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Your Presentation Title Could Be Causing You To Lose A Lot Of Funds By James Malinchak When it comes to preparing topics and presentation titles, there's a lot more research necessary to choose a winning combination. Unfortunately, through my years of consulting, I commonly hear speakers say, ‘I'm going to speak on X topic since I delight in that topic.’ that's a BIG mistake! Just because YOU like something does not mean your clients is going to like it! Also, just because one customer likes it does not mean other clients are going to like it either! Allow me to explain by sharing a basic marketing lesson. The number one marketing mistake in any business is to produce a product or develop a service first, then attempt to find buyers. On the other hand, the best marketers and speakers have a tendency to research to determine what the market is buying BEFORE producing the services or products. In your case, that means researching which speaking topics the market is booking. Then, these intelligent entrepreneurs market, market and market some more those speaking topics constantly to the consumers. If the buyers already buy certain products/services (speaking topics), then does not it make sense to offer the buyers what THEY WANT to buy (book), NOT what you think they desire to buy (book)? I realize some of you are thinking, "Why would I provide something for which there is already competition?" The main reason to produce more of the topic consumers are buying is because that's what the consumer wants. Take the diet industry, for example! There is a new diet gimmick released monthly. Why? The reason is that consumer’s desire choice on the topic of weight loss. For that reason, the best marketers are looking for new ways to remedy a popular problem. BIG MARKETING LESSON: Provide buyers what they desire, NOT what you believe they need! Do not think that just because you love your topic and title, those who have the money to book speakers will, too! THE KEY: Study your speaking niche to find out which topics the event managers are really booking. Research may be derived by looking at articles on the industry, searching for past buying patterns, questioning consumers for their requests in topics or programming, as well as test marketing. There are companies specifically focused on assisting you in gaining the most knowledge about your consumers. It may be worth an analysis of their products, or at least worth searching for their methods of analysis. After you have completed your research, it is time to craft your message. Most of all, just after doing your research, package your presentation title and description to match what customers are looking for in topics. As a extra, add key term to your message that are market specific. By including their terminology in your presentation, presentation titles, as well as descriptions, they are very likely to book you because it seems you get them on their level.

However, be sure you understand that terminology, so put a little effort into making sure you are using it correctly, too. Only then could I promise that you'll see an instant increase in your public speaking bookings! James Malinchak, Highlighted on ABC’s Hit TV Program Secret Millionaire, is recognized as by many people experts as the World’s #1 Big Money Speaker Coach and Trainer. For Free Video Trainings regarding how to get paid to speak and ways to turn into a speaker coach, try site internet and learn more.

Your Presentation Title Could Be Causing You To Lose A Lot Of Funds By James Malinchak  

When it comes to preparing topics as well as prese...

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