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Cellular Lease Companies Expect A Deal if not Ransom Cell tower lease is not a one way street. It involves many characters, specifically, cell tower lease experts, property possessors, and all pervasive cell tower companies which offer you in case they see a business light on your land. Needless to pronounce; Cell carrier expects something out of the deal and at the least, a fair sum in case of any eventuality. They involve in cellular carrier land agreements activities to tie up the land to ensure longterm profits for shareholders. This activity will also prevent them from having to deal with a finance buyout company that has purchased the Cell Tower Lease or Cell Site Lease. They will have a laundry list of items they want to put into all Cell Site Leases that they extend, renew or renegotiate. Cellular land lease companies publicly trade and they all have the fiducial responsibility to shareholders which include protecting their Cell Tower Sites and actively buying out Cell Site Leases, Extending Cell Site Leases and Renewing Cell Site Leases to their advantage. Among the most common are: Add additional ground area surrounding the current leased area Get a ROFR (right of first refusal) Change or lower your current escalation amount Extend the lease beyond the original lease term by many years Add additional language to the agreement that strengthens their position. Cell carriers have been through these negotiations numerous times and will help you make the right decision(s). It is very difficult for and individual or organization with only one or a handful of Cell Tower Leases to negotiate favourable terms themselves. Cell tower industry experts will provide you with the latest industry data, years of experience and knowledge to deliver the best possible results for our clients. These Cell Site Negotiations will have long-lasting effects on you and your heirs. This is an important negotiation and should not be taken lightly. In addition, these cellular land lease companies are not “your inmate” or fall not into the impression that they “do the right thing” just because they have been paying you rent all these years.

Cellular Lease Companies Expect A Deal if not Ransom