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Cell Tower Lease – I ts F ine P r int! World over it is said that telecom deals are the most difficult of all deals due to the legal terms and legal language that generally take up a whole new dimension to the business. Thus the term cell tower lease brings a picture of complex deals and agreements written in legal terms that are difficult to understand by the layman. In totem cell tower leasing is more of a game of being one up in the game of riders and terms! Landlords need to be aware of all this and the rates around the tower, their potentiality and the nature of those towers. But with the advancement of nanotechnology, the setting up of towers too has undergone a sea change. Recent findings show that erecting towers or scouring sites for these towers has decreased. Companies are now looking for a single tower in an area that would suffice to serve the needs of all the carriers thanks to nanotechnology. And due to the advancement of technology again, the lease rates too have drastically declined. Some say the recession too has played its part in bringing down the rates. Thus landlords need to be overtly clever and make a mention of the changing conditions, that wouldn’t in any way affect the lease rates. Landlords and property owners need to strike a good bargain in order to gain a good rental price and terms to negotiate. Therefore the better the terms for the carrier, the better would that translate to a landlord. A landlord should adopt a give and take policy and ensure that carrier leasing companies too make a profit and they too do not end up smiling. So all a tower landlord or property dealer needs to do is to swiftly evaluate the offer on hand and figure out if the deal is good, bad or mediocre. The landlord should make it a point to jump at the slightest lucrative chance offered so that the cell tower lease isn’t handed over to another. One needs to jump at the chance offered and not lose time. Remember the key to any benefit would be right negotiation and the bargaining that the landowner strikes with the telecom company at the right time at the right price.

Cell tower leasing – its fine print