Arkansas. He currently teaches World Music at OU. He holds Master of Music degrees in both oboe performance and composition, and the DMA in instrumental conducting from UMKC. His interest in geology and his knowledge of the field are those of a rank, eager and perhaps educable amateur.

David Gozza

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The dq1000 ® Quadrapole Mass Spectrometer The dq1000 ® is a portable quadrapole mass analyzer used on drilling wells that analyzes a range of petroleum species and other organic and inorganic compounds. The dq1000 ® delineates petroleum type, water saturation, fluid contacts and seals to a much greater extent than with conventional instrumentation.



Technical Specs

• C1-C10 petroleum species; standard gas ratios • BTEX compounds and organic acids • Inorganics including N2, Ar, O2, H2O, CO2, He, and H2 • Sulfur bearing compounds including SO2, COS, and CS2 • Formation gas vs. drilling mud and additives • Bit generated gas • 90 second cycle time; 10 ppb sensitivity • Depth-based and time-based data

• Pay delineation; fluid contacts • Petroleum type and quality • Porosity, permeability • BTEX halos (proximity to pay) and Sw • Compartmentalization • Seals, fractures and faults • Sweet spots in unconventionals • Practical data to improve well completions • Reducing drilling cost with bit gas monitoring

• Dimensions: 26 x 7.5 x 15 inches • Weight: 51 lbs (portable) • Power: 85-264 VAC (3.0-1.5 amp), 47-63 Hz (International) • LAN satellite and Internet enabled • Sensors: Depth, Circulation, and Pump Strokes • Adjustable cycle time: 15s - 360s (120s nominal) • Analysis: Dual (differential) or Single Port Gas Stream • Interface for Isotech’s isotube autoloader

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Boley Agate Article - David Goza bio.  

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Boley Agate Article - David Goza bio.  

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