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Peninsula Community Access Edition 336

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3 February 2014

Demonstrators outside Member for Gosford Mr Chris Holstein’s office in Woy Woy

Demonstrators protest sand mine expansion About 100 sand mine protesters demonstrated outside the Woy Woy office of Member for Gosford Mr Chris Holstein on Friday, January 17. Central Coast Greens representative Ms Kate da Costa said a range of community groups and individuals were taking a stand on the Calga sand quarry. “Aunty Beve welcomed us to country and explained the importance of the women’s

fertility initiation area at Calga which is already partly damaged and threatened with almost total destruction under the expansion,” said Ms da Costa. “I spoke on behalf of the Central Coast Greens about our Protecting Our Water campaign. “We acknowledge all the other issues, such as heritage, noise, dust at the site, but we have a particular focus on the impacts of mining and quarrying on our water supplies for the Central Coast. “We are calling on the State

Government to implement a ban on all new sandstone quarrying for building sand, new long-wall or open cut coal mines and any CSG exploration, drilling or fracking anywhere in the water catchments of the Central Coast,” said Ms da Costa. Mr Jake Cassar, representing Save the Sacred Land at Kariong, discussed aspects of the damage being done by Calga, as did convenor of the Camp Quoll protection camp and information booth Mr Ian Sutton.

Greens MLC Mr David Shoebridge spoke about his visit that day with his daughters to the Wildlife Walkabout Park and Treetops. He said he was astounded that the potential for eco-tourism was being put at risk by the threat of extractive industries for a possible overall loss in employment on the Coast. “Despite our written invitation and two phone calls to his office, the local elected representative of Gosford, Mr Chris Holstein,

who had a prior engagement in Newcastle, did not provide a statement or ask his staff to speak on his behalf,” said Ms da Costa. “The community has still not been informed about Mr Holstein’s position on the Calga quarry expansion, nor what he is doing personally to protect water on the Coast, or what he is doing to keep his Water Not Coal promise made at the last State election,” she said. Email, 30 Jan 2014 Kate da Costa, Central Coast Greens

Changes to planning scheme proposed A planning proposal is being prepared by Gosford Council to address issues arising in the draft Gosford Local Environment Plan since its initial adoption and submission to the Department of Planning in 2011. The proposal incorporates amendments to the draft LEP including; temporary land use provisions, information relating to temporary events and activities on public land, name changes, amendments to maps and rezonings.

The Planning Proposal will be sent to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure if no submissions objecting to the proposal are received during a public exhibition period. A number of amendments to the plan’s maps will be included in the proposal including: Lot 1 DP 311853 Wagstaffe Ave, Wagstaffe, which is recommended to change from the existing zone of 2(a)/7(a) to R2 as the 7(a) zoned area would was only 208sqm. Lot 1 DP 348158, Phegans Bay Rd, Phegans Bay would change from existing zone 2 (a) and

exhibited zone RE1 to the proposed zone of R2 as the land is 31sqm in area and in private ownership so should be zoned R2. Lot 102 DP 747829 Kathleen St, Woy Woy, would change from existing zone 5 (a) and exhibited zone R2 to the proposed zone of SP2 as the lot is part of the Woy Woy Hospital site and should be zoned SP2 Health Services Facility as is the rest of the site. Lot 32 DP 717084 Myola Rd, Umina, would change from existing zone 9(c)/Reserve and exhibited zone R2-RE1 to the proposed zone of R2 as the lot has had its

boundaries corrected which means part of the private lot is zoned RE1 and the R2 zone needs to be aligned with the new boundaries. Lot 130 DP 9508 Jacaranda Ave, Patonga, changes from the existing zone of 7(a)/6(a) and exhibited zone of E2 to the proposed zone of E2-RE1 as the lot is shown as being in private ownership. There is also a strip of land 100 feet wide along Patonga Creek which is Crown Reserve and should be zoned RE1. Amendments to heritage maps will also be included in the Planning Proposal including a former house in the vicinity Orange Grove Private

Hospital in Cedar Cres, Blackwall. Council’s amendment states that the house is no longer part of Orange Grove Private Hospital and should be named House of Rock Davis as it was identified in the heritage study. Also proposed to be amended is the Woy Woy Railway Tunnel which was included in the State Heritage Register on June 28 last year and should therefore be included as an item of State significance in Schedule 5. Gosford Council agenda ENV.3, 21 Jan 2014

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Dry start to the year Only one third of the average rainfall was recorded on the Peninsula during January, in a dry start to the year. Figures provided by Mr Jim Morrison of Woy Woy showed a total rainfall for the month of 36.5mm, compared to a 10-year January average of 108mm. The total was the lowest for January in 10 years, with the next lowest being 45.7mm recorded in January 2007. The heaviest falls this year were 11.5mm recorded on January 25 and 11mm recorded on January 21. Temperatures for the month ranged between a low of 14.4 degrees at 5:58am on January 27 to a high of 30.9 at 1:47pm on January 6, according local weather

website www.peninsulaweather. info. Highest minimum was 25.1 on January 6 and lowest maximum was 22.6 on January 7.

Highest wind gust was 27.4 km/h recorded on January 25. Spreadsheet, 31 Jan 2014 Jim Morrison, Woy Woy

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3 February 2014

January 29, 2014

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January Ja 24, 2014

Peter Pearce is 2014 Citizen of the Year

Issue 38

Theme Park to rival Opera House and Harbour Bridge as a tourist attraction


Demonstrators outside Member for Gosford Mr Chris Holstein’s office in Woy Woy

Demonstrators protest sand mine expansion About 100 sand mine protesters demonstrated outside the Woy Woy office of Member for Gosford Mr Chris Holstein on Friday, January 17. Central Coast Greens representative Ms Kate da Costa said a range of community groups and individuals were taking a stand on the Calga sand quarry. “Aunty Beve welcomed us to country and explained the importance of the women’s

fertility initiation area at Calga which is already partly damaged and threatened with almost total destruction under the expansion,” said Ms da Costa. “I spoke on behalf of the Central Coast Greens about our Protecting Our Water campaign. “We acknowledge all the other issues, such as heritage, noise, dust at the site, but we have a particular focus on the impacts of mining and quarrying on our water supplies for the Central Coast. “We are calling on the State

Government to implement a ban on all new sandstone quarrying for building sand, new long-wall or open cut coal mines and any CSG exploration, drilling or fracking anywhere in the water catchments of the Central Coast,” said Ms da Costa. Mr Jake Cassar, representing Save the Sacred Land at Kariong, discussed aspects of the damage being done by Calga, as did convenor of the Camp Quoll protection camp and information booth Mr Ian Sutton.

Greens MLC Mr David Shoebridge spoke about his visit that day with his daughters to the Wildlife Walkabout Park and Treetops. He said he was astounded that the potential for eco-tourism was being put at risk by the threat of extractive industries for a possible overall loss in employment on the Coast. “Despite our written invitation and two phone calls to his office, the local elected representative of Gosford, Mr Chris Holstein,

who had a prior engagement in Newcastle, did not provide a statement or ask his staff to speak on his behalf,” said Ms da Costa. “The community has still not been informed about Mr Holstein’s position on the Calga quarry expansion, nor what he is doing personally to protect water on the Coast, or what he is doing to keep his Water Not Coal promise made at the last State election,” she said. Email, 30 Jan 2014 Kate da Costa, Central Coast Greens

Changes to planning scheme proposed A planning proposal is being prepared by Gosford Council to address issues arising in the draft Gosford Local Environment Plan since its initial adoption and submission to the Department of Planning in 2011. The proposal incorporates amendments to the draft LEP including; temporary land use provisions, information relating to temporary events and activities on public land, name changes, amendments to maps and rezonings.

The Planning Proposal will be sent to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure if no submissions objecting to the proposal are received during a public exhibition period. A number of amendments to the plan’s maps will be included in the proposal including: Lot 1 DP 311853 Wagstaffe Ave, Wagstaffe, which is recommended to change from the existing zone of 2(a)/7(a) to R2 as the 7(a) zoned area would was only 208sqm. Lot 1 DP 348158, Phegans Bay Rd, Phegans Bay would change from existing zone 2 (a) and

exhibited zone RE1 to the proposed zone of R2 as the land is 31sqm in area and in private ownership so should be zoned R2. Lot 102 DP 747829 Kathleen St, Woy Woy, would change from existing zone 5 (a) and exhibited zone R2 to the proposed zone of SP2 as the lot is part of the Woy Woy Hospital site and should be zoned SP2 Health Services Facility as is the rest of the site. Lot 32 DP 717084 Myola Rd, Umina, would change from existing zone 9(c)/Reserve and exhibited zone R2-RE1 to the proposed zone of R2 as the lot has had its

boundaries corrected which means part of the private lot is zoned RE1 and the R2 zone needs to be aligned with the new boundaries. Lot 130 DP 9508 Jacaranda Ave, Patonga, changes from the existing zone of 7(a)/6(a) and exhibited zone of E2 to the proposed zone of E2-RE1 as the lot is shown as being in private ownership. There is also a strip of land 100 feet wide along Patonga Creek which is Crown Reserve and should be zoned RE1. Amendments to heritage maps will also be included in the Planning Proposal including a former house in the vicinity Orange Grove Private

Hospital in Cedar Cres, Blackwall. Council’s amendment states that the house is no longer part of Orange Grove Private Hospital and should be named House of Rock Davis as it was identified in the heritage study. Also proposed to be amended is the Woy Woy Railway Tunnel which was included in the State Heritage Register on June 28 last year and should therefore be included as an item of State significance in Schedule 5. Gosford Council agenda ENV.3, 21 Jan 2014

he first designs for the Chinese Cultural Village Theme Park $500 million in a tourism Central Coast and will inbound tourism to NSW definitely create new jobs will almost double by project at Warnervale have now been released, with a giant project very often.” Council is yet to and flow on benefits for 2020, becoming NSW’s gold Buddha as the centrepiece of an $80 million ‘Thanksgiving international receive a Development local retailers and the largest Te Te Temple’.


