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and dozens and dozens more. The list of demands, born from all of these debates, and incorporating all areas of public life, is long and growing. We call for everything from the introduction of a 30-hour working week and retirement at 60, to the creation of a public bank under community control, the immediate closure of nuclear power stations or the return of all Spanish troops from foreign territory.

Get up, stand up During the movement’s first month, giant assemblies were called every night, in which discussions were held and votes were taken. An atmosphere of empowerment and possibility was born, and the spectacle of so many people coming together to take control of their future was incredible. “They thought we were sleeping”, reads the

14 | what lies at the root of our protest

declaration, “they were wrong: we are fighting –peacefully but with determination– for the life we all deserve”(1). After so many lies and broken promises, there is the sense that another world really is possible and that, we, the people, really are capable of organising ourselves and deciding for ourselves. An indignad@ in the Plaza del Sol wondered: “How come we, a small group of young people, are able to feed the entire camp as well as running a crèche for the little ones, a medical centre and even a library? And all for free. Local governments, with all the money they get, are incapable of doing it”(2). In those first weeks of assemblies, we saw that together, we have the power to achieve anything we set our minds on. But it’s not just the assemblies that have become forums for debate. Suddenly, issues of protest and civil disobedience became topics

MFK - Magazin für Kultur Ausgabe 03/2011 - Lügen  
MFK - Magazin für Kultur Ausgabe 03/2011 - Lügen  

MFK – Magazin für alternative Freizeitkultur & Kunst widmet sich im DIN-A5-Querformat der lokalen Salzburger Jugendkultur – will aber auch ü...