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Co-Editor in Chef: Morgan Anderson and Tabitha Anderson

April 29, 2014: Vol 1 Issue 4

Academic Bowl Updates By Garrett Springer

World Current News

MSAD’s Academic Bowl team went to Gallaudet University for a big national tournament, James Beldon mentions, “It was a such great experience going there” Especially for his teammates, Matt Sherman and Megan Richardson, it was their first time to see and enter Gallaudet. The MSAD’s Academic Bowl team went into top sixteen teams of the national, which is MSAD’s first time in history. No one has been entered top sixteen, or as they say, “Sweet Sixteen!” James Beldon also said, “Though, we made it in top sixteen; there were a lot of hard and challenging questions, but we really learned a lot from it.”

By Kaitlyn Strate

The World News today from CNN is about a woman has an anxieties brain to stress out. As a psychiatrist, they’ve seen many women who battle with anxieties, and not just only during at night. They obsess about their children, their marriage, their finances, their jobs, and their parents; about sickness, accidents, and disappointments and assorted other upsets that come under the heading bad things that could happen.

Sports Infomations We went to Kentucky for Berg Seeger and it was one of great tournament! By Jessica Rademacher

Girls and Boys are Champion for 7th Annual Berg Seeger. Ruth and Garrett got MVP for Fields. All of track players got the best personal time, and broke some records. They did really good job! Congratulations to all Track Players and Coaches too! Update with Track season, most players had improved compare to last year and some of them are new to this year. There are many competitive girls and boys! We are looking forward for this season! GPSD at Wisconsin this weekend is coming up! We are ready! Here is what happening about Softball, Morgan and Tabitha are playing softball at Bethlehem Academy; both of them are doing well with the beginning of the season. They have 3 won and one lost. They could have lot of games but most of them are cancelled and postpone due weather. They will have tournament on May 10, Good Luck to both of them!


By Morgan Anderson

“Accept your past without regrets, handle your present with confidence and face your future without fear.” ~Unknown

What book should you read before the movie is released? By Shannon VanThomme

Read 10 books before the movies release: “The fault in our stars” by: John Green “Mockingjay” by: Suzanne Collins “The Maze Runner” by: James Dashner “Gone Girl” by: Gillian Flynn “Dark Places” by Gillian Flynn “Divergent” by: Veronica Roth “Thirteen Reasons Why” by: Jay Asher “The Best of Me” by: Nicholas Sparks “If I stay” by: Gale Forman “Fallen” by: Lauren Kate

Prom Infomations By Ruth Ballentine

Guess what will be happening next week?? It is prom!!!!!! Are you guys excited?? Prom is on May 2 and the theme of the prom are “An Evening Under The Stars”. The location is west of the Minneapolis. The prom will be on boat. Grand March will start at 4pm. Grand March either will be outside of Tate Hall, or inside Frank Turk Auditorium depends on weather. After Grand March, we will go to Boston’s for our dinner. We will have menu pass out soon. We will be on boat for 7pm to 11pm. Then we will go to Dakotah for afterparty. We will stay at dorms after everything and we all must go home before 11am on Saturday May 3. The cost is 80 dollars by April 28 with forms!! Please come and have fun there!!!

Polls Equirer

By Shania Strandberg

•Chet will work at library this fall •Keith will work at kitchen this fall •Lance will become a technology teacher this fall •Beth will become a math teacher this fall •Steven will work as writing teacher this fall •Megan will work as science teacher this fall •Leroy changed his mind and he will work here again this fall •Mark will become a history teacher this fall •Carol will become volleyball head coach •Brella decided to quit her job because she hates it •Matt will become a dorm houseparent this fall

By Tabitha Anderson

Teacher loves to talk – Steven Fuerst Teacher tend to give lots of homework – Cinbrella Baker Best sub teacher – Justine Jeter Teacher who have the most paper on their desk – Beth Hamilton Teacher who least likely to accept excuses – Matt Meinhardt Most softhearted teacher – Leroy Deshotel Most strict teacher – Megan Frowick-Morgan

MSAD E-Companion Volume I Issue 4