Australia Day award nominees


osford City recognised some of its finest citizens at the annual Gosford City Australia Day Community Awards, held for the first time during official Australia Day celebrations in Kibble Park on Sunday, January 26. Local humanitarian Peter Pearce was named the 2014 Citizen of the Year for his ongoing work helping those in need both in Gosford City and around the world. Mayor of Gosford City Cr Lawrie McKinna said hosting the awards

ceremony on Australia Day made this year’s event extra special. “The Australia Day Community Awards allow us as a community to come together and publicly acknowledge those who go over and above in their respective

fields. “The atmosphere at this year’s awards was fantastic with many people out to enjoy Australia Day celebrations joining the ceremony to show their support for the nominees and winners. “We are privileged to

have such outstanding citizens living in our city making it a better place for us all to live and work and I thank all the nominees for their commitment and passion,” mayor Cr McKinna said. The Australia Day Community Awards have become an integral event on the Gosford City calendar with the 2014 ceremony presided over by Gosford City Council general manager, Paul

Anderson and culminating in a performance by Australian music icon, Christine Anu. Chairman of the Australia Day Committee Cr Jim Macfadyen said that the 2014 award winners represent a cross section of talent, dedication and diversity in our community. “Nominees across all categories have worked hard for causes they believe in which have

The Temple is one of seven major sections planned for the 15 hectare pla theme park, expected to the open in 2015, with other op themed sections being the the China City Gate Tang and Ch Song Cultural Academy, So Water towns, Panda Wa paradise, Wyong Theatre, par and Royal Villa. an Wyong mayor Cr Doug Eaton attended the launch Ea of the ‘Thanksgiving

significantly contributed to our local community. “Judging the Australia Day Community Awards is never an easy task for our judging panel with this year being no exception. “The calibre of entrants in the 2014 awards is a measure of the wonderful people we have in our community and the pride we should all share to call this city our home,” said Cr Macfadyen.

Temple’ in Shanghai on December 28, where the Temple project was officially blessed by Taiwanese Buddhist Monk Abbott Zeng. “It is incredibly exciting to start seeing the vision for the Theme Park, and I think now that people can see the images, they will start to appreciate the scale of the proposal and what it could mean for our


...continued on page 3

THIS ISSUE contains 30 articles - Read more news items for this issue at

Shire,” said Cr Eaton. “The developers have long been telling us that this Theme Park will be up there with the Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge in terms of tourist attractions. “There is no doubt it is unique, being the first time a part of China has been recreated overseas. “You certainly don’t see an investment of

Application for the Theme Park, but sold the land, which is adjacent to the Warnervale Airport, to the Australian Chinese Theme Park Pty Ltd in 2012 for $10 million. “This project represents a huge boost to Wyong in terms of tourism and economic development,” said the mayor. “It will be one of the only major manmade attractions on the

hospitality sector. In-bound Chinese tourism to Australia has been steadily increasing in the past few years, with 700,000 tourists spending over $4 billion in 2012, according to a report by Tourism Australia. With Chinese tourism growing by an average of 20% each year, Destination NSW’s China Tourism Strategy predicts that the value of Chinese

market in terms of visitor arrivals, visitor nights and expenditure. “Combined with our plans for a regional airport just across the Freeway from this site, I can see our local economy thriving in the next decade and providing a brighter future for our residents.

Media release, 14 Jan 2014 Wyong Council media

the Wyong Shire


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3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 3


Owners of rare bushland helped with weed funding A group of nine owners of properties with rare bushland at Wagstaffe and Pretty Beach have been granted funds for a five-year program of weeding from Local Land Services. The funding of $10,000 will be used on bush regeneration work to be carried out on adjoining properties in Wagstaffe and Pretty Beach. These private properties are immediate neighbours of Bouddi National Park along the Wagstaffe ridge. The grant will help to conserve an endangered ecological community, the Pittwater and Wagstaffe Spotted Gum Community. The endangered ecological community was gazetted in May last year by the State Government’s

NSW Scientific Committee. Bush regeneration contractors will work on the properties up to May 31. Some work on private land will be visible from the Pretty BeachLobster Beach National parks and Wildlife services’ track and from the northern section of the Flannel Flower Walk. The on-ground bush regeneration work is expected to complement the work carried out in the adjacent national park by volunteers, National Parks and Wildlife Services’ staff and contractors. Weeds to be targeted include bitou, camphor laurel, asparagus fern, ochna serrulata, large-leafed privet and lantana. Over five years, the residents will assist the project by undertaking additional weed

removal and monitoring of work on their properties. This project aims to educate local residents on weed recognition and removal techniques. In the later years, residents in the adjacent suburban area will be invited to eradicate the same weeds on their properties, to protect the endangered ecological community in the long term. Bush regeneration techniques to permanently and efficiently remove weeds can be learnt through any of the local Council or National Parks and Wildlife Services’ volunteer groups, or via fact sheets that will be distributed in future years as part of the Local Land Services funded project.

Corymbia maculata forest with Burrawangs (Macrozamia communis) beneath

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Veterans’ march to be held in Ettalong The Vietnam Veterans’ Peacekeepers and Peacemakers Association of Australia Central Coast Sub-Branch Inc. will hold a Veterans March, Dedication Service and Welcome Home Function on Saturday, February 22, in Ettalong. The event, which will be cohosted by the Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club, is being held for the young veterans of the war in Afghanistan who live on the Central Coast. The march will form on the corner of Beach St and Broken

Bay Rd, Ettalong, at 10am for a 10:15am step off. The march will proceed around the Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club and down to the new Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial on the newlyupgraded Ettalong Foreshore. “It is hoped that the general public will come out to welcome the young soldiers recently returned from Afghanistan who will be marching also,” said Vietnam Veterans’ Peacekeepers and Peacemakers of Australia Central Coast Sub-Branch Inc. honorary secretary Ms Robyn Creswell. A dedication service will be held to consecrate the new Vietnam


Veterans’ Memorial on the waterfront at 10:30am. Following the service, the veterans from Afghanistan and their partners have been invited to join the Sub-Branch members at the Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club for a function where they will be the honoured guests. “We want our young veterans to feel that they are sincerely thanked for their service and the sacrifices that they made for their country,” said Ms Creswell.


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Australia Day honour for Liesl Tesch Woy Woy resident Ms Liesl Tesch has been awarded a Member of the Order of Australia Medal in the Australia Day 2014 Honours List. Ms Tesch received her award for significant service to sport as a gold medallist at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and through the promotion and facilitation of sport for people with disabilities. She was a gold medallist and Paralympic Champion for sailing at the London 2012 Paralympics Games, a gold medallist for sailing in the World Cup meets in 2011, a bronze medallist for the World Championships in 2011 and a SKUD International Champion for the International Association for Disabled Sailing in 2012. Ms Tesch was also a bronze medallist for basketball at the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games, a silver medallist for basketball

at the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games, a silver medallist, also for basketball, at the Sydney 2000 Paralympic Games and a basketball competitor at the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games and 1992 Barcelona Paralympic Games. She played in the men’s professional wheelchair basketball team in Madrid for one year; Sardinia for three years and Paris for one year. She was the volunteer coach in Kenya, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bolivia, Jamaica, Brazil, East Timor, Ecuador, Spain, Italy, France and Australia and a player in the National Men’s and Women’s Wheelchair Basketball Leagues for over 10 years. Ms Tesch was the 2011 cofounder of Sports Matter, a not-forprofit sporting organisation which uses sport to unite communities, including those in Australia, Asia,

the Pacific and Africa. She was also a volunteer at various basketball training camps, a guest speaker at various organisations including Rotary and Probus, a supporter of the Women’s Festival of Wheelchair Basketball and NSW Wheelchair Sports Christmas Camps and an educator at Brisbane Water Secondary College since 1992. Ms Tesch also received an Australian Sports Medal in 2000, Citizen of the Year for Gosford Council in 2013, Keys to the City in 2012, a University of NSW Career Development Award at the NSW Institute of Sport in 2012, Australian Sailor of the Year with a Disability for Yachting Australia in 2011 and was an Ambassador for Gosford Council in 2013. Email, 16 Jan 2014 Susan Fischer, Honours Secretariat

Garden seeks signed lease A petition with nine signatures has been received by Gosford Council from members of Woy Woy Peninsula Community Garden requesting the lease documents be formally signed by council and released to them. Petitioners stated that they were appreciative of council’s generous assistance allowing them to develop an important and valuable community asset. The petitioners further stated that many local people have also been involved in its development. Gosford Council agenda P.1, 21 Jan 2014

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AWL is a registered animal welfare charity offering subsidised desexing to assist eligible members of our community needing help with the costs of desexing their pets. Some of the benefits of desexing your pet are: • Prevent unwanted litters. • Reduced risk of cancer of the reproductive organs. • Cheaper Council life-time registration. • Less likely to wander or roam. Call Helen 4342 2047 for details Thrift Shop Enquiries: 4344 6650

3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 5


Arrested with graffiti implements A 24-year-old man from Hornsby will appear in Woy Woy Local Court on March 4 after being arrested for possessing graffiti implements and goods. Police were conducting a foot patrol in the Woy Woy area as part of the Australia Day Operation at around 7:15pm on Sunday, January 26, when they sighted the man with two other young men rummaging through a back pack in Brick Wharf Rd, Woy Woy. Police said that the man was drinking alcohol in an alcohol-free zone. The man was found with a

number of spray cans and had paint on his clothing, hands and body. He also had a scanner and a number of security keys belonging to State Rail and a mobile phone suspected as being stolen or unlawfully obtained. The man was placed under arrest and conveyed to Gosford Police Station and charged with one count of possess graffiti implement with intent to damage or deface, one count of larceny and one count of goods in personal custody suspected of being stolen. Website, 30 Jan 2014 Brisbane Water LAC, NSW Police

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Charles Brock receives community award St Huberts Island resident Mr Charles Brock was awarded an Australia Day Community Award in the Volunteer Individual category by Gosford Council, during official Australia Day celebrations in Kibble Park on Sunday, January 26. Charles was a pivotal member of the committee working with Gosford Council to continue running Australia Day celebrations in Woy Woy. He was nominated for his dedication to volunteer seen through his many years assisting the Rotary Club of Woy Woy where he has held

several senior positions. Mr Brock is involved with Woy Woy Community Aged Care and was instrumental in gaining the funds to build a 40-bed low-care aged care facility as an extension to the centre. In recognition of his contributions to the community, Charles was awarded a NSW Government Community Service Award in 2013. From community events to facilities and services, Charles has contributed countless hours to causes which have positively impacted the local community. Media release, 28 Jan 2014 Gosford Council

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Page 6 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014


Council ties advertising to editorial policy Senior management of Gosford Council has told a councillor that the council will not advertise or work with Ducks Crossing Publications unless it changes its editorial policy. The response was given to deputy mayor Cr Bob Ward in the context of a request from Ducks Crossing proprietor Mr Cec Bucello for council to advertise in his publications. The statement claimed that Ducks Crossing Publications did not meet Australian Press Council standards of accurate, fair and balanced reporting; of transparent and fair presentation; or of honest and fair investigation. However, the statement gave no examples or other substantiation of this claim. “Ducks Crossing Publications appear to contravene the APC’s General Statement of Principles and are not believed to provide a suitable vehicle for council to advertise its services and activities,” the statement

continued. It claimed that questions submitted to council “in many cases are already slanted toward obvious biases”. It did not say what these biases were. Peninsula News is owned, and its editorial policy controlled through its editor, by the voluntary non-profit community group Woy Woy Community Media Association, but its advertising service, production and publication is provided by Ducks Crossing Publications. Peninsula News editor Mr Mark Snell said he was not sure whether the comments applied to this newspaper or not, as no details were given. He said he had not received any complaints from council, councillors or staff and the paper had maintained a policy that was in line with Press Council standards. Peninsula News was always open to contributions from Gosford Council. Often it would like more detail than provided.

