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Tips To Ensure That Your Business Is PCI Compliance

Take the PCI DSS Self-Assessment Questionnaire Keep a check on the volume of credit card transactions your company processes to meet PCI compliance. Many business fall into the category of level 4 of PCI standard. To demonstrate PCI compliance, merchants take a PCI self-assessment survey, which enquires about the company’s data security. Some companies should have security vendor approval conducted quarterly.

Separate Your Network For achieving PCI compliance, the amount of work you have to do depend on the scope. PCI only applies to the servers, network devices in your company that process, store, or transmit data of the cardholder. These are considered "in scope." These are apart from the company’s system like the network employees use to access the internet that reduces the risk of your customers' credit card data being hacked.

Stop Storing Verification Codes While companies are expected to protect, basic cardholder data, such as the customer's name and account number, storing CVV data is not allowed. For the reduction in level of fraud, companies frequently ask customers for their CVV code. PCI does not allow companies to store it anywhere on your system, even if it is encrypted.

Educate Your Employees Your employee should know how to protect credit card information. You should talk to your employee how to protect customer information and credit card data. Make sure they know your policies on data security and how deviating from PCI compliance path could devastate your business.

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Tips to ensure that your business is pci compliance  

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