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Wireless Tower Lease If you are negotiating for cell tower lease, then you need to be sure that either you or your attorney are well versed with the legal terms, the telecom language, the business of conducting agreements and the market of the wireless tower leasing business. The sharks in this business are known to have bitten many that are green behind their ears so much so that the deal would have slipped right out of their hands even before the talks and agreements resume. The picture of a hungry pack of jackals tearing down a poor deer is what comes to mind when you picture the wireless tower lease scenario. Negotiations are tough, the cellular carriers clever with a ruthlessness and their attorneys sharp and brutal. The kill is generally swift which neither you nor your experienced attorney who would have tackled many a complex legal battle, can even fathom. The bottom line - just be aware that you are in an unfamiliar territory, their terms and condition and the dotted lines. What many wireless phone carriers guard as a secret is the fact that they pay their real estate site acquisition leasing contractors high commissions for executing cell tower leases at certain price points. The better the terms and conditions agreed in favor of the carrier, the higher the bonus that a leasing agent gets paid. Well this may sound, fair enough in terms of business parlance but as a landlord if you are leasing out your rooftop or your property then make sure you scan good enough all the lines and words before you get committed. As they say there is a method to madness, similarly the game played by carriers is beguiling and diversionary. Many landlords feel the cell site expert would provide them with all the accurate data by contacting their near neighbours who would have struck deals with these carriers. Little do these site experts know that the landlords would have been taken for a ride along dirt-cheap-negotaition-terms that would have been way below the market value. Therefore it is but inevitable that you learn the game and tact of negotiating before jumping onto the bandwagon of wireless tower landlords.

Wireless Tower Lease