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It was proud of its independent coverage of council affairs, Mr Snell said. Mr Snell said: “As a matter of principle, in a free and democratic society, no level of government should be attempting to stifle community discussion of public issues, particularly by playing favourites and using public funds to do so.” The full statement provided to deputy mayor Cr Bob Ward is as follows: “Council’s advertising is directed toward communicating with residents across the entire Local Government Area in the most direct, easily accessible and cost effective manner, while meeting our legislative and statutory requirements. “There is no strong link between council and the Murdoch press, as insinuated in the correspondence received. “Council does not advertise in Duck’s Crossing publications because: “1. Council engages its advertising, both statutory and Early General News (EGN), through Local Government Procurement; an organisation which undertakes procurement and tender services to councils across NSW. LGP’s approved media buying agency is Leonard, Holt & Robb (LHR), who has a bulk media buying power. This has an advantage for tenders and public notices that need to be advertised statewide or nationally in larger publications.

“2. In August 2013, council launched the Gosford Connect weekly lift out, a one-stop-shop for all council related services and activities. This combines all of council’s news stories, EGN and statutory advertising into one document in an effort to: “a. Provide an avenue to promote all of council’s events and initiatives across the entire Gosford LGA efficiently, rather than just in specific geographic sections; “b. Offer easy access to our customers to information about council’s full suite of services, initiatives and events; “c. Streamline and reduce excess and duplicate council press advertising expenditure and; “d. Replace the need for the production and distribution of the glossy newsletters referred to in your correspondence. “3. Council’s advertising sits in a weekly publication. The Duck’s Crossing publication schedule simply does not meet our requirements (for both statutory and DA advertising) or news cycle. “On a larger scale, the overall advertising landscape is changing. We invite Ducks Crossing to engage with Gosford City Council on social media, with other professional news agencies and the local community. This will serve to strengthen the lines of communication between our two organisations and our customer

base. “In terms of editorial, the General Statement of Principles outlined by the Australian Press Council refers to, among other things: “1. Accurate, fair and balanced reporting “2. Transparent and fair presentation “3. Honest and fair investigation “Council staff invest considerable time and resources in responding to enquiries from Ducks Crossing publications, which when received in many cases are already slanted toward obvious biases and no explanation or response from council will change the already established viewpoint. “As such, Ducks Crossing Publications appear to contravene the APC’s General Statement of Principles and are not believed to provide a suitable vehicle for council to advertise its services and activities. “Should Ducks Crossing Publications review their editorial standards, we are happy to engage in a conversation about how we can work together to achieve the same common goal; to inform and educate the residents within the Gosford LGA about activities and events that impact their lives and the services offered across our community.” Email, 30 Jan 2014 Bob Ward, Gosford Council


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Epping to Chatswood on Friday, January 31. Member for Gosford Mr Chris Holstein said: “This is great news for Central Coast commuters and will make taking public transport that much more attractive and easier.” More than 47,000 Opal cards have been registered by customers who have taken about 2.7 million trips using the new electronic ticketing system, he said. By the end of 2014, 40 ferry wharves, more than 300 train stations and more than 5000 buses will be Opal accessible, with light rail due in 2015. Media release, 30 Jan 2014 Chris Holstein, Member for Gosford

3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 7

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Ocean Be ach Road

Page 8 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014


Women descend on rock pool Sixteen women descended on the Pearl Beach rock pool on Saturday, January 18, to take advantage of the warm weather and have a moonlit swim. The aim of the evening was for the members of the Wowgirls group to be able to enjoy a social swim and a shared supper under a

full moon. “The water in the pool was warmer than the sea,” said member Ms Ally Grace. “Afterwards a picnic feast was shared by the then hungry women.” Wowgirls is a non-profit organisation promoting friendships, fun and healthy lifestyles. Email, 20 Jan 2014 Ally Grace, Ettalong

Granny flat complies with approved plans Gosford Council staff have inspected a site in Murray St, Booker Bay, and have found it to comply with approved

plans. The inspection followed receipt by the council in November of a petition with four signatures of

residents who were concerned with the appearance of a granny flat construction. The petitioners stated that the appearance of the granny flat was most unappealing and obtrusive in appearance. They requested that mature trees and shrubs be planted to soften the view, the granny flat be painted a natural colour and be suitably soundproofed. The residents also requested that a meeting with a council inspector be organised so they can explain their grievances. Council advised petitioners in writing that a site inspection was conducted and it was determined that the development had been completed in accordance with the development consent and approved plans. Gosford Council Agenda COR.4, 21 Jan 2014

Bangalow Sweet Pork

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3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 9


Council GM to speak at energy association meeting Gosford Council general manager Mr Paul Anderson will be the keynote speaker at the first annual meeting of the Central Coast Community Energy Association to be held on Wednesday, February 12, at 7pm in the Woy Woy Environment Centre.

Peninsula Chiropracc Centre UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Dr. Bre M. Muon (BA Comm, B Chiro Sc, M Chiro)

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Peninsula Chiropracc Centre Open: Monday – Saturday 12 Alfred Street, Umina Contact: 4343 1275

Runaway kite causes power loss

The Central Coast Community Energy Association’s secretary Ms Kate da Costa said the Association had been working closely with council over the last year to develop a proposal for a renewable energy project. The Association was one of nine community groups in NSW to receive a grant from the NSW State Government’s Office of Environment early last year. The grant was to undertake a research project with Gosford Council to develop an innovative mechanism to allow a council to work with a community-owned renewable energy project. The final grant report was submitted to the State Government

in October, and the Association and council have moved to the next stage. Details of the research project and the next steps will be provided by the executive at the meeting. “We know from sign-ups on our website, and through conversation in the street and at markets, that many residents of the Central Coast are excited about the idea of a community-owned renewable energy project,” said Ms da Costa. “There are two big hurdles in Australia – the idea is very new here and so it is hard to get the ball rolling, and it is even more difficult, given low to zero feed-in tariffs and other regulatory barriers, to identify a financially-viable project. “Working with a council is a great starting point to introduce the idea to the Coast. “Gosford Council is very interested in renewable energy, and working with the community, and we are very happy with their support. “Our research grant enabled us to get the best advice on setting

up a co-operative, and how to go about distributing profit to shareholders. “Now we need to move to phase two, and start to get an indication from Coasties about how much they would like to invest. “Most projects like this allow people to invest from as little as $200, which means owning a renewable energy plant is not just for wealthy corporations. “We have vacancies on our executive committee or on subcommittee working groups, so there is plenty of scope if anyone is interested in getting more involved; nominations can be emailed to the secretary on secretary.ccce@,” said Ms da Costa. All interested members of the public are invited to attend the meeting. Membership at modest rates can be paid at the door. Media release, 30 Jan 2014 Kate da Costa, CCCEA

A kite surfer enjoying the strong breeze at Ocean Beach on Saturday, January 25, got more than he bargained for when his kite broke away after a heavy landing. The kite flew into the power lines behind the beach and landed on a parked car. Antoine Sabourin, who was visiting from Sydney, had been performing some aerial stunts when his safety leash broke on impact. Onlookers watched as his kite flew by itself over the beach and into the overhead power lines. Sparks flew as the kites’ lines wrapped themselves around the overhead wires causing a fuse to blow and a loss of power in the immediate area. The fire brigade arrived shortly after and, with the help of an Ausgrid technician, ensured the safe removal of the kite from the power lines. Email, 26 Jan 2014 Nick Friend, Ettalong Photo: Nick Friend

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Page 10 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014


A clean-up goes a long way I consider myself to be an interested community member of the Peninsula and have always loved our beaches and parks. I congratulate the initiative and hard work of those that established the wonderful skate board and play area at Umina. This area is a great drawcard for holidayers and daily visitors. When finished, the foreshore area at Ettalong will be much appreciated. What a shame it is that locals and visitors alike have to travel along the Peninsula roads that are in such bad repair, circle

Forum roundabouts and median strips with huge weeds growing out of them and footpaths with rubbish piles and unmown verges. I appreciate the system that the council set up for the collection of rubbish after they have been informed by the tenant or ratepayer. Council should make an effort for some show of interest (other than the foreshore) in the Peninsula or will we continue to come second in council’s considerations? A clean up goes a long way.

Consider rail alternatives I have recently returned to the Woy Woy Peninsula and have noted a railway underpass proposal associated with Bulls Hill. The first thing I noticed was the rather absurd alignment roundabout with a right turn to the hill approach, somewhat of a diminishment of the curved current bridges approach at Woy Woy Rd (south). I could see major repairs if not flooding damage at the proposed roundabout.

Forum Access to the Nagari Rd tip is also less than ideal. The proposal does not address the real infrastructure problem of the steep and narrow Bulls Hill and winding road alignment past Horsfield and Phegans Bays. The level crossing at Rawson Rd is of concern as indicated in your page one article (Peninsula News, January 21) but this could also be addressed by considering a longer term corridor proposal

Email, 24 Jan 2014 Genny Murphy, Woy Woy


as a second language



Woy Woy Presbyterian Church 120 Blackwall Road Woy Woy Free classes to commence Tuesday 11 February 9:15 am to 12 noon - within school terms 0455 256 479

Test older drivers on their ability Most older drivers, I think, should be tested on their ability to drive a motor vehicle. Older people who take certain medication should not be on the road. Alcohol is another factor. I have had many near misses with older drivers who fail to

across the Woy Woy Inlet from Ocean Beach Rd with an interim rail overpass to join Woy Woy Rd (south). The railway goes through a rock cutting at this location so the height of the overpass to clear electrical cabling would be minimal. If necessary, Railway St also could be overpassed with possible height restrictions. The public in South Woy Woy to the west of the railway would find this access to town much more convenient as well. The only engineering or alignment problem could be high voltage wires in this vicinity across the inlet but a corridor to the lower end of Woy Woy Bar Rd should be possible for the future.

