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Cell Tower Lease There are many landowners who lease out their land to companies to set their towers in the land. With many service providers and users of mobile phone services increasing, there is always going to be a market for cell phones and service providers needing land to set up towers to reach out to their users. Cell tower lease optimization is not a difficult market but a lucrative one as the market always seems to be growing with the number of users multiplying day by day. The bottomline always remains, regardless of what the marketing consultants on the other side of the phone preach, there is a growing need for sites for towers. But just as in any other business negotiations, the wireless carriers would not like to shell out more money to the landowners, to earn higher profits. They would rather pay the third party subcontracting firms or the middlemen high commissions to renegotiate the existing cell tower leases. This enables them to make more money off the rent by raking in huge commissions by renegotiating deals. Landowners need to be cautious and read their documents thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Cell tower marketing consultants may try to bushel the landowners to accepting a deal which may sound impressive at first but given the statistics and the hard hitting facts of the number of users vs the number of service providers in a given area, it would seem the price offered would seem way below what the marketing consultants or the service providers make out of the deal. The tower set up in a area is useful for many people living withing that vicinity. Therefore it is very likely that many users are using up your antenna space to route calls through the tower in your land. While they pay huge subscriber chargers to their service providers for text messaging, voice calls or other uses, its a pity that land owners get only a fixed agreed-to sum as rental every month. Its not a hidden fact that the number of cell phone users is increasing daily, therefore landowners thinking of signing that deal with the service providers should make a killing before they give their nod.

Cell Tower Lease