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for discussion everywhere: in hairdressers, grocers, libraries and bars, not to mention newspapers, radio and television. Hopefully this burst of enthusiasm, interest and involvement is just the beginning, because the real work starts now. After a month of using the cities’ main squares as focal points, we have started to build the next phase of the movement by extending the protests to the neighbourhoods and districts, in order to deal with local issues and meet specific needs. This way we can also prepare the groundwork for when Spain comes back from summer holidays and finds that the so-called primavera caliente (hot Spring) just got even hotter. Luckily we are not alone. The movement here has always been supported by, and con-

nected to, protests across Europe and the world, and we know that seeing our experience as part of a much bigger picture is key to what happens now. It remains to be seen how far we can go, but the movement to date is a victory in itself. A seed has been sown and a door opened, and once you’ve glimpsed a fairer, more people-centred world, it’s hard for anyone to convince you it’s not possible.  Laura Cantle

1 acampadabcn.wordpress. com/documents/declaracion-de-principios/ 2 En Lucha newspaper, Issue No.4, June 2011, p.6

Originally from England, Laura Cantle has lived and worked in Catalonia, Spain since 2006. She currently works for a Barcelona-based NGO, and has participated in campaigns on diverse issues. She is an activist with the anti-capitalist group En Lucha, a swimmer, hiker, juggler and, of course, an indignada.

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