Forum indicate when going around roundabouts, gingerly approach a street or use one hand to steer the wheel. My father used to drive heavy vehicles and found that some drivers did things which were quite dangerous. My father gave up driving when he became unable to handle a vehicle. I also find that mobility scooters are a hazard and some older people use them as cars and speed along footpaths and shopping centres. Although they use them for their mobility purposes, they should not act dangerously. Letter, 21 Jan 2014 Linda Grindley, Woy Woy

Letter, 28 Jan 2014 Allan Dillon, Umina

ALAN WIGNEY PODIATRY 336 Trafalgar Ave, Umina

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Holstein MP We can assist you with queries about the following STATE GOVERNMENT SERVICES: Q Q

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Health Q Education Q Transport Q Fair Trading Q

 Ageing and Disability Q Community Services Q

Police and Emergency Services


 Public Housing Q Main Roads

For help with these or any other State Government issue, please contact me on 4342 4122 Or e-mail me at

Chris Holstein MP



3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 11

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Page 12 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014


Qigong held at health centre The Peninsula Women’s Health Centre will hold a free Vitality and Energy Management group each Tuesday from February 25 until April 1 from 10am to 12pm. The group will introduce easy

energy gathering exercises, meditations and self- healing techniques to restore physical and emotional wellbeing, enhance vitality and assist with selfempowerment to achieve optimal health. The group is based on principles of qigong, which is

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a comprehensive approach to health, wellbeing and longevity and has been a component of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Fiona McKillop will facilitate the group and has had over 12 years’ experience in Qigong and meditation training. She has taught classes extensively both in Australia and overseas. Although the group is free, a donation of $5 is suggested. Bookings are essential and can be made by phoning the centre on 4342 5905.

PH: 4360 2755 - MOB: 0405 388 602

Email, 22 Jan 2014 Katherine Brafield, Peninsula Women’s Health Centre

112 Blackwall Rd, Woy Woy (Woy Woy Osteopath Centre)

Couple celebrates 60th anniversary Umina residents Maree and Stuart Kirk celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary at The Boathouse waterfront

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restaurant in Koolewong on the weekend of January 11 and 12. Maree and Stuart met at a dance at the Paddington Town Hall and married in January 1954 at St Michaels Church in Darlinghurst. The couple had two children, Tracey and David, and raised them at Kensington and South Maroubra in Sydney. Stuart worked in the automotive industry as a power steering specialist and Maree was a bookkeeper for several businesses and served the community as a Justice of the Peace. Son David said Maree and Stuart had always had strong connections with their community, being involved with the South Sydney Junior Rugby League and were long-time members of the Australian Jockey Club. Maree and Stuart retired to Umina and have been active members for many years in the local community including as members and welfare officers of The Probus Club of Umina Beach. Stuart also carried out volunteer work at the Umina Visitors Centre. David said his parents were “delighted to have made so many great friends on the Central Coast and consider their move to enjoy their retirement at Umina as one of the best they’ve ever made”. Maree and Stuart have two grandsons Dean and Brett. Email, 17 Jan 2014 David Kirk, Leichhardt

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3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 13


Stitches to hand after shark bite A man from Umina has received five stitches to his hand after a one-metre black-nosed reef shark bit him while fishing from the rocks at south Umina. Richard O’Connor was fishing when his friend hooked a shark and, as it was landed, the shark swung round and clamped down on the fingers of Richard’s left hand. “I should have shown more respect for the shark,” said O’Connor. “He managed to get a bite of me before I got my teeth into him. Richard was rushed to the new GP Super Clinic in West Gosford by his neighbour 10 minutes before it closed. “Gosford Hospital had said they were really busy at Emergency and there would be a long wait,” said Mr O’Connor. “I arrived at the new clinic and was back home within 45 minutes hugely relieved by the anaesthetic with five stiches in my hand.” Senior clinician at the clinic Dr Beckworth, who was surprised when Mr O’Connor returned the next day with a bottle of wine for the doctor and a box of chocolates for the girls at reception. “It’s certainly the first shark bite we have treated since we opened six months ago and certainly the first patient to return with wine and chocolates,” he said. The remains of the shark lie filleted and frozen in O’Connor’s freezer awaiting the fishing feast he had envisaged before the incident. “I don’t know if I have been in that much pain before.” Email, 27 Jan 2014 Sarah Williams, Umina


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harmer cassin davis booth

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your localAAGED CARE SPECIALISTS Corner of West & Berith Streets, Umina Beach

Fixed Fees No Commissions


While the reforms introduce some more exibility and transparency into the Aged Care system, it is likely that aged care fees will be higher for those entering on or aer 1 July 2014 - especially self-funded rerees or those receiving a part pension.

Phone: 4341 9000

Page 14 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014

Out and About

Union organiser to sing at folk club Troubadour Folk Club will host a visit from US folk singer George Mann in Woy Woy on Sunday, February 16. “The folk music scene is full of singers who perform forcefully and with feeling, singing about injustice, abused rights, those corrupted by power, and their victims,” said

A previous Troubadour concert with George Mann

The Hidden Courtyard Café Valentine’s Day y Special Live music by

STARR WITNESS S 18a Railway St Woy Woy

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publicity officer Ms Sue Robinson. “It is rare to get a singer who actually knows firsthand what he or she is singing about. “But US folk singer and longtime union activist, George Mann, is just such a singer. “And the picture he presents in his music is fun, lively, well-rounded and just made for singing along lustily and with good courage. “George has spent his life putting his money where his mouth is. “He has been working as a union organiser since his youth; one of the more complex and challenging career choices he could have made. “And the issues are a lot more complex than the casual observer might think. “Take the point George made in an interview before setting out for this tour,” she said. Mann was reported as saying: “Wages and benefits are important, but union organising drives in the US succeed more often when treatment on the job, job security, working conditions and safety are the primary issues. “When a worker takes a job, that worker knows the basic wages and benefits that are offered but it takes some time in the job before a worker begins to see unfair treatment, favouritism, and meanness on the part of the company.” Ms Robinson said: “George Mann’s concerts feature familiar, singalong folk songs as well as his own compositions, which are catchy, full of fascinating characters, ripping yarns and frequently funny takes on modern life in the US.” For more information, phone 4342 6716. Media release, 24 Jan 2014 Sue Robinson, Troubadour Folk Club

Green Point Baptist Church invites you to a Market Day and Car Boot Sale to be held in the Green Point Baptist Church carpark, along Avoca Drive in Green Point

Saturday 15 February 9am to 2pm Come and enjoy a morning out and you may even find yourself a bargain. There will be fresh produce, tea, coffee and cold drinks available as well as a BBQ sausage sizzle. If you would like more information please contact

Sponsored by

Peninsula Community Access


3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 15

Out and About

Author meets fans at Erina Woy Woy author and life coach Ms Lisa Butler met fans of her book The Constitution of the United States of Being at Erina Fair, on Saturday, February 1. Present for a book signing, Ms Butler said her book was “ personal to me, but I’m beginning to understand that it’s personal to everyone who reads it”. “I receive so many lovely emails and messages from people who’ve read the book and feel that it is

helping them move forward in life in a positive and empowering way. “It’s very humbling. “The subtitle of the book sums up the concept: The art of selflove, fulfilling your dreams and finding joy - no matter what. “As human beings, we are multidimensional. “We are physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological. “Together, these are our United States of Being, and the Constitution is an inspiring set of

Chorus singing group meets The Troubadour Chorus Singing Group will meet on Monday, February 3, at Everglades Country Club. The group will learn about threepart harmony singing and will also choose a name for the group on the day.

statements for living life well and in harmony with our self and others.” While life is now happy and healthy for this Central Coast born and bred author, it wasn’t always the case. Depression and food addiction plagued her for most of her life. “I still live with depression and my eating disorder, but I no longer suffer or struggle with them. “They are a part of my life, but I’ve found ways to overcome

the physically and emotionally disabling effects they once had on me. “I’ve discovered how to be happy and at peace within myself, and I’m thriving every day. “Sharing my experiences and processes is the best way I can help others who are struggling in their lives,” said Ms Butler. Email, 23 Jan 2014 Lisa Butler, Woy Woy


Computer Guy



A cost of $3 is required to cover the CD for the week. The group will meet on the first and third Mondays of the month. For more information, phone Sue on 4389 4779. Email, 29 Jan 2014 Marilyn Russell, Troubadour Folk Club

Ukelele group starts this month The Troubalukers will start this year’s activities on Monday, February 3, from 10:30am at Everglades Country Club. The Troubalukers learn to play songs on ukulele, visit Hammond Care at Woy Woy once a month and perform at fetes and other community events. The Troubalukers will meet each Monday morning this month at Everglades Country Club, excluding February 17, which will be at Hammond Care at 10:15am. Free lessons are available through Uke Central on Wednesday

mornings and Thursdays evenings for Troubadour members who want to join Troubalukers but don’t know how to play. Singers are also welcome in the group. Contact Marilyn on 4341 4060 to book in for free lessons or to find out more about the Troubalukers ukulele group. Uke Central also runs a Thursday night ukulele group at Everglades Country Club with an open mic and uke circle for $5. Email, 29 Jan 2014 Marilyn Russell, Troubadour Folk Club

Woy Woy Service Department

Saturday 22nd February Members $10 Guest $15

Servicing the Coast for over 40 years Specialised Servicing & Repairs. Most makes & models Opening Hours | Mon –Fri 7.30am – 5.30pm | Sat 8am – 12pm

1 Charlston Street, Woy Woy

P: 4344 1455 E:

Melbourne Avenue, Umina Beach 41340

Telephone: 4341 2618


Page 16 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014

Out and About

Band member to teach guitar Baby Animals’ band member Dave Leslie will teach guitar to people of all ages at a local music school this year. Dave’s group, Baby Animals has enjoyed number one chart positions, are ARIA award recipients and have toured internationally with the likes

of Van Halen, Bryan Adams and Robert Plant. Dave has also played in Jimmy Barnes’ band, Doc Neeson’s Angels and Richard Clapton’s band. Dave said he was keen to pass on some of the knowledge he has acquired from over 35 years of guitar playing.

