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CLASS OF “47” NEWSLETTER NOVEMBER 2008 Content 1. November Class of 47 Reunion Dinner Content 2. Athletics Team Content 3. Marsh Farm 2009 Content 4. Diary Note

1. November Class of 47 Dinner We all know that Graham Howe ran a quick 100yds, threw a mean cricket ball, leapt a good long jump, hopped a good high jump, made thundering tackles and swiped many an extravagant cover drive. What we didn’t know is that he has developed great organising skills, which were well demonstrated by the arrangements he made for this year’s dinner. An excellent venue coupled with good food and wine made the event probably the best so far. The day started with the usual lunchtime get together at the Kings Ransom in Sale where the usual exchange of news took place along with much looking back to the S.G.S. days. In the evening we met up at Styal Golf Club in Cheshire where in attendance were, along with wife/partners/on their own, the following Keith Sibbald, Ted Casey, Graham Howe, Geoff Stone, John Wright, Geoff Atkins, Alan Barratt, Mike Chadwick, Pete Huffman, Peter Jordan, Derek Gibson, Mike Jones and Annie Gray (Gordon’s widow)

Alan, Derek, Graham, Ted and Geoff enjoy a small starter drink

Sue Howe and Mike Jones hanging on to someone’s words

Geoff Stone and Alan Barratt in preparation for the meal A great day with two special venues. I for one have already booked for a return in November 2009. Do yourself a favour and do the same you are guaranteed a very good time. Oh and by the way the price is well within the pockets of us poor pensioners

2. Athletics Team

Picture sent to me by Peter Callow Class of 50 who is second from end of back row. Can any of you put names to this team and what competition they were up for?

3. Marsh Farm 2009 The Spring visit to Marsh Farm is now confirmed with most attendees opting for a two night stay on April 17th and 18th. Any of you who have indicated that you are coming but have yet to confirm the days need to let us have the details pronto. Those of you who have not even given us an indication that you would like to attend still have a little time to join the party. Just get in touch asap.

4. Diary Note Please make a diary note for the 2009 reunion dinner, which will be held on 14th November 2009 at Styal Golf Club. More details will follow next year but the date is fixed so there will be no excuses accepted for non-attendance. You have been given advanced information so all you have to do is keep the date clear.

Keith Sibbald and Graham Howe