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Three Action Steps To Accomplish More Than Ever Before by James Malinchak Part 2 The reason they didn't succeed was because I didn't use the strategies I learned. Don't make the same mistake. In hindsight, I now wonder why I even took the time to learn them in the first place. Why take the time to learn strategies aimed toward helping you to ACHIEVE MORE THAN EVER BEFORE if you're not going to use the strategies right away!?! Some years ago, a business associate asked why I had not implemented the sales tactics I came to understand from a seminar I had recently attended. I mentioned that I just hadn't found the time. Her response was frank, but powerful, and it had a monumental effect on my business and my life. She asked, “Do you wish to achieve more?” I replied, “Yes.” She went on, “Then you don't find the time, you make it. Now stop anything else that you're doing and make the time or you will carry on being at the same level!” Amazing! She was right! Many people going through this Special Report will plan to completing it. However, not everyone will immediately take action on implementing the strategies in their own life. Do not be one of them! Now, I want to ask you the same question that's asked of me. Do you wish to accomplish more? If you replied no, I then advise you stop reading right now! However, in case you answered yes, and I’m confident you have, then do not make the exact same mistake I made for many years. As you are looking through this Special Report, your mind will be triggered with ideas. When it is, don't just say to yourself, “Wow that is a good idea.” Instead, quickly stop reading and write down just how you can implement the strategy in your own life. Remember, knowledge is not power. It is implementation of knowledge that is power because it is only when you take action by implementing these strategies that you CAN begin to ACHIEVE MORE THAN EVER BEFORE! After completing this Special Report or even one part of the Special Report, quickly make the time to plan how YOU WILL (notice I did not say how you can, I said how YOU WILL) make these tactics a part of your daily life. •Action Step #3: The third key to ACHIEVING MORE THAN EVER BEFORE is to do not Just Sit There, Do Something! I NEED TO stress one key point about these strategies. You can spend all the time in the world reading through this Special Report and learning these strategies. You do not take immediate action by using the strategies, then do not be surprised if you remain at your current level Taking action, in my opinion, is THE most beneficial habit you MUST adopt! Remember this quote: “If you always do what you have always done, then you will always get what you have always had, and you will always be at the level where you have always been so do not be surprised!”

A lot of people squander their time by listening to advice from numerous programs, bouncing from one set of strategies to another, only to get confused and overloaded. Ultimately, they end up not using any strategies. Don't be one of those. Better accomplishments and success can only happen when you so something with the suggestions. One of the best methods to GAIN MUCH MORE THAN EVER BEFORE is by regular usage of these techniques. Make the decision to immediately these strategies as a part of your everyday life. These strategies are proven, time-tested and they work, so follow them! The famous hockey player Wayne Gretzky says, “You always miss 100 percent of the shots you never take. He pretty much sums it up with that quote. You always miss 100 percent of your goals that you never pursue. I could not agree more. Not using these strategies is the price of failure, struggle and frustration. Using them is not the price of success. The choice is yours. When you are ready, so am I. Thanks for making the effort to read through this Special Report! James Malinchak, Presented on ABC’s Hit Television Show Secret Millionaire, is known as by many industry experts as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Absolutely free Video Trainings concerning how to get paid to speak and the ways to be a speaker coaching, try more info and learn more.

Three Action Steps To Accomplish More Than Ever Before by James Malinchak Part 2  

The reason they did not succeed was because I did ...