He said that teaching beginners at the Woy Woy School of Music would be just as great a thrill as working with more advanced students. Email, 29 Jan 2014 Madeline Van Der Mast, Woy Woy School of Music






7KH(VSODQDGH(77$/21*%($&+ $70 &2857(6<%866(59,&( 3K  aZZZHWWDORQJEHDFKFOXEFRPDX

Second Saturday of each month - 8am to 1pm in Kibble Park, Gosford - Rain, hail or shine! For all stall enquiries phone: 43227726 or email: Proudly sponsored by

Proudly brought to you by

and Gosford City


Gosford City Rotary

This advertisement is sponsored by Coast Community News, A Ducks Crossing Publication.

FREE parking at Gosford Town Centre

3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 17

“Mesmerizing! Reclaiming the divinely inspired cultural heritage of China.” —Donna Karan, creator of DKNY

“Elegant—very athletic and very skilled!” —John McColgan, Riverdance producer



HE SHOW MOVES quickly through dynasties and regions. Legends, myths, and heroes of literary classics spring to life. Ethnic and folk dances fill the stage with color and energy. The leaps and flips of Shen Yun’s aerial masters, thunderous battle drums, and singers’ soaring voices are all set to animated backdrops that transport you to another world.


Experience the extraordinary. Experience Shen Yun.

22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000 Ticket Prices: $159, $109, $89


Dates & Times 15 April, Tuesday: 7:30 PM 16 April, Wednesday: 2:00 PM & 7:30 PM 17 April, Thursday: 1PM


Sydney Theatre Box Office Address: 22 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay NSW 2000 (02) 9250 1999 |

illionS OF people have seen Shen Yun. Standing ovations at the world’s top venues, royalty attending in Europe, sold-out shows throughout North America, and packed houses across Asia have made Shen Yun an international phenomenon.

Ticketmaster: 1300 723 038 |






ARTS CENTRE GOLD COAST 24-27 April, 2014


Page 18 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014 Cash Housie Animal Care 50 Games every Sat night Animal Welfare League Peninsula Community Centre, Aid to sick or injured animals & McMasters Rd, Woy Woy, subsidises dog desexing. 7.30pm. Proceeds to Woy Meet 2nd Tues, Spike Woy Catholic Parish. Milligan Room, Woy Woy Library, 10am. Central Coast Debra 4344 4435 Handweavers, Spinners awlcentralcoast@ and Textile Arts Guild Spinning, weaving, patchwork, quilting, felting & RSPCA other fibre & fabric crafts Assist with desexing for cats, Workshops & community dogs & small animals. quilting bees - Day & night Veronica 0407 295 655 groups - 4325 4743


Ettalong Beach Art & Crafts Centre Adult Classes in Patchwork & Quilting, Pottery, Folk Art, Silk Dyeing, Oils, Acrylics, Pastels, Drawing, Watercolour, Silvercraft and Children’s Art & Pottery Mon - Sat 10am - 3pm 4341 8344 Central Coast Art Society Weekly paint-outs Tues 4369 5860. Workshops 9.30am 1st & 3rd Wed Gosford City Art Centre 4363 1820. Social Meetings 1.30pm 4th Wed for demonstrations

4325 1420 Point Clare Art & Craft Wed - Adult Art Class Wed & Fri - Adult Crafts Bunka Embroid, Cards, Crotchet, Cross Stitch $3 Point Clare Community Hall 10am - 12noon 4325 5007 Hospital Art Australia Meet every Tue and Fri 9am-2pm - 109 Birdwood Ave, Umina - Painting and Canvas drawing. Volunteers welcome 4341 9920

Bushwalking National Parks Association Central Coast Twice weekly bush walks on the Central Coast and further afield, varying distances and grades of difficulty. Explore, enjoy scenery, fauna, floral, history. Keep fit and make friends. 4389 4423 & 4332 7378

Community Centres Peninsula Community Centre Cnr Ocean Beach Rd & McMasters Rd Woy Woy Activities, programs and support groups for children, teens, adults and seniors including occasional care, playgroups, dance classes, karate, fitness classes, youth services, gambling solutions, internet kiosk and social groups.

4341 9333 Ettalong 50+ Leisure & Learning Centre Mon - Fri - Cards, Computer Lessons, Dancing, Indoor Bowls, Fitness, Handicrafts, Leatherwork, Line Dancing, Painting, Scrabble, Table Tennis, Tai Chi, Yoga, Darts 4341 3222

Community Groups ABC “The Friends” Support group for Public Broadcaster. Aims: Safeguard ABC’s independence, adequate funding, high standards. Meetings through the year + social afternoons Well-known guest speakers

4341 5170 Bridge Duplicate Bridge Mon Tue Thur Fri Sat-12.15pm & Wed 9.15am Brisbane Water Bridge Club Peninsula Community Centre 93 McMasters Rd.Woy Woy

Central Coast Family History Society Inc. Resources, information & advice to study your family’s history. 1st Sat 1pm Lions Community Hall, 8 Russell Drysdale St, E. Gosford. www.

Directory - Not for profit Community Organisations Seniors Computer Club Central Coast Beginners classes for PC or Mac Mon or Tues. Classes Mon to Fri for most programs - see website. 10am – 12md or 1pm - 3pm Kincumber Neighbourhood Centre. Monthly Meetings with Guest Speaker at Kincumber Hotel 1st Mon 43692530 The Krait Club Community Centre - Cooinda Village, Neptune St, Umina 10.30am For senior members of community. Gentle exercises, quizzes, games, social activities, guest speakers, entertainment and bus trips - 4344 2992

4324 5164

Central Coast Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service Do you have issues with your landlord or real estate agent? Free telephone advice and advocacy for all tenants and residents in residential parks. 4353 5515

Community Care Services - Central Coast For people with memory loss & their carers. Enjoy a relaxing coffee morning Rocky Point Café - Ettalong Beach Memorial Club 3rd Wed 4324 4244

Central Coast Over 30s Social Group Inc We offer social contact, entertainment events & new friendships for people in their 30’s, 40’s, 50’s & 60’s etc. Our events range from; Live Music, House Parties, Restaurant Nights, BBQ’s/Picnics, Trips Away & lots more. For a FREE calendar call Sharon on 0432 760 272

Umina Beach Men’s Shed Inc. Men share a variety of tools, pursue interests and hobbies, Spend time with other men and Learn new skills Darrell 4341 2355 Volunteering Central Coast Refers potential volunteers to community orgs. Support both volunteers and community orgs. Training for volunteers & their managers. 4329 7122

Wagstaffe to Killcare Community Protect and preserve the environment & residential nature of the Bouddi Peninsula and to strengthen community bonds 2nd Mon, 7.30pm Wagstaffe Hall - 4360 2945

Disabled Services Riding for the Disabled Horse Riding as a therapy for those with intellectual or physical disabilities Volunteers required. No Previous exp necessary School hours only Mon to Sat 4340 0388

I AM LOST Deep Conversations & systematic exercises for understanding my self & my place in life. - Gurdjieff Society - Ancient and modern knowledge. 6pm 2nd Thu 0425 296 783

Mingaletta Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Corporation The Mingaletta community centre provides its members and other community groups a meeting place and referal hub for education, health, well-being and cultural programs through consultative services and community programs. Mon-Fri 9am 4pm 6 Sydney Ave Umina 4342 7515


Peninsula Environment Group Talks, films, social events, workshops, renewable energy and recycling projects, organic food buying group

Overeaters Anonymous (OA) 12-step fellowship for those with eating disorders. No dues, fees, or weigh-ins. Peninsula Corn. Cntr, cnr. Mc Masters Rd & Ocean Beach Rd. Woy Woy, Fri 8pm - 0412 756 446 Pink Butterfly Breast Cancer Support Group First Sunday 10.00am -12.00 Shop 71 Schnapper Road Ettalong Markets 0428 712 251 Peninsula Village Wellness Centre Offering holistic and complementary therapies including aromatherapy, massage and music therapy 4344 9199 Peninsula Village Meals Delivered daily to your door Nutritious, great for the elderly 4344 9199 Peninsula Village Carer’s Support Group For carers of loved ones with dementia - 1st Wed - 10 to 11.30am Paula 4344 9199 Peninsula Women’s Health Centre Clinic sister; counselling; alternate therapists; groups and community education; drop-in; support for women in crisis; 4342 5905 Wed & Thur 9.30am-3pm 20a McMasters Rd, Woy Woy

Prostate Cancer Support Group (Gosford) Meet last Friday Terrigal Uniting Church, 380 Terrigal Drive, Terrigal 9.30am to 12 noon 4367 9600

Wellness Group A small group of people with a serious illness to share and support unfolding journeys Free at The Clearing, 2/31 Chambers Place Woy Woy 2nd Mon 9:30am 4341 0464

Alcoholics Anonymous If you want to drink, that’s your business. If you want to stop, that’s our business. Every Sat - Progress Hall Ronald Ave, Wyoming 8pm 4323 3890

Woy Woy Public Hospital Alliance To restore medical services previously available & upgrade to a standard that meets with local needs. 2pm 2nd Sat St Lukes Church Hall, Blackwall Rd Woy Woy 4344 4811

Arthritis NSW 3rd Tues Peninsula Community Centre, Cnr McMasters Rd and Ocean Beach Rd, Woy Woy 4341 5881

Peninsula School for Seniors The Community Centre, McMasters Road, Woy Woy Discussions, Rumikin, Craft, History, Walkers, Coach trips Tues, Wed, Thur 4341 7785 4341 2142 Peninsula Village Playgroup Carers, Grandparents, parents & children ‘Intergenerational Playgroup’ Every Tues 10-11.30am Paula Newman - 4344 9199

GROW - Free Weekly 12 Step Mental Health Self Help Group - Helping thousands to recover from mental health challenges for more than 55 years to find a GROW group near you call 1800 558 268 or visit

Probus Club of Umina Friendship, fellowship and fun Advancing intellectual, cultural and social interests for active retirees 55yrs+ Non Political and Non Sectarian - 2nd Wed 10am, Everglades Club

