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Daily Link Building Action Plan Goal = A minimum of 15 inbound links to your sites and pages each day

Step 1: Pick 3 specific pages on one of your sites. Copy the URLs of those pages into a text program. Below each URL, put the keyword phrase associated with each of your pages. Step 2: Choose a list of links from the "text-lists" folder and use the techniques in the "Power Tips" guide to submit each of your 3 links to at least 5 different sites. You will have 15 links to your site - 5 links pointing to each of your 3 pages. Don't stop until you have reached that goal. Tomorrow, choose 3 more pages from the same site. Rinse and repeat. After one week - 7 days - You will have a total of 105 links pointing to 21 pages on your site. That's a heck of a lot more than 99% of the sites on the web. Search engines love that!

Succession Planning In A Family Business  

Family business succession planning is frequently predicated on the assumption that someday the parents will be passing on the baton to one...

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