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Cell Tower Site As a landowner you need to be sure what you are getting into when you give the rights of your landed property to set up a cell tower on your site by a cellular company. You need to know the prevailing lease rates, the location of your property whether suitable to be categorized as prime cell tower site. This is easily said than done because there isn’t much written anywhere that constitutes a proper rate or the prevailing rates for a cell tower site on lease. But the cellular carriers have gotten to be more profit based and bent on making more money by doling out lesser than what was being given for rooftop and tower rentals. Now the question that could be uppermost in your brain is what the cell tower lease rates are and whether your site has the potential to be categorized as a potential cell tower site? Evaluating cell site lease rates is difficult because there isn’t much comparative data available to the public. What can best be told about cellular lease rates is that the cellular carriers are all trying to save money, and they are not paying much as they used to pay earlier. Landlords and property owners are usually contacted by the carriers via third party site acquisition leasing companies who are paid for identifying cell tower sites and getting a lease signed on the earmarked property as a cell tower site. Land owners are paid a rental price basing on the terms and conditions that they can best negotiate. The better the terms for the carrier, the more potential the leasing consultant has for making a larger bonus. In short if the carriers are convincing enough then a gullible landowner is taken for a cheap ride. He is given a paltry amount while the company and the carriers, and the middlemen make more money. The carrier leasing companies are also paid premiums for turning a lease around quickly. So if you’ve been contacted setting up a cell tower site on your property or antennas on your rooftop, remember you have to be very much aware of the ways and means of these carriers before they give you the slip. You need to evaluate the offer and figure out if the offer is very good. You also need to determine if the wireless carrier has other offers that can upset your deal. All this will determine the amount of leverage you gain while negotiating. In short you need to drive a hard bargain. The cell tower leases offered to property owners are heavily tilted in favour of the carriers and are too burdensome for some. However in life and in the wireless leasing game there are two kinds of landlords, the quick and the slow. Don’t get killed by the carriers with regard to your cell tower leases. They are trained to fleece and get the best deals possible.

Cell Tower Site  

As a landowner you need to be sure what you are getting into when you give the rights of your landed property to set up a cell tower on your...

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