GROW Groups meet weekly all year round

Meals on Wheels Delivered meals and flexible food options for people with a functional disability 4382 9401

Soundwaves Men’s acapella 4 part harmony chorus - all ages 7pm Mon Central Coast Leagues Club Ray 0405 030 945

Troubadour Central Coast Inc Folk, Traditional & Acoustic Music and Spoken Word Inc Ukulele meets, Concerts and Sessions 4th Sat 7pm CWA Hall Woy Woy 4341 4060

Health Groups

Gambling Solutions Gambling help counsellors providing free confidential professional service to gamblers, family and friends Available Woy Woy, Kincumber, Gosford and The Entrance 4344 7992

Mary Mac’s Place Providing hot, freshly cooked meals - Mon to Fri 11am-1pm with support, info & referrals 4341 0584

Woy Woy Stroke Recovery Club Peninsula Community Centre 2nd Tues 11.30am Company, up-to-date info, hydrotherapy, bus trips 4341 7177

Marine Central Coast Rescue Unit Marine Education Courses. Radio Licences, Boat Safety & Boat Licence & PWC Licence Tests, Navigation, Seamanship and Meteorology. g 4325 7929

Music Gosford Musical Society Minstrels Entertain at various venues on the Coast seeking new members Thur Night Laycock St North Gosford 4341 4210

Political Group Australian Labor Party Umina Ettalong Branch Political discussions, national, state and local government issues 2nd Mon Umina Beach Bowling Club 7.30 4342 3676 Central Coast Greens Active regarding ecological sustainability, social & economic justice, peace & non-violence, grassroots democracy & gettingGreens elected 3rd Thur,

Peninsula Day Branch ALP Meeting 1pm 2nd Mon monthly CWA Hall Woy Woy Federal, State, Local Government and Community matters under caring discussions 4341 9946

Service Groups Lions Club of Woy Woy 1st and 3rd Mon at Everglades Country Club 4326 1996 Make new friends and have fun while serving your community. Northern Settlement Services Provides socialisation for migrants. Volunteers assist with home visits, shopping and social days. Every Thur Peninsula Community Centre 93 McMasters Rd Woy Woy - 4334 3877 Rotary Club of Kariong/Somersby International service club improve lives of communities in Aust. & o/seas. Fun-filled activities, fellowship and friendship. Phillip House, 21 Old Mount Penang Rd, Fri 7.15am 4340 4529

Rotary Club of Umina International service organisation of business leaders improving lives of youth & those in need. Weds. Everglades Country Club

0409 245 861 Rotary Club of Woy Woy International service club improve lives of communities in Aust. & o/seas. Tues 6pm Everglades Country Club. Don Tee 0428 438 535

Special Interest

Central Coast Potters Society Dedicated to increasing the ceramics knowlede, experience and skills of members and the general public. Running classes, workshops, demonstrations, exhibitions and social events - Annual exhibitions in May and December

4324 5343


Deepwater Dragon Boat Club Woy Woy Come try this fantastic sport! Paddling sessions available Sunday mornings & Wednesday afternoons. Adults & juniors over 12 years welcome. First 3 training sessions free. 0414 974 743.

Woy Woy Judo Club Classes for adults, juniors & seniors. Tues & Fri Ettalong 50+ Leisure and Learning Centre 0434 000 170

Travel Friendship Force Central Coast Travel in small groups and stay with friends in 370 clubs around the world & host small groups. 4399 3625

Veterans National Malaya Borneo Veterans Association 1st Sat (except Jan) 2pm Ettalong Beach War Memorial Club, 51-52 The Esplanade. 4342 1107 Vietnam Veterans’, Peacekeepers’ and Peacemakers’ Assist all Veterans & families with pension & welfare Mon & Wed 9am-1pm 4344 4760 Cnr Broken Bay Rd & Beach St Ettalong.

Woy Woy Ettalong Hardy’s Bay RSL Provide help with pensions and welfare etc. Shop 5/382 Oceanview Rd Ettalong. Tues & Thurs 9am to 1pm 4341 2594

Women’s Groups Country Women’s Association Woy Woy Opposite Fisherman’s Wharf Craft & Friendship 1st and 2nd Wed 10am Meetings 4th Wed 10.30am 4324 2621 Country Women’s Association Umina Craft and Friendship: • Mon 6pm; Wed 9am; 1st Sun 12.30pm • Branch meeting: 1st Wed 10am CWA Hall, Cnr West and Sydney St, Umina 4341.5404 The Endeavour View Club, Woy Woy Lunch 1st Mon Everglades Country Club 10.30am. Friendship days, 3rd Wed Uniting Church Hall, Picnic Pde Ettalong 10.30am 4342 2283 Gosford RSL Women’s Auxiliary For women over 18 years. Raise money for welfare of veterans and their families RSL Club West Gosford 4th Mon 2pm 4323 7336 Inner Wheel club of Gosford North Women making a difference with friendship, personal service and international understanding. Social activities combined with fund raising 2nd Wed 7pm Phillip House Kariong 4324 7176

WOWGIRLS Wave of Wisdom Inc WOWGIRLS Wave of Wisdom connects women and local businesses around a common theme of wellbeing. to share wisdom and explore lifes potential. Regular Powwows, WOW Wisdom gatherings, WOW days and WOW courses check our website for activities.

If you would like your Community Organisation listed here, call us on

4325 7369

3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 19

Out and About

Charity screening The Rotary Clubs of Woy Woy and Umina Beach will be part of a national charity preview screening of the movie The Monuments Men on Wednesday, February 19. The film, which won’t have its Australian release until March, will be pre-released for one screening at Cinema Paradisio in Ettalong at 7:30pm. The film depicts the greatest art

heist in history and stars, among others, George Clooney, Cate Blanchett and Matt Damon. Tickets are $15 each with all profits going directly to the Rotary Foundation’s End Polio campaign. For further information and tickets, phone Jayne on 43428183 or 0405 714 289. Email, 28 Jan 2014 Jayne Mote, Rotary Club of Woy Woy Inc.

New production by Little Theatre Woy Woy Little Theatre’s most recent production Straight and Narrow will open at the Peninsula Theatre on Friday, February 21, for a threeweek season, including four matinees. The play was first presented on the London West End and theatre critics were full of praise. This “funny, touching, clever comedy” (Sunday Mail) is about three siblings, their partners and a domineering mother. The central couple are partners Bob and Jeff whose relationship is in crisis. Meanwhile Nona’s husband Arthur has run off with a younger woman. The third couple’s marriage is under a cloud as their fifth child is on its way while demanding mother Vera is totally confused. A cast of seven bring this production to life; Gerard Dunning, Will Burke, Helen Herridge, Trevor Doyle, Christine Cherry and John Lusty while well-known character actress Joan Dalgleish is playing the role of the meddling mother Vera. “I love characters like Vera,” said Joan. “You can have so much fun in creating this interfering domineering soul and it turns out that mother has a secret of two of her own,” laughed Joan. Woy Woy Little Theatre shows are no longer booked through the Laycock St Theatre website. Book online at, phone 4344 4737, or in person at the Peninsula Theatre Box Office an hour before the show. Media release, 29 Jan 2014 David Wicks, Woy Woy Little Theatre

The Peninsula Diary of Events For events in post code areas 2256 and 2257

Monday February 3 Troubadour Chorus Singing Group meeting, Everglades Country Club Troubalukers meeting, Everglades Country Club, 10:30am

Saturday February 8 Happy Days at Ettalong Beach, 10am-4pm

Sunday February 9 Happy Days at Ettalong Beach, 10am-4pm

Tuesday February 11 Encore exercise program begins for survivors of breast cancer, Woy Woy, 6pm-8pm English as a Second Language Conversation Class, Woy Woy Presbyterian Church, 9:15am12pm Transition to Retirement seminar, Ettalong Beach Club, 6:15pm, free

Wednesday February 12

Peninsula directory of services, contacts and support groups

Ambulance, Police, Fire 000 Emergency Ambulance, Police, Fire 000 Police Assistance Line 131 444 Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 Woy Woy Police Station 4379 7399 Energy Australia 13 13 88 Gas Emergency 131 909 Gosford City Council 4325 8222 Marine Rescue NSW Central Coast 4325 7929 SES - Storm and Flood Emergency 132 500

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Organisations

preview screening, Cinema Paradiso, Ettalong, 7:30pm

Mingaletta 4342 7515 Aboriginal Home Care 4352 1153 Drug & Alcohol rehab 4388 6360

Friday February 21


Central Coast Community Energy Association annual meeting, Woy Woy Environment Centre, 7pm

Straight and Narrow opening performance, Peninsula Theatre

Saturday February 15

Saturday February 22

Learn to Surf day, Umina Beach, 2pm-3pm A Coupla Numbers, Patonga Beach Hotel, 8pm

Veterans March, Dedication Service and Welcome Home Function, Ettalong, 10am

Sunday February 16

Vitality and Energy Management group, Peninsula Women’s Health Centre, 10am12pm, free

Free Form Dancing class, Peninsula Community Centre, 10am-12pm Troubadour Folk Club house concert, Woy Woy Rollerfit open day, Peninsula Leisure Centre, 1pm-3pm

Gerard Dunning, Will Burke and Joan Dalgleish

Tuesday February 25

Wednesday February 26 Triple P Parenting Workshops begin, Woy Woy Public School, 10am-12:30pm

Dept. of Housing Gosford 4323 5211 Cassie4Youth 4322 3197 Coast Shelter 4324 7239 Pacific Link Com Housing 4324 7617 Rumbalara Youth Refuge 4325 7555 Samaritans Youth Services 4351 1922 Youth Angle • Woy Woy 4341 8830 Woy Woy Youth Cottage 4341 9027

Poisons Information 131 126 Ambulance Text Mobile 106 Ambulance GSM 112 Gosford Hospital 4320 2111 Woy Woy Hospital 4344 8444 Sexual Health @ Gosford Hospital 4320 2114 After Hours GP Help Line 1800 022 222

Legal & Financial Help Financial Counselling Service 4334 2304 Tenants’ Advice and Advocacy Service 4353 5515 Woy Woy Court 4344 0111

Libraries Gosford district: Umina Beach 4304 7333 Woy Woy 4304 7555

Problems, Habits & Addiction Alcoholics Anonymous 4323 3890 Narcotics Anonymous 4325 0524

Wildlife Arc 4325 0666 Wires 8977 3333


Community Centres Peninsula Community Centre 4341 9333 Men’s Shed Cluster Inc 0413 244 484

