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Cell Tower Site Cellular companies choose a property for cell tower installation with great care. The site must have all the needed advantages of a good location. Once a cellular company gets a good location, it approaches the property owner with a quote. Most of the times, companies quote less because they would like to save on a perennial expenditure. When companies want to pinch and save, they show interest in a property and then back out. The most common refrain is that there is a problem with the site. Ask them what the problem is and they would say the signal is not good in all directions. Does this mean you must agree to the rate offered? The answer is an emphatic no. If the company plays hide and seek with you, you to need to play it hard against them. This is best possible when you curb your temptation and show less interest in the company. Buy some time from the company and set out to find more about the importance of your property as a cell tower location. Get the latitude and longitude of your location. You can use a hand held GPS to find everything about your property’s location. Next, get in touch with all the carriers that offer services in your area. Once you know the facts you can be in a better position to bargain. If you wish to let your property out on lease just don’t wait for cellular companies. You must also approach telecommunications companies. Long distance companies need microwave towers. Even state police agencies are in need of radio towers. Many gas companies use microwave links to carry telemetry. Depending on the on the terrain a location may be useful or useless to various firms. So it is wise not to commit yourself to one company without verifying facts.

Cell Tower Site