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The Keys to a Successful Sale

The most effective marketing is to the broker community


Local agents have the ‘ready, willing & able’ present-time buyers

85% of residential transactions are through local brokers

To attract agents with their buyers we use professionally shot, hi-resolution photography & in some cases, professionally written copy because the remarks section of the MLS listing is the most important copy we write!

Virtual Tours distributed throughout the web

Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty company tour

directly market Broker open house events & area tours

Target mailing / email to agents active in our market

National Association of Realtors (NAR) research shows low correspondence between marketing venues & selling the house



 The web allows buyers to do what they have always done—explore their options, but now they can do it anonymously & with a great deal of precision.

Local, National, International Web Strategy:

 Two terms to keep in mind: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & Page views: SEO means that web content has been optimized to be picked up by major search engines like Google et al

 Page views (stickiness) means once a web visitor finds the site they linger

Our Local Web:

 SEO with  Increased page views with Community Videos—both educational & fun!  Mirrors Sotheby’s International Realty site’s unique ‘Search by Life Style’  Enhanced listing on the nations most popular real estate website:

National Web:

 Enhanced listings enjoy 300% more page views‘pushes’ listings out to dozens of local community portals, which are ‘feeder markets to Arizona properties



 Sotheby’s International 2009 Marketing Plan boasts 100 mil impressions as part of Sotheby’s 8 million dollar print-to-web campaign (see 2009 Media Plan)

 Demographically targets affluent buyers---national & international  Pages views enhanced by ‘Lifestyle Search’ used by 50% of visitors (of which 25% are international visitors)

 Referral network – broker to broker worldwide  Additional worldwide exposure through Sotheby’s network & web partners

 Optional marketing venues:  eGallery—Listings over 1.5 million shown on monitors in Sotheby’s 

Realty offices worldwide International Brochure Distribution Program—2 beautiful brochures sent to all Sotheby affiliates, including the Auction Houses

 www.LuxuryRealEstate.comLargest luxury affiliate in the world –  Over 1100 affiliate brokers internationally in over 65 countries  #1 in a Google search for ‘luxury real estate’  Regents status means our listings always come up 1st in any AZ search at any price point


Bottom Line:

 Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty has a most comprehensive marketing strategy that embraces the paradigm shift from print-to-web & is local, national & international in scope

 However, no amount of marketing can compensate for improper positioning

 People ultimately buy by comparison—cars, toasters, houses, spouses!


“It’s competition for the best homes that sets the price & determines the market time”

 There’s always competition for the ‘best of show’  At any given time, in any given market, there’s a ‘ready, willing & able’ group of buyers ‘hovering’…waiting for that next best home to come on the market  Competitive Positioning is the way to capture those ‘hovering’  The hovering are part of the ‘early activity’, which is subsequently more robust & more motivated

Competitive Positioning

The following graph shows the relationship between activity & weeks on the market—we see the ‘hovering’ group of ‘ready, willing & able come early! Research also shows that properties that sell more quickly generally net more (more competition)

Competitive Positioning

Early activity

“Competitive Positioning, or the highest price obtainable, is achieved by understanding the market dynamics surrounding your property”

 Similar homes that have recently closed create a benchmark  Problem is sold comparables don’t work well in a declining market  Similar home ‘for sale’ on the market are the competition  Have to position your home against the ‘active’ competition…to be the ‘next best one’  Similar homes recently ‘off market’ show what didn’t work! (Expired listings)  Evidence that many homes simply do not sell

Competitive Positioning

“Market Worn”

 Homes that are on the market much longer than the average days on the market (DOM) in any given price range and area may be considered market worn  Research has shown & common sense dictates that market worn homes will tend to net less to the sellers, as buyers perceive them as less desirable, or at the very least, that something must be wrong—perceived value is compromised accordingly  Conversely, the research shows that homes that sell more quickly tend to hold their price and thereby net sellers more (because of the early competition)  Again, ‘it’s competition for the best homes that set the price & determines the market time’

Competitive Positioning

“To net top dollar, in the shortest amount of time, with the least hassles…our job is to competitively position your property as ‘the best show’—the next best one on the market, taking everything into consideration”

Competitive Positioning

Distributed to Google & dozens of aggregated property websites

Plus over 100 local community portals-feeder markets to the Arizona lifestyle

RLSIR Listing Presentation  

Listing presentation in PDF format

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