Saturday March 29


Bays Community Group annual meeting, Bays Community Hall The Monuments Men charity

Opera in the Arboretum, Pearl Beach, 3pm-5:30pm

Centacare: 4324 6403 Relationship Australia: 1300 364 277 Interrelate: 1800 449 118

for events in post code areas 2250, 2251 & 2260 and the Wyong Regional Chronicle for events in post code areas 2258, 2259, 2261, 2262 & 2263


Animal Rescue

Wednesday February 19

If you’ve got something happening on the Peninsula over the next few weeks, let us know about it and we’ll list it here for you, for free. Contact details are on page 2. See the Coast Community News

Horizons (For men with children) 4333 5111 Uniting Care Burnside Gosford 1800 067 967

Family and Relationships Centacare Gosford 4324 6403 Gosford Family Support Service 4340 1099

Taxi 131 008 Busways 4368 2277 City Rail 131 500

Welfare Services Gosford Family Support 4340 1585 Meals on Wheels 4341 6699 Department of Community Services Gosford 4336 2400 The Salvation Army 4325 5733 Samaritans Emergency Relief 4393 2450 St Vincent De Paul Society HELPLINE 4323 6081

Page 20 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014



Express 1 week Proud Local Manufacturer @ West Gosford

PH: 4324 8800

Phone: 4325 7369 Fax: 4321 0940

E-mail: or Download a form from

Bore Water

Ad a logo or photo only $6 +GST Ad full colour only $6 + GST


Bores and Spears Install high quality pumps and maintenance free spears, existing systems reconditioned, all work guaranteed. Ph: Warren Greenway Ph: 4341 7736 Mob: 0408 225 390 lic No. DL1960


Carpentry - Building â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ â&#x20AC;˘ 




Adult Services

Secrets at Gosford

Now Open International Ladies New Management Special Rates Escorts Available 29 Wollong Street Gosford

4322 2030 0405 823 066


over 30 years experience Local know how working with pride and honesty

The Central Coast Bush Dance & Troubadour Acoustic Music Association Experience Folk Music Club

Bush Dance with Sydney Coves

Admission $18 incl. supper Folk Fed Affiliates & Pensioners $15,

Students 13 to 18 $8

Installations & Tuning New home specialist Credit cards OK HAYWARD VIDEO All areas Gosford 4323 6367 Woy Woy 4344 4414 Warnervale 1800 244 456 0412 685 555


Absolute Style Supplies

Bathroom showroom open to the public offering â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;supply and/or install of tiles, bathroom products and flooringâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; at trade prices Designer Homewares We help you turn your home into your oasis

5/14 Paton St, Woy Woy

0410 270 641 0498 056 819

7PM Tickets $12 Concession $10 Members $8

Free Quotes Lawn & Garden Painting Paving


Enq: 4344 6484 Doors

Mob ile S ervic e

Interior, Exterior and Security Doors

Craig Lack Fencing All colorbond, lattice, pool and garden fencing. All gates No job too small We will beat any written quote Operating on the Coast for 10 years Fully licenced and insured "We work with the customer" Call Craig 24/7 for all your fencing needs on 0405 620 888 or 4344 1363

Stump Removal

0422 883 967 (sms)

4339 2424 0402 186 546 Free Quotes

0401 880 406

*All mechanical repairs & servicing *Rego inspections -All makes & models *Very reasonable rates *Pensioner discounts Tim Howell Lic.No. 44 033038

Cantâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; see what is behind U While Reversing? Have a reversing camera supplied & installed by a qualified mechanic at your home from as little as $250. After hours / Saturday appointments available

â&#x20AC;˘ Acreage Maintenance Sp

Ph 0422 468 375




(Semi Retired)

Electrical Services Lic No:248126C

Greg Burch 0402 830 770


Lights - Fans Power - Reno's Switchboards Security lights No job too small Call Ben on

0404 093 299

MASTERPAINTER QUALITY TRADESMAN 15yrs experience in decorating

A Reliable Service

Services coastwide Prompt - Free consulting and Quotes

All Interior & Exterior Paint work

All aspects of Lawn & Garden Maintenance

4325 7369

bank account looking good

Call ValsPix

0418 600 436

My Wedding Photo Wedding Video & Photography

Photographer with over 15 years experience All your images supplied in black & white and colour on DVD. Moving footage and editing at affordable prices. Wedding packages form $800.00 Email:

Phone: 0419500739


Seniorâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s rates start at

Johno Watts 0466 267 311

CLASSIFIED advertisements start from only $30 + GST

corprorate/web site/ sporting/retail/modelling the window to your world is your portrait Give me your face and I will Give you the image Use a photographer that cares how the end product looks But manages to keep your

Serving the Coast for 10 Years

Trade Qualified & Insured



4341 2897 or 0418 603 667

Commercial & Residential

â&#x20AC;˘ Carparks â&#x20AC;˘ Driveways â&#x20AC;˘ Pathways


D.T. Central Coast Mobile Mechanicc


9am to 5pm Monday to Friday

Police Masters Lic No. 409982903 Security Lic No. 2E409965334 Carpentry Joinery Lic No. 108056c

The List goes on, you name it, we will fix it!

Motor Vehicle

Call today

Unit 1/14 Alma Avenue Woy Woy


Rendering Repairs Plastering Repairs Painting & Decorating Roof Repairs Partition Walls Carpentry Repairs - Locks

Lic. 180056c


All quotes obligation free


Mobile Mechanic



For all your home maintenance repairs and small jobs contact Max Hull for a friendly reliable service 4342 5893 - 0413 485 286

Tiling Furniture/Shed

4341 4060

3D concepts, drawings, BASIX New homes, additions and alterations No job too small Expert advice

Lic 1355c - Fully Insured

Tree Trimming General Carpentry

Chinese lady, 53 y.o retired teacher, Australia PR, seeking a good educated, kind hearted healthy, 5060 y.o gentleman for permanent relationship

For your professional Handyman Service

Bookings Essential

Weed Warrior

PROFESSIONAL SERVICE for more information

A Better Picture

Antenna & Digital

The Hollands on tour from USA

Bi-Fold, French & Wardrobe Stainless Steel Security Door & Window Systems, Security Grilles, Fly Screen Doors and Fly Screens, Dog & Cat Doors


Want to Meet


ABN: 87179898230

Lic 62898c

1300 698 757


Rubbish Removal

0432 216 020 or 4339 2317



Music at its best at meets at the Fully insured - Discounts for seniors East Gosford CWA Hall, Woy Woy Call Justin on: Progress Hall @ 7.30pm 0414 382 212 - 0413 587 701 Floor Spots Henry Parry Drive available February 8 Contact February 22 the House Doctors

Paul Skinner

Building Design



$25 Per hr


Quality guaranteed Dulux paints

Over 36 yrs exp


Gyprock, Renovations

0466 966 547

Small Jobs, Free Quotes

Fully Licenced and insured

ADVERTISEMENTS cost only $30 plus GST for 5 cms, and will be working for you in your local community for



J Pourau Lic: 217611c



Reliable Service

0418 452 474 Licence No 2107c

3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 21

Classifieds Plumbing

Nippers compete in junior surf challenge

Umina Beach Plumbing All aspects of plumbing: Drainage and Gasfitting, Domestic and Maintenance Works Installation of rainwater tanks

Nippers from Ocean Beach Surf Life Saving Club and Umina Beach Surf Life Saving Club visited Newport Surf Life Saving Club on

4344 3611

0402 682 812 Lic 164237c


Removals Deliveries & Removals, Local Sydney, Newcastle & Country. Single items or a house full. Competitive rates.

02 4342 1479

Car Boot Sale Woy Woy Peninsula Lions Club

February 24, 9am to 1pm

Great variety of stalls ~ BBQ, Tea & Coffee. Vendors Welcome ~ $15 per car Now at Dunban Road Car Park NB stall sites not open until 6.30am Cnr. Ocean Beach Road Woy Woy Always Last Sunday (Except December) Enq: 0439 514 723

Volunteer sought to assist mature person to clear hoarded items following a council order Please reply too PO Box 596 Woy Woy 2256

Positions Vacant

Adult Work Opportunies $Call Today$ Get Paid Today! Ladies 1 or 2 shis can earn you a full weeks wages Training, Accommodaon & Transport Assistance available Gosford

0405 823 066

Nippers aged eight to 14 were able to meet with champion ironman Zane Holmes and compete in the mini ironman series. The Wave Warriors Junior Challenge has events across all surf sports disciplines with individual events such as beach sprint, surf race, board race and iron person.

A rollerskating fitness class will be held at an open day in Woy Woy on Sunday, February 16, from 1pm to 3pm.

Tuition - Dance

Licence No 62042c

Public Notices

The competition is Saturday, February 1, for the Wave Warriors about participation and fun, Junior Challenge event. encouraging young athletes

The Rollerfit open day will be held at the Peninsula Leisure Centre with two sessions. A beginner session will be held from 1:15pm to 2pm and an intermediate and advanced session will be

Gosford Scottish Country Dancers hold a intermediate class on Wednesdays from 7 to 10 pm at Wyoming Beginners Tuesdays 7.30 to 9 pm at Kariong It’s an excellent for of excersice which brings men, women and young people together socially, learning new and old dances in a very friendly relaxed atmosphere No experience or partner necessary All ages welcome Cost $5.00 per week Contact Janice on 4388 2253

Tuition - Music

Wednesday Day time

Tom Flood

Peninsula Area

4341 4060

The Shame File

• Affordable Roof Solutions - • High Thai-d Umina Beach Brad Sedgewick Ettalong



• Sharon Martin - Devine Image • Bob Murray of Vetob P/L • Marilyn Clarke - Formerly of trading as Browse About of Skippers Take Away Seafoods Woy Woy • Depp Studios - Formerly of • Mal’s Seafood & Charcoal Chicken of Ettalong Beach Umina • • Stan Prytz of ASCO Bre Simon Jones - All external cleaning and sealing services Concreting Roofing


Cash paid for good quality swords & knives. War & movie memorabilia also shop display units

For large collections home visit available

Media release, 20 Jan 2014 Darren Saffin, Progressive PR

Smoking dragon shop 12 Ebbtide Mall 155 The Entrance Rd The Entrance

4333 8555

Subscribe now and don’t miss an edition

Peninsula Community Access


1 Year (25 editions) to Peninsula News $50

Email, 23 Jan 2014 Stacey Short, Rollergirl promotions

Tuition - Music

Thursday Night time

• Andrew and Peter Compton

held from 2:15pm to 3pm. Skate hire for the free launch day will be available. However, it will limited and will be available on a first-in first-served basis. Sizes five to 10 will be available on the open day. Regular classes will run weekly on Tuesdays from 6pm to 7pm (All Levels) at the same venue. Membership and class passes for Tuesdays will be available to purchase at the open day.


