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ERP Solution for Petroleum Marketers If you’re in the petroleum business, you understand better than anyone some of the unique challenges that face this industry. You also know how important it is to run your business as efficiently and as profitably as possible to remain successful in this highly competitive arena. Fortunately, technology has provided an important tool that has proven to be crucial to the success of petroleum marketers throughout the U.S. and around the world: choosing the right gas distribution software for your company can, quite literally, mean the difference between success and failure. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software was first developed for PCs in the 1980s to help automate daily business-related tasks for companies. Later, in the 1990s, the technology expanded to produce a product capable of fully integrating both internal and external management of information across entire organizations. ERP software automates virtually every aspect of a business: finance and accounting, manufacturing and distribution of a product, workflow documents, human relations, sales and customer service, vendor and customer relationship management, and more. If you’re in the market for the best gas distribution software package for your business, be sure it’s a product that’s particularly suited to the specific needs of the petroleum marketing industry. From accurate calculation of taxes due to both suppliers and governments to forecasting the delivery needs of clients to coordinating the activities and paperwork of tank wagons, the software you choose for your business must provide answers to the challenges that face your company every working day. Look for an ERP solution that provides: •

A general ledger module capable of generating spreadsheets and reports

An accounts receivable module that allows you to analyze your customers’ payment records and facilitate quick response

An accounts payable module that streamlines your vendor accounts and tracks new payables, credit memos, adjustments, etc.

A bank book module that allows you to reconcile your various accounts into a single cash management system that provides fast and accurate report generation

A module that keeps track of inventory to ensure that you keep pace with customer demand

A customer order processing module that not only tracks the history of customer purchases, but also integrates with the inventory module to enable you to maintain an accurate history of purchases

A purchase order module that streamlines your company’s purchasing process


Features that foster improved relationships with customers and vendors, allowing you to keep track of communications more effectively, link various forms of communications from individual customers and vendors, and more efficiently follow up in the future

Petroleum marketers should never underestimate the importance of the right gas distribution software. Choose the best ERP solution for your business, and you could see your profits improve beyond your wildest expectations. For more information regarding Gas Distribution Software and Petroleum Marketers visit our website

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Petroleum marketers should never underestimate the importance of the right gas distribution software. Choose the best ERP solution for your...

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