Ducks Crossing Publications has a very liberal credit policy for advertisers and realises that from time to time, people, businesses and organisations get into financial difficulty and may need assistance and time to get things back on track. However, some people, businesses and organisations take advantage of this generosity they use advertising but simply don’t pay their account after several months and need to be taken to court to do so. From time to time, as necessary, we will name these people, businesses or organisations as a warning to our readers so that they will be wary when dealing with them.

• Bruce Gilliard Empire Bay

towards a healthy and active lifestyle and encouraging them to continue their participation in the sport and to become future volunteer patrolling lifesavers at their local surf lifesaving clubs. Zane said his dedication to surf lifesaving led him to create the Wave Warriors Junior Challenge, an annual

event now in its fourth year which attracts competitors from across Australia and New Zealand. “My goal was to create a unique ocean and beach spectacular for junior lifesavers (Nippers) so they can come together from around Australia to participate in an exciting competition,” said Holmes.

Rollerskating open day

0411 049 559


0415 498 319

Wanted to buy

1 Year (25 editions) to Gosford Central News $50

Harmonica Tuition all popular styles

4324 2801

1 Year (25 editions) to Wyong Regional Chronicle $50 Springfield

One on One $25 half hr $40hr

Frank Russell

Phone: 4325 7369 - Fax: 4321 0940 120c Erina Street, Gosford To order online Name:

Guitar Lessons All Ages Beginner to intermediate Umina

0417 456 929 or 4341 4060

Ph: Email: Address:

TV Repair Credit Card Number: ___________________/___________________/ ______________________________________/

• Erroll Baker, former barber, Ettalong

Exp: ______/______ Please complete credit card details or send a cheque

• Marks Pump Service, Woy Woy

or money order payable to

• Jamie’s Lawn Mowing of Woy • Tony Fitzpatrick, Trading as Woy Futuretek Roof Constructions • William McCorriston Complete • Mick Wilson of Umina trading Bathroom Renovations as Shower Screen Specialists • First Premier Electrical Service of Umina Beach

Ducks Crossing Publications, PO Box 1056, Gosford NSW 2250

Page 22 - Peninsula News - 3 February 2014


Three Ocean Beach Surf teams to compete Three teams from Ocean Beach Surf Life Saving Club will compete in the Australian Open at Stockton Beach on the weekend of February 7 to 9.

Gordon Ives [left] and Norm Stanton [right] after the game

Driving team to victory Umina resident Gordon Ives struck three wickets in four balls as skipper of the Central

Coast Cyclones Over-60s cricket team to drive the team to victory against

Robyn SIMMONDS Personal Travel Manager M: 0419 436 803 T: 1300 461 359

Wishing all Safe Travel’s for 2014


the Southern Highlands at Doyalson on Wednesday, January 29. The Central Coast Cyclones final score was three for 224 in 42 overs and the Southern Highlands’ score was 150 all out. For the Cyclones, Greg Buscombe scored 28, John Fogarty 26, Greg Briggs 26, Greg Gillies 25, Gordon Ives 25, Ken Gross 28 and Lenny Hardy 25, all retired. For the Highlands, Norman Stanton scored 30 not out and Peter Burgoyne scored 35. The Central Coast Cyclones won by 74 runs. Email, 29 Jan 2014 Andy Martin, Central Coast Cyclones

… so we are excited to announce that we will proudly sponsor the Umina Bunnies Junior Rugby League Football Club by providing a FREE FITTED MOUTHGUARD to every registered player in 2014

Play hard Play safe

SOUTH STREET DENTAL Umina Beach Prevenve Cosmec Reconstrucve Implants Dentures and of course Mouthguards

The teams from Ocean Beach, the under-23 Whispering Eye, under-19 Headomy and Reserves Corner Bar Crew, are three of over 300 crews making up approximately 1500 competitors from 100 surf lifesaving clubs across Australia. In the final round of the NSW arm of the Navy Australian Surf Rowers League held at Manly on Saturday, January 25, Headomy competed in the under-19 men’s event and placed first. Over 200 crews making up 800 competitors representing approximately 70 surf lifesaving clubs from across Australia battled it out on Manly beach. The Australian Open has a race distance of 400 metres with wet starts and finishes. Crews will row three roundrobin races before they move to

elimination and race off in the finals of each division. Divisions of surf boat racing being contested include Open Men, Open Women, Reserve Men, under-23 Men, under-23 Women, under-19 Men and Masters. The Australian Open is expected to bring over 3500 rowers, officials, friends, family and supporters to the Newcastle area. The 2013-14 Australian Surf Rowers League Series consists of 25 events around Australia from September 2013 to February 2014, with events being held on some of the country’s premier beaches. The 2014 Australian Open is the culmination of the series. The Australian Surf Rowers League was born in NSW in 1992 as the International League of Australian Surfboat Rowers Inc. and currently has over 3000 members from over 260 clubs which make up over 550 crews competing nationally each year. Media release, 23 Jan 2014 Darren Saffin, Progressive PR

LAT 33° 51’ S - LONG 151° 14’ E - TIME ZONE - 1000 Times and Heights(m) of high and low waters

Time - Height(m)

Time - Height(m)

Time - Height(m)

Add one hour to the times below when Daylight Saving is in force

MON - 3 0432 - 0.30 1049 - 1.79 1711 - 0.22 2323 - 1.61 THU - 6 0105 - 1.53 0725 - 0.57 1321 - 1.31 1929 - 0.54 SUN - 9 0405 - 1.47 1057 - 0.63 1647 - 1.14 2225 - 0.64 WED - 12 0009 - 0.57 0638 - 1.61 1316 - 0.45 1913 - 1.31 SAT - 15 0206 - 0.45 0827 - 1.70 1452 - 0.35 2054 - 1.44

TUE - 4 0527 - 0.38 1138 - 1.63 1756 - 0.33 FRI - 7 0201 - 1.49 0833 - 0.63 1423 - 1.19 2023 - 0.61 MON - 10 0504 - 1.51 1154 - 0.58 1746 - 1.19 2321 - 0.61 THU - 13 0051 - 0.52 0716 - 1.65 1350 - 0.40 1947 - 1.36 SUN - 16 0243 - 0.43 0901 - 1.69 1523 - 0.34 2128 - 1.4

WED - 5 0014 - 1.57 0624 - 0.48 1228 - 1.46 1840 - 0.44 SAT - 8 0302 - 1.47 0946 - 0.65 1535 - 1.14 2124 - 0.65 TUE - 11 0555 - 1.55 1238 - 0.51 1833 - 1.25 FRI - 14 0130 - 0.48 0753 - 1.68 1422 - 0.37 2021 - 1.41 MON - 17 0320 - 0.43 0936 - 1.66 1554 - 0.35 2201 - 1.50

APPROX. TIME LAG AFTER FORT DENISON Ettalong 40 min, Rip Bridge 2hrs - Wisemans Ferry 2 hrs 30 min, Koolewong 2 hrs 10 min

52 South Street UMINA BEACH 2257

Ph: 02 4344 6699

In view of the variations caused by local conditions and meteorological effects, these times are approximate and must be considered as a guide only. They are not to be relied on for critical depth calculations for safe navigation. Actual times of High and Low Water may occur before or after the times indicated

3 February 2014 - Peninsula News - Page 23


Four Umina Nippers in Nats Four Interbranch competitors from Umina Surf Life Saving Club travelled to Manly on Sunday, January 19, to compete at the Nipper Nats. The carnival is the biggest lead-up to the state titles and also gives nippers a chance to compete against competitors from other states. Lachlan Braddish placed first in the under-12 surf swim, third in the

board race and third in the ironman while brother Harry placed first in the under-14 sand sprints and board race. Leilani Healy managed 10th in the under-12 ironperson and also competed in flags. Mimi Henderson won the under14s ironperson, board race and placed third in the surf swim. Email, 23 Jan 2014 Peter Talty, Umina Surf Club

Harry Braddish, Lachlan Braddish, Leilani Healey and Mimi Henderson


Charity bowls day raises $965 A charity bowls day was held at Woy Woy Bowling Club on Sunday, January 19, with $965 raised for Central Coast Kids in Need. The donation bought the club’s total for the year so far to over $2000. “Our new band of volunteer helpers in the form of Dave Bowman, John Campbell and John Orme were out in force to assist Alan McDougall, Bob Willis and Marion with their work,” said charity bowls coordinator Mr Ken Dixon. “Morgo and Dave Downey were on hand also and Ken Poole did his usual good work in the office.” Central Coast Kids in Need raises money to assist families who have seriously ill children with prolonged illness. Most of these children are cancer patients, others with organ transplants and premature babies with life threatening issues. Forty-eight bowlers were in attendance on the day with the Spider Glass won by birthday boy Col McCormack while Mark Fenton won the Lucky Rink Draw by getting over the top of John McDonald. “We all enjoyed a great lunch of corned beef and salad. “It was great to see so many new faces on the day, including some young bowlers.” New members are welcome

at the next bowls day on Sunday, February 16. Media release, 20 Jan 2014 Ken Dixon, Woy Woy Bowling Club

From 6am Weekends and 7.30am Weekdays

We Want You! Never Ever Give Up!

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You+Friends+Family+Fans JoinOurFamilyPride! The Southern & Ettalong United FC Season & JnrAcademy 2014 Invites Elite and Social Players + Under 5’s to Over 45’s + Juniors & Seniors + Boys & Girls + Mens & Ladies + We have teams to suit Everyone + Only Coast Club with a Free Jnr Academy: by SEU’s Head Coach Dale Eggleton! + 2013 Div1 First Grade Premiers + Canteen Manager required see website for application info + All Volunteers are encouraged: feel free to lend a hand + Sponsorship Packages available + Join the Oldest Jnr Club on the Coast + FREE Club SHORTS with Every Rego! + Easy Online Rego at and select Southern&Ettalong United Football Club: Open Now! + Contact Club Registrar Andrew Richmond if you need more details: or 0